Omari: Recycling Machine Mini Guide

Reward for recycling – this concept was a bit frustrating when I had no clear idea how much to donate. In the second game, I recorded the number and type of items I gave and the rewards I received from the machine, even when I received the steam performance. I hope I can help others who want to achieve their goals and reward them by sharing my experience! Spoiler alert if you don’t want to know what reward you get?

Introduction + Rejection

I’m sure that guide was HIGH, so here I give people the knowledge they really want….

How many damn cans do you have to shred to get a steam drain?

By the way, I know this information isn’t really relevant, but I did all this in my last game: Let’s hope it helps at least one other player?

DISCLAIMER : The numbers I will give are just the numbers I have experienced in my games. The number of items required for each prize can change each time (i.e. randomly determined by the game), but from memory, at least the first 2 prizes requires the same number of items in all my games so far. If anyone else keeps track of the number of items collected, let me know if your numbers match mine! As soon as we’re sure these aren’t fixed, non-random numbers, I can remove the caveat.

Rewards + number of items required for donation

Price 1 : Viewpoints
Obtaining Enchantment Status = Defense +1, Chance +3, Success Rate +200

Gifted Items :
The banks: 5
I got these 5 cans scattered on the scrap yard card.

Price 2 : FlashlightCharms Stat Gain = Defense +4

Gifted Items :
Glasses: 6 glass bottles
: 3Papers: 1
Again, I only got all this from the Scrap Card.

Price 3 : Mobile phone
Improvement of the situation of the Army = Defence +10

Gifted Items :
The cans: 11 Glass Bottles : 4Page: 5 flat batteries : 2
Computer Parts : 3
By that time, I had donated all the items I had found on the map of the scrap heap, as well as some items found in the deep well.

Price 4 : Universal Remote and Achievement Steam!
Increases charm stats = Heart +10, Juice +10, Attack +5, Defense +5, Speed +5, Chance +5

Gifted Items :
The cans: 29 Glass bottles : 4Papers: 7
Dead batteries : 2
Computer Parts : 8

After I received the mobile phone, I had no more recyclable items to go around the world. Since then I drop the Kanns and fight on the scrap heap (Kel goes through the garbage at the beginning of every fight). From level 16+, you can easily run away from all enemies, so I just stood in front of the enemy and kept running.

It took longer than I wanted, probably three or four hours. If you really want to get all the performance / have the soft universal remote control, be prepared to sit down and mop for a while.

If you would like us to cover Omari guides other than these, please let us know in the comments section. We like to do this for our readers. We have also consulted some other guides for this game, see the section on this game.

Written by nomochan

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