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In New Horizons, players can terraform their islands once they reach 3 stars and have 9 inhabitants on their island.

You can change just about anything you want with her. And once you have unlocked the Island Designer application, you can purchase a water permit from your Nook Stop terminal in the resident services department. (Even if it means losing 6,000 Nook miles!).

With this, you can water the falls anywhere.

But where should they really go?

If you are looking for inspiration to incorporate waterfalls on your island, you have found the right angle online. Keep in mind: You cannot land on the curved edges of the cliffs, only on the straight cliffs, and you cannot land on the beach either!

Just something to think about as we go down the list.

25. Cliff Waterfalls

image source by @everestpipkin

A simple yet vibrant look that brings a sense of beauty. The beautiful variety of hyacinths really brings the green thumb together!

I love the way the colors bring out the flowers on the horizon.

And the little herbs that grow give this design idea a nice sense of wilderness.

24. Sitting by the waterfall

image source by @kowhaicrossing

Appearances can be deceiving, because it’s a super simple idea that’s easy enough to get.

First of all, you need a DIY swing set, and you can get one by purchasing the Nooks Cranny DIY Skills Test Kit.

Next, you need to take a piece of rock (it can be any size!) and build it two stories higher.

You can then place trees, flowers and other furniture to harmonize the whole.

And don’t forget the beautiful wooden fence!

23. Peace and quiet

Image Source by @Luminaria

What I like about this drawing is the symmetry that is so well rendered. It’s so clean and neat.

Roses add an elegant touch to the waterfall and make it a perfect place to relax.

The path here is really beautiful, it’s completely separate from the boring grass that fills most of the island! (Tip: use the booth within Able Sisters to find custom designs!)

I love that you can also see the bamboo on the horizon here. There are none on your island, but you can travel through the air and find them on mysterious islands!

22. Waterfall House

image source MessiBaratheon

I think most users will make their home their hotspot on the island.

The walk that leads to this house, surrounded by a stretch of water, has to be one of the most fun places to have fun when friends come to visit.

Zen fences (x3 iron nuggets, x3 clay, x3 stone) and streetlights can be delivered to your Nook stop terminal within 1000 Nook miles.

Although the color you buy is the only one you have. So choose carefully!

Moreover, the white and red roses scattered on the rocks give a dreamy impression to this drawing.

21. Flowers Fantasy

image source @michelleketrem / Unknown

Let your inner elf go wild as you gaze at these challenging waterfalls.

It’s also not as hard as it sounds.

Just build two stories and dig waterfalls wherever you want. Put a nice stone path in the front, and maybe a mushroom pattern to finish it off.

Then you can scatter different flowers and maybe add hyacinth bulbs (this is DIY and you’ll need x5 purple hyacinths and x3 clay).

As you can see, at the edge of the cliff is the lily of the valley, which means that this island has 5 stars. Okay.

20. To range

Image source by @aurelia.falls

This small but simple design would make a great addition to any island.

I really like small waterfalls. They are so cute and certainly don’t keep the summer sun off the beach.

To make this aspect, you need to make a layer (which should be big enough to make this drawing). So place your lighthouse somewhere nearby, especially one with a sea view.

Then you have to make a waterfall and go down one step (you need a ladder here).

Now the water can fall and filter into the ocean!

19. River of the Moon

cosmosaro image source

I’m sure Celeste will love it!

This light and amazing waterfall brings very elegant vibrations.

The unconventional nature is so appealing that it just draws you in.

Not to mention that the moonlight and new light are a super cute touch!

To recreate this on your island, you must first get a DIY moon from Celestial. She happens to be on your island after 7 pm looking at the falling stars (if she is not on your island, then one of your friends might have been there!).

To collect death fragments, you must assemble them with the A key. The next morning you should find fragments of stranded stars scattered across the beaches.

The DIY moon requires x15 star fragments and x1 large star fragment.

18. On the rocks

Leaf Image Source

When you first look at the drawing of this waterfall, it whispers so softly in your ear…. Anyone else? Just me?

The bamboos and bushes in front of the stone arch are simple but beautiful.

And the sounds of running water create a peaceful atmosphere that allows time for serious meditation.

To build them yourself, start by making cliffs. Then add a few waterfalls to the edge of the cliff at the perimeter.

You can add some details like purple roses, a large lantern and a craft table to keep the same theme.

