Niles has the second most deaths (87), the fewest kills (15) and the worst KDA (1.1) of any non-support player in LCS history to play a full split

I pulled all my data from Oracle Elixir and only included 18 game distributions for consistency. I have included the tiebreakers in these figures, but if I had left them out, it would not have affected the final tournament. Support players were considered contenders for the prize for having the most kills, but not the fewest kills, eventually reaching a point where if the support has too many kills, it can be considered bad. There has never been an unassisted player with the fewest kills. In most splits, the top or jungler with the fewest kills still has more kills than almost any support in that split.

Player Position Section kills Death KDA Smallest/smallest
Niles Top 2021 Spring 15 87 1.1 Few murders and many deaths
Svenskeren Yang Summer 2020 20 62 1.9 Few murders and many deaths
SOAS Top Spring 2020 21 47 1.9 Few murders.
Trick Super Spring 2020 19 71 1.9 Most deaths
Lyra Yang Summer 2019 25 41 3.2 Few murders.
Ruin Top Summer 2019 51 54 2.3 Most deaths
V1per Top Spring 2019 31 37 3.0 Few murders.
Olleh Super Spring 2019 12 58 2.2 Most deaths
Xmithie Yang Summer 2018 31 38 3.4 Few murders.
Contractz Yang Summer 2018 37 68 2.1 Most deaths
Define Yang Spring 2018 18 43 3.2 Few murders.
Contractz Yang Spring 2018 27 56 2.0 Most deaths
Xmithie Yang Spring 2016 25 30 5.0 Few murders.
Krumbz Yang Spring 2016 31 64 2.1 Most deaths
Porpoise Yang Summer 2015 20 55 3.1 Few murders.
Flaresz Top Summer 2015 37 90 1.3 Most deaths
Dairus Top Spring 2015 27 57 2.5 Few murders.
Cries Top Spring 2015 30 75 1.3 Most deaths

Some interesting facts

  • Svenskeren and Niles are the only players who share the least number of kills and the most number of kills in the same split.
  • Flaresz, who holds the record with 90 kills, is the only player even in Niles Ballpark, no other player has more than 75 kills in 18 games.
  • There are a lot of players with very good splits in the less-than-dead category, Xmithie even has All-Pro splits.
  • Contracz and Xmithie with a few things from the list.
  • Niles is the only one not averaging 1 kill per game.

I don’t think Niles is the worst player in the LCS. There are several other players with worse stats under a smaller sample size. What makes Niles so unique is that he never sat on the bench and never really advanced. It’s very common for players with few kills to play more aggressively at the end of a split, or vice versa. Niles hasn’t changed much. I don’t think bringing in Solo or another top linebacker would have saved the split of GGS or Niles’ career, but it certainly could have saved his dignity.

EDIT(s): Fixed some Reddit formatting in the table.

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Post Niles has the second highest kill rate (87), fewest kills (15), and worst KDA (1.1) of all unsupported players in LCS history who have played a full split in a League of Legends game.

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