Oniria Crimes Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Crimes like Oneria: Adventure, Puzzle
System : Nintendo Switch (also on PS4, Xbox One and PC)
Developer|Publisher: ckolomos entertainment | Badland Publishing
Age Rating : EU 7+ | USA Teenagers
Price : UK £17.99 | EU €19.99 | US $19.99
Publication date : 3. December 2020

Take a look at the code, which for the most part became available due to the release of Badland.


Onyria Crime is a point and click game where you solve crimes in Onyria Dreamland. You play the role of a detective, jumping from crime to crime and trying to solve different murders in a unique world of 3D pixel characters. The developers did a good job of creating a world in which you can immerse yourself. There is a lot of dialogue between the characters, which makes for a lot of story in this interesting context. But even if the world was well built, that cannot be said of the way it was played.

I need a coffee.

Place of offence

The game introduces you to the crime scene and your work on the scenario to try to solve the mystery by finding evidence and determining whether the suspects are innocent or guilty. For this purpose, you have a small cursor with which you can point out various interactive objects at the event location. Each time you come into contact with an object, the detectives will have a brief discussion about the situation. When you receive a note, it will be added to the suspicious file on the left side of the screen. To solve a crime, you have to click on almost anything to discover all kinds of evidence. Then, when you are ready to solve the puzzle, you have to click on each suspect, select two clues and declare him or her innocent or guilty.

It all sounds pretty simple, but to find some of the most important clues, you’ll need to solve a few puzzles. At each crime scene there is a puzzle where you have to open a box or safe by clicking on the right place or find the code. But decisions are not always clear. The game is not suitable to convince you to solve the puzzle yourself, but you may feel more compelled to watch it online or just quit the game.

Click on anything and everything to find evidence.

It is like a game that is much more suitable for playing on a PC with a mouse. The cursor controls the switch in a terrible way and the small objects with which you can interact are hard to see when playing in handheld mode. I respect the fact that the development of the game is difficult, but it’s a pity that the touch control hasn’t been added to the manual mode at Switch.

Guess what I think of.

Oniria Crimes feels like the last game of Guess what I think. A project I don’t really like. From the very first puzzle game, there is very little to help you play or choose the right clues to solve the puzzle.  When you have completed the crime scene, you get a results screen that tells you if you have found all the clues and calculates how many clues you have with the total score. But it doesn’t give you useful feedback on how to learn and succeed next time. I understand that this way the game can reveal the solution. But, let’s just say I didn’t feel the need to rehearse the crime scene to try again. The general impression was that it was a routine job.

It is not clear how to solve some of the puzzles in this game.

Dreamland Beetle

Although the game as a whole has been fine, I’ve come across some really nasty bugs. Sometimes, when I was solving a crime, the game wouldn’t go on and somehow froze up. The only solution is to delete and restart the backup. However, if you do, you must repeat the previous crime in which you were involved. A similar error even occurred at a crime scene when my cursor simply didn’t come into contact with objects in the vicinity. At first I thought it was part of a vague design game.

I suspect the killer has a pixel pattern


Despite the fact that