17. Hidden seating area

Image source by @cross moons / @new.horizon.inspiration

This design gives me the impression of a basic chalet and will pique my curiosity!

I love the different shades of green here, and how they contrast with the brown soil. For example, the waterfalls can be recognized by their shimmering light blue colors.

To make this idea work, you need to make a series of waterfalls everywhere. Then spread out the furniture, decorations and plants outside (who doesn’t love greenery?).

I’m sure your villagers want to stay here.

16. Pond Panel

Source image with @soficroscratching

It’s a fantastic use of space, and that’s what I want on my island right now.

You can load this area with scattered colors and omit the directional indicator to guide your friends.

Two land islands in the middle of the pond provide depth and spatial definition.

Additionally, when creating ponds, if they are larger than 3×3, some fish will spawn!

Message: The target shield can be purchased at the Nook Stop for 1500 Nook Miles, you only need x4 hardwoods and x8 softwoods, but it also comes in 6 different types.

15. Waterfall entrance

Image Source by Ambienevolent God

Give your visitors a special feeling by immersing them in fantasy surrounded by torrents of endless waterfalls!

Well, that’s the idea of the well-made ANCH island station.

The unique fountain in the middle of the falls shows off the flowers of the wind very well (you can get them from Leif, on the mysterious islands or from friends at home).

If you had to recreate this aspect, you could add a few garden lanterns. You’d fit in so well, wouldn’t you?

14. Visit to the waterfalls

image source from qt3-141

With this design idea, you can feel the summer feeling all year round!

The area looks like a hot spot for tourists. The use of palm trees alone is so effective!

The terracotta pad also fits perfectly with this summer’s theme. And I love the way the iron gate comes off along the way.

The perfect finishing touch to this design would be to add a few tiki torches to complete this look.

Or add bright flowers that stand out against the greenery.

13. It must be love!

Allied Image Source

It’s such a fun way to use the empty space between the falls. …. The flowers around the perimeter of the heart really shape this area.

I also like two Easter eggs. This is from Bunny Day, which took place in April 2020.

I don’t know if they’re gone, but they stand out so nicely against the rest of the landscape. If you can get more Easter eggs, do it!

12. Follow the stones

Verified image source

It is a paradise for nature lovers!

I mean, look at all those roses and bushes.

The meandering waterfalls flow so well here.

And there are so many waterfalls in this beautiful area, it’s just unique. The stone arch is the only piece of furniture, which is why it stands out so well against the bushes.

I also love little islands surrounded by water with roses on them.

Not to mention that the path of personalized gemstones really captures your attention and your gaze.

11. Waterfall Valley

Image source by @Crossing_Lorien

When I first saw this drawing, I didn’t know where to look first!

It’s breathtakingly beautiful, and it’s hard to believe it’s possible in an Animal Crossing game.

Waterfalls break into separate pieces, making them appear disjointed.

And the different trees and flowers give the room a natural theme. Mushroom lamps and custom mushroom designs are everywhere.

The lone pumpkin just above the deck exudes an even more natural vibe, and the individual track on the ground is so appealing that you’ll focus your attention on that one spot.

To add more: The number of colors and hybrids is incredible. They allow you to shift your attention from one thing to another.

Strangely enough, waterfalls are not in the spotlight here at all!

10. Images by the waterfall

image source by @grouppedia

This beautiful waterfall entrance will now be the centerpiece of any island.

The symmetry is there because everything is so well positioned. Nothing is overcrowded.

I love the way the furniture, flowers and statues really draw attention to the detail in this idea.

The white furniture brings a form of elegance and makes me appreciate waterfalls even more.

Not to mention that the white inch track is beautiful and really contrasts with the grass. And the fence shows off the white ground well.

9. White waterfalls

: @moiscrossing / @new.horizon.inspiration

The images of the island from this user set the tone for this landscape.

More specifically, the statues of this design idea (which you can get from Redd during his visit) are the 2 statues Valiant and Beautiful Statue.

I also love the large lanterns here, they fill the space so well.

It’s a DIY recipe you can get from balloons, a message in a bottle washed up on the beach, or a creative villager.

And the white tile here is a custom path created by this player. And it goes so well with waterfalls and white garden carts.

If I had a few hours off, I’d do it myself.

8. Cherry Blossom Cascade

image source by @hoopstasy

These waterfalls are incredible!

If there is a waterfall design on your island, this is it.

