New Horizons Graveyard Design Ideas & Custom Cemeteries –

You have a scary island, but you feel like you’re missing something?

If you don’t have a cemetery on your island yet, this is your cue to make one!

Thanks to western-style stones that look like a grave, it is now easier than ever to create your own cemetery or burial ground.

I’ve listed some of my favorite cemetery projects to get you started. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

10. Fallen villages

Image Source by @leah

Too bad you don’t have a way to honor the fallen villagers of your island?

Do you need a way to remember the villagers who asked to move and start their lives elsewhere?

As painful as it was, you now have a way to remember her.

This creative cemetery design includes a headstone for each villager who left the island in the past.

If you want to try this idea to pay tribute to your beloved villagers, you can start by wrapping an iron fence around the perimeter to make room for your cemetery.

Lay out some stone plinths and leave small spaces around them where you can place your headstones.

Place pictures of the villagers of your choice on each headstone and complement them with a few colors. There will be no dry eyes on the island.

9. Forest cemetery

image source @grimcove_acnh

This drawing is meant for a quiet walk in a cemetery in the woods.

You can start by finding a custom wood panel design and then easily attach it so that it wraps around your forest.

Use a mixture of cedar and hardwood to give the forest a natural look.

You can then throw a few western-style stones on each corner, as well as a few candles scattered around the area.

Don’t forget to add flowers here. The black and white flowers fit well into this design and help maintain the dark atmosphere.

8. Skeleton pit

Skeleton excavation areasource by @jinxville

Want to add an extra lighting factor to your cemetery? Why don’t you try this creepy skeleton?

You’ll need a special place to add a skeleton, so keep that in mind.

The secret of this project is to build a cemetery on a cliff. Make sure you take this design into account when building the rock. Basically, you have to keep a few squares on the ground and then build a rock around that hole.

When you’re done with your cliffhanger, it should look like your skeleton at the bottom of the grave.

You can then lay a stone floor around the area to create a path. And finally, add a few western-style stones alongside your design.

7. Hill Cemetery

image source @AC_Meowkittah

The cemetery at the top of the hill gives me the creeps.

If you want to add this cemetery to your island, here’s how!

First, choose an area and mark it with an iron fence.

You will also need many western style stones to place in the area according to the pattern you want.

Don’t forget to add lots of flowers and trees.

Then add a skeleton model for an extra touch of terror, and of course don’t forget to add flowers.

On a foggy night, he’ll look really scary!

6. Elegant cemetery

Image Source @mushparasol

Everyone has a place on their island for this elegant cemetery.

You can achieve this by placing an iron fence around a small area of your island.

Next, install the stone floor, and you can add a touch of style to it by rounding off some of the edges and drawing a pattern in the middle.

Put a brave statue in the middle of the cemetery, matching the theme.

And don’t forget to add some western-style rocks and lots of flowers and shrubs.

5. Mega Tomb

Image Source by @labbear84

Distinguish your cemetery from the others with this mega headstone surface!

Although this design takes up four of the eight allowed slopes on your island, it is amazing.

If you want to do this, make a square rock and put a slope on each side. Technically, you can even do fewer climbs if you want.

Then decorate the top with some large lanterns to light up the room.

Finally, surround the bottom of the rock with western-style stones.

4. Scary cemetery

image source by @Mettuar30

If you’re not ready to give up Halloween just yet, this is the graveyard you want to do it in.

To do this, pick an area on your island and surround it with a scary fence.

Lay a stone floor and then sprinkle in western style stones.

Fill in the blanks with a collection of scary hats, and add a few candles to complete the picture.

Finally, add a skeleton model and some lanterns to illuminate the entrance.

3. Small cemetery

Image Source by @reiujis

If you love the idea of a cemetery, but want to try something smaller, this is just what you need.

To make a graveyard out of it, start by cutting off a piece of your island and surrounding it with an iron fence.

Place western style stones in a line in the center of the cemetery and add a small walkway around the stones to the outside.

Finally, you can add some flowers to the entrance. The black tulips look fantastic in this design. That has everything to do with it.

2. Multi-level cemetery

image source @faeholloww

If downsizing isn’t your thing, why not go for this extravagant idea?

This multi-level cemetery is the perfect addition to any island.

Start by making a series of cliffs, and add a few waterfalls that flow along the edges of the cliff.

Next, add a few Western bricks scattered around the property, as well as a few individual pieces of fencing to complete the set.

Of course, don’t forget to put lots of tea lights on the edges of the rock to give it a sinister glow.

1. Apparent graveyard

Image source by @SaltySabrinaTV

This is by far my favorite cemetery project.

To do this, you must first choose your preferred path to pan around the area.

Line the edges of the cemetery with lots of western-style stones and lots of black flowers.

To add to the sense of dread, place a brave statue in the center.

And don’t forget to install lots of candles and new lights! It would be eerily spectacular every night.

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