Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection’s First Patch Adds 1440p Launch Option, Fullscreen Tweaks, and More

The first patch for the recently released ‘Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection’ has been released on 3DS. According to the patch notes, the patch adds a 1440p resolution launch option, along with several other enhancements and fixes.

A new update for the official NES emulator, called “NES Classic Edition”, has been released. The latest version is v0.79. The first patch adds support for 1440p resolutions, fullscreen mode, and a patch to fix an issue with the controller mapping.

Image: NINJA Team

Team NINJA has released the first PC patch for the recently released Ninja Gaiden game collection: Master Collection. As expected, patch 1.0.01 fixes a number of bugs that have caused criticism of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection to start with, such as. B. the inability to play the game at 1440p resolution. This resolution has been added to the startup options, along with other interesting changes such as the ability to switch from full screen to window mode by pressing Alt + Enter. Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection players can even exit the game directly from the pause menu. Graphics options will be added in a future update.

  • Added 1440p screen resolution to the LAUNCH OPTIONS.
    If 1440p is specified in LAUNCH OPTIONS, the render resolution is 2560 x 1440.
  • The game will now switch to full screen on first start.
  • The key combination Alt + Enter can now be used to switch between full screen and window mode.
  • The mouse pointer is no longer displayed in full screen mode.
  • When running the application in window mode, the application is now terminated when the window is closed.
  • The game will now remember whether you used windowed or full screen mode and will switch to that mode the next time it starts.
  • You can now exit the application from the pause menu.
  • Other minor shortcomings have also been remedied.


The nostalgic yet timeless action of all three games makes for a very responsive and challenging experience – battles that require both defensive and offensive moves, just like fighting games. Players will be able to play as fan-favorite ninja Ryu Hayabusa, as well as additional characters like Ayane, Rachel, Momiji and Kasumi, just like in the original games. Master your favorite characters in the intense combat that only the NINJA GAIDEN series is capable of.

Source: Steam

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