To make them yourself, you have to build two rocks and dig waterfalls. Next, lay out a path (perhaps by branching off and using a nice modified path) and plant a few deciduous trees that don’t bear fruit.

Please note that the trees are only available for 10 days during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

This festival takes place in spring, when the deciduous trees are in bloom, but here’s the fall….

For players in the northern hemisphere, it’s April.

But that’s what happens in October for players in the southern hemisphere.

Plan based on your time zone!

7. Waterfall near the airport

Waterfall Bridge: BaskIceBall

I love the natural look here!

It makes this player’s island a little more down to earth.

The stepping stones are custom made to match the light shades of green.

The simplicity of this part of the waterfall and airport is perhaps the best.

Even the smallest details, such as the two fragile lilies of the valley, are strategically placed on either side of the entrance to the bridge.

And this idea is so easy to recreate on your island. All you have to do is build a cliff and add a waterfall.

Maybe you can add flashlights like this player has to be ready by nightfall.

6. Submerged waterfalls

Source Image by @Crossing_Lorien

I mean, who thought of designing a section of the sunken waterfall?

I don’t know whose idea it was first, but it’s great!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on the coolness of the falls here, especially the choice of location. There are bushes, flowers, trees and garden furniture everywhere!

Big fan of this lantern that stands alone and illuminates the sidewalk at dusk.

You might even see a butterfly pattern on one of the rocks. Very close to nature.

5. Snowfall

with @miceliacrossing

This winter wonder proves that waterfalls can work year-round.

Let’s talk about those beautiful golden roses first. They are so different from snow.

And then we marvel at how beautifully the moon hovers above the two waterfalls. What about the large star fragments scattered near the falls? Delicious.

I also love the way the outdoor tub fits into this space. And strangely enough, it’s not what it seems.

Outdoor pools are available at the Nook Stop, and there are 4 options (you will need a 20 x stone and a shovel).

To implement this idea on your island, you must build two rocks and possibly decorate them as this player did. Pay attention to the details as you go!

I say let go of those telescopes and really go with the stars.

4. Village waterfall

image source by @minsuuya

If you don’t know how to create a chic neighborhood, this waterfall style is perfect for you.

This ingenious player used several pieces to put together this look, and it’s just impeccable.

I love that they use two different types of fences and that they always match up so well.

The flooring can be purchased at the Nook Stop, but it’s the custom design that really catches my attention.

Your residents will have a hard time forgetting where they live thanks to this incredible downtown fountain. What a neighborhood.

3. Hydrangea Waterfall

image source by @minsuuya

What could be more relaxing than sitting with a drink and listening to a waterfall?

If you don’t know how to make your island the hotspot for resident services, here’s an idea you can easily copy.

This is the most fascinating region I have encountered so far. And as mentioned, the blue floral theme here is one of the best elements that really grabs my attention.

The trees around the waterfall also hide part of the island, but somehow tell you what to expect.

To build it yourself, you can either make a separate waterfall or a river like this player.

Then add flowers and shrubs, then a few trees, and there you go!

2. Cranny Falls Corner

image source by ImpossibleChapter4 / @yumabunnycrossing

That’s a great idea.

It’s so aesthetically pleasing and unique, I know Tom Nook would approve.

No, it isn’t.

I really like the way he calls out Cottagecore. This is clearly the main theme of the island.

Although the waterfalls are small, they still attract attention because they are arranged like a mushroom and flowers.

All in all, it’s one of the best design ideas for Nook’s Cranny, though it’s a unique concept.

If you want to reenact this on your own island, make sure you have plenty of outdoor furniture to match your theme. And try to find a suitable installation, preferably on the beach.

1. Falls

Image source with brushes – dark / @ afterglow. horizons

This is now my favorite stunt project for ACNH, without a doubt.

The wide-angle photo shows how much this region resembles a tropical paradise.

And there’s so much to love: a personalized path, unique flowers, matching furniture and, of course, waterfalls.

I especially like the color. The bright colors of autumn are everywhere.

Attention: the campsite is on a rock, it is a household object. You can buy it from Nook Shopping (under the Promotions tab) once you’ve linked your PDA to your Nintendo account.

It’ll cost you 2,500 chimes. But it can be interesting to combine these heavenly waterfalls with your own campsite.

And if you want to do it again, change the subject. Try other flowers or even other plants/trees in general.

It’s such a versatile idea that you can easily adapt it to any theme.

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