Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all secret areas and royal jellies in the Funicular

It’s a crazy world: Soulstorm offers the player many additional tasks to complete during each level. These objectives change from level to level, but two remain the same. You must find both secret locations and royal jelly beans to finish the game. If you need help finding pesky locations, check out our guide.

How to get all the royal jelly into thecable car.

Usually you will find all the candies in the normal game mode. It’s hard not to notice their distinctive glow as you go through each level. But fortunately the most difficult ones are in secret areas. If you follow the guide below, you should be able to find them all.

Secret Area #1


You will find the first secret location in the first mine you enter. It’s hard to see, but as you can see in the screenshot above, look for an open floor to the left of the checkpoint in the middle of the mine. Just go down and the hidden area is yours.

Secret Area 2


To find the second secret area, you’ll need to quickly deviate from your usual path. At the beginning of the level you will find an elevator that goes up or down. If you go up, the level will continue, but if you climb up, you will find a fifth secret area. Make sure you click the button here, as you will need it later.

Secret Area 3


Take the elevator and get ready to escape the uncontrollable buzz. When the saw falls into the trench below, turn around and jump on the platforms until you find one without spikes on the bottom. Instead, you are greeted by a friendly jelly bean and a third hidden location.

Secret Area 4


Now you can go further, but don’t go too far. Shortly after Buzzsaw’s final resting place, there’s another mine. Before you go in, turn left and jump down. Here you will find another mine, which is the fourth secret area.

Secret Area No 5


When you have collected all your Mudokon friends, return to the place where you found the fake antidote. The game requires you to progress by driving heavy equipment to the next area. Instead, go back to the beginning before you leave. Here you can see a large space through which you can jump. If you looked there at the beginning of the level, it was locked. But it’s open now because you flipped the switch again in another hidden place.

Secret zone #6


If you have made the above journey, you will be spit out at the new location. Go left for a few more Mukodons to save, and also for the new secret area in the image above.

Secret Zone #7


Turn the previous secret area to the right. This is how you should proceed to complete the level, but there are a few other things you should do. You will see the display panel in the screenshot above. Make sure you get under the platform and look behind the metal cladding. The seventh hidden spot is greatly obscured by this.

Secret Area #8


The end position is immediately after the previous position. You will see a bird carrier that you can use to save your mukodons. Immediately after that, you should go to the hidden ledge you can see in the picture above. It’s hard to see at first glance, so you may have to look around a bit to find the crack. When you’re done, follow the path to the end and find the last secret location.

There are many things to discover in the cable car. Make sure you explore all the hidden spots if you want to find everything.

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