Night Fae Mission Table – Passive gold farm for fresh 60s

In a time where World of Warcraft was the pinnacle of MMO gaming, it’s hard to imagine what games will look like once blockchain technology makes its way into the industry. One game that is already exploring this concept is Night Fae Mission Table – a passive gold farm for fresh 60s. The game allows players to explore randomly generated lands and obtain ‘night fae essence’ by killing monsters in their natural habitat. Players can then use these essences on special NPC vendors to purchase items with real world value such as rare dragon mounts and armor sets.

The “shadowlands mission table worth it” is a passive gold farm for fresh 60s. It is mainly used for farming the Night Fae, but it can also be used to farm other mobs in the game.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been spending some time leveling some unneeded alts in order to make passive money through the task tables. There are a few tutorials out there, but I though I’d put one together with every step from beginning to end for a new level 60, including the quickest method to get your soldiers to level 60 and unlock every follower, even those from Torghast.

This tutorial assumes you have a main character with a renown of 80 and access to all skips. It also assumes you haven’t previously begun the Night Fae campaign and unlocked any extra soulbinds / followers — the strategy to fast leveling up soldiers is to start with just one follower.

The following is a step-by-step breakdown of the high level:

  • Join Night Fae after reaching 60 on a new alt and becoming well outfitted.
  • Unlock the task table and make Niya your lone companion.
  • To bring Niya and her soldiers to level 60, farm Wisps of Memory and exp tokens.
  • To quickly unlock all 10 additional followers, do the Korthia campaign quest in Torghast.
  • Run each task as many times as you can each day.
  • Profit

After you’ve reached level 60, the first thing you’ll want to do is have your alt kitted up sufficiently to complete the campaign missions quickly and painlessly. If you have a lot of anima on your main, the 226 BoA tokens from Zerith Mortis are the easiest way to achieve it — just make sure you only purchase one of each of the ring and trinket tokens, since they produce unique-equipped items. Also, for 500g, purchase the Essence of Infinity to unlock all of your conduits — ilvl 200 is sufficient for completing the campaign missions.

Join the Night Fae Covenant; here is where the mission table will be set up. The Night Fae soldiers are by far the most powerful, and level 60 troops can complete any assignment with only one follower, even if the follower is just level 1. Complete the campaign missions until you obtain your first soulbind, Niya, and bypass the opening (“I know my way about the sanctuary”). You don’t want to unlock the other two soulbinds since you want Niya to be your sole active follower.

Unlock the level 1 mission table, which will take around one hour. Once it’s up and running, don’t bother unlocking the other followers; as previously said, Niya should be your lone follower at this moment.

Begin working your way through the covenant campaign; you will be rewarded for your efforts. wisps of memory - Night Fae Mission Table - Passive gold farm for fresh 60s

Wisps of Memory at levels 52, 67, and 76 of fame. If you earned renown while leveling, you’ll probably be able to get to 76 by only performing the first covenant campaign, but you’ll probably need to go on to Korthia or ZM to keep earning renown through campaign missions. If you get to Korthia, don’t proceed beyond the mission A Paladin’s Soul, which takes you to Torghast; you’ll need it later to cheese Torghast’s followers.

Apply wisps to Niya as you collect them. Because she is your single follower, every level she earns is also a level for your soldiers. Because the three wisps you earn from a single covenant campaign aren’t enough to get you from 1-60, you have a few options:

You should be able to harvest exp tokens from different missions if you’ve unlocked at least Campaign Adventure level 16 on another character’s task table. These may be funneled to an alt and used until Niya and your soldiers reach level 60. You may also exchange covenants (on your alt, because wisps are BoP), use the token to jump to 40 renown, and then do campaign missions to earn renown 52 and another wisp. I discovered that adding two more covenants to 52 was quicker than adding a single covenant to 67. A total of 5-6 wisps should be enough to level your follower from 1 to 60.

You may accept all the covenant followers adjacent to the mission table after Niya and the soldiers have reached level 60. Inside Torghast, there are ten extra followers that can be recruited; ordinarily, you’d have to perform runs of at least level 5+ to see them all, but with the help of a Korthia campaign quest, you may do so in under an hour. Finish the Korthia campaign until the quest A Paladin’s Soul appears. This will transport you to Torghast, where you will find every single follower on the first level. There are a few different layouts that may spawn, although most of them just need a few rooms to discover which quests are accessible on level 1. /u/Mrugly247 has created a very useful spreadsheet that contains all of the Night Fae and common followers you’re looking for: follower chart tips/

Once you’ve unlocked all of the followers, you’ll want to download the Venture Plan addon and the community-built patches to automate the task table. The links are below; just follow the instructions to install and alter the original addon:

Despite the fact that all of your followers (save Niya) are still level 1, your army will be able to complete every task. To unlock the more profitable objectives, start completing campaign missions as soon as feasible. If you run out of anima, use the Zerith Mortis skip to start flying laps and opening chests right away — For at least a week’s worth of missions, 30 minutes of flying about is enough anima. If your main is overflowing with anima, you may transmit 1000 anima through BoA tokens at a time with no loss.

The aim is to finish every task that is offered, although you may bypass missions that are simply for gaining experience. Every task either gives anima to assist the alt become self-sufficient, or has a monetary value:

  • Missions that are 100% pure gold
  • Boxes for mats
  • Runes are a kind of esoter (price is plummeting as people unlock permanent rune, but will still sell)
  • Charms for pets (can be used to buy pets to sell on AH)
  • Equipment (sale for raw gold or DE)
  • Representation (paragon boxes are 3-4k raw gold)

It took me a couple hours to set up a new alt, and I’m averaging approximately 30k gold each week per character while spending about 10 minutes per day online. The more times you can check in during the day to finish and run tasks, the better.

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The “shadowlands mission table gold” is a passive gold farm that can be used to quickly level up fresh 60s. The mission table has a variety of quests, and players will gain rewards for completing them.

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