NVIDIA CEO Believes GeForce RTX Graphics Card Demand Will Exceed Supply for “Vast Majority” of 2022

When NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made a recent appearance at the company’s finance conference, he talked about the growing demand for the company’s new GeForce RTX 20 Series graphics cards. Most of the conversation centered around the demand for the new RTX 2070, which is expected to be the first to market.

Earlier this week, NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, declared that his company’s upcoming GeForce RTX graphics cards will be in high demand by the time they officially launch. Huang also stated that they will be able to meet demand with the supply, and that demand might even exceed supply for the “vast majority” of the year.

Many people will never own the most expensive graphics card on the planet, but NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said the GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti will sell out for “the vast majority” of the year, according to a recent interview. He believes demand for the new graphics cards will exceed supply for “the vast majority of the year”, and at the same time be “far more than enough to meet demand”.

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It’s ridiculous to think that gamers will have to wait another year to acquire a graphics card without having to wade through endless, expensive ads or deal with third-party vendors, but it seems to be a very real possibility.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang was questioned by Evercore’s C.J. Muse during this week’s Q2 2022 earnings call to explain on how severe the supply restrictions were and when he believed they will alleviate so gamers would have an easier time obtaining GeForce RTX graphics cards on real or virtual stores. Huang had bad news for them.

Despite the fact that NVIDIA has acquired “quite substantial long-term supply commitments” for the various marketing efforts that the firm has planned, Jensen admitted that supply limitations would likely be an issue for the most of 2022. “[…] I would anticipate a supply-constrained situation for the great bulk of next year,” Jensen added.

“However, a large part of it is due to the fact that our demand is just too high,” the CEO said. “RTX is a once-in-a-generation reset of the computer — contemporary computer graphics,” says the company. Nothing like this has ever occurred before in the history of [indiscernible] computer graphics. As a result, the innovation is really [Indiscernible], and its effect can be seen.”

By late 2022, NVIDIA is expected to release the first GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards based on the Lovelace architecture. Those may be difficult to come by.

The following are perhaps the two most important revelations from $NVDA’s call:

– Going ahead, CMP (mining GPU) revenue is anticipated to be “modest,” with Nvidia’s revenues expected to increase by $500 million or more Q/Q without CMP.

– For “the great majority of next year,” gaming GPU demand is projected to outstrip supply. pic.twitter.com/fehgZan3qw

August 18, 2021 — Eric Jhonsa (@EricJhonsa)

Okay. We have a graphics supply limitation, and we’re providing limiting graphics while generating record graphics revenues. Cloud gaming and cloud graphics are both increasing in popularity. We were able to address design in the creative workstations because to RTX. Ray tracing and photorealistic picture rendering has traditionally been done mostly on CPUs.

Seeking Alpha is the source for this information (via EricJhonsa)

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During a recent earnings call, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang revealed that his company expects its GeForce RTX graphics cards to be in high demand, which will likely cause shortages across the board. This is a major blow to the entire market, as Huang expects the GeForce RTX cards to be in supply for the “vast majority” of next year.. Read more about when will gpu shortage end and let us know what you think.

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