New World Provisions Crates Locations and Farm Routes

New World Provisions is a game that lets you play the role of a world-building farmer. Players must grow crops, raise animals, and create goods to sell in order to make money. The game rewards players with cryptocurrency for their efforts.

The new world supply crate respawn is a location on the map of the game Fortnite Battle Royale. It is a place where players can find new weapons and items. This location also has a farm that helps players to gain resources.

New World Provisions Crates Locations and Farm Routes

You’ll need a lot of odd culinary materials if you want to be the greatest chef in Aeternum. The bad news is that some of these components can only be found in Provisions Crates across New World’s different regions. Ingredients are also region-specific, so if you’re searching for something particular, you’ll have to go to certain places. We’ve put up a list of all the New World Provisions Crates locations, as well as a few farm paths, to assist you with this procedure.

Provisions Crates may include extremely essential culinary materials like Salt, Milk, and more, in addition to odd items like Wheat and Cheese Bait. For a complete list of supplies and all the things you may make from them, see our New World herb farming guide.

Whether you wish to create your own routes or see if there are any near your present position, you may look at a full New World Provisions Crates map here. 

Locations of New World Provisions Crates and Farm Routes

Tres Campos – Monarch’s Bluffs

A tiny region known as Tres Campos is located west of the Hermit’s Shrine. This region has five provision chests, making it one of the most handy and easy-to-farm locations. Because the monsters here are level 23, it’s a good place for lower-level gamers.

New World Monarch's Bluffs Provisions Chests

Deadman’s Cove – Monarch’s Bluffs

If you’re at Monarch’s Bluffs, check out Deadman’s Cove. There are 10 Provisions Crates in all in this region, which is on the extreme west edge of the land. To the northeast of the region is a Spirit Shrine, so start there and work your way west, then south.

New World Monarch's Bluffs Deadman's Cove Provisions Crates

Nyhart’s Anchorage – First Light

Provisions Crates may also be found in the northern section of First Light, in a location known as Nyhart’s Anchorage. Getting here and discovering the Spirit Shrine may be an adventure. However, once you find it, it’s another simple farm, similar to the last one.

New World First Light Provisions Chests

Ancient’s Pass and Rubble Shores, Cutlass Keys

In Cutlass Keys, there is a good route with over a dozen Provisions Crates. You’ll need to Fast Travel to Cutlass Keys Village and follow the main route south. Take the left fork and proceed into Ancient’s Pass, where if you scout the whole area, you’ll discover 11 chests in all. Then go southwest to Rubble Shores to grab the last 7 treasures.

New World Cutlass Keys Provisions Chests

Balmy Veldt – Cutlass Keys

As an additional bonus, if you follow our skinning instructions, you’ll end up in the Balmy Veldt. While this location is ideal for skinning, it also has six supplies boxes.

New World Cutlass Keys Balmy Veldt

In New World, how long does it take for Provisions Crates to respawn?

In the New World, Provisions Crates respawn every 60 minutes. Because these crates are unique to each player’s universe, each player’s chest spawns are different. There’s no need to be concerned about someone else taking your chest and stopping you from plundering it.

In New World, what can you get in Provisions Crates?

Provisions Crates include the following items:

  • Coconut, Milk, and Sugar – Windward
  • Cauliflower, Melon, Milk, and Onion – First Light
  • Monarch’s Bluff is made from milk, rice, tomato, and yeast.
  • Milk, Salt, and String Beans – Everfall
  • Apple, Milk, Salt, and Yeast – Brightwood
  • Milk, Onion, Orange, and Tomato – Cutlass Keys
  • Coconut, Lemon, Melon, and Milk – Weaver’s Fen
  • Coconut, Lemon, Milk, and Rice – Restless Shore
  • Lemon, Melon, and Milk – Great Cleave
  • Cauliflower, Milk, Orange, Tomato – Mourningdale
  • Apple, Milk, String Beans, and Sugar — Reekwater
  • Milk, Rice, and Yeast – Shattered Mountain
  • Milk, String Beans, and Sugar – Ebonscale Reach
  • Cauliflower, Milk, Onion, and Orange – Edengrove

Our guide to New World Provisions Crates locations and agricultural paths is now complete. The full list may be seen on the New World interactive map, as previously stated. These are just a handful of our favorite farm routes; as we add more to our routine, we’ll update the list. Check out the New World area of our website for additional relevant information, builds, and tutorials.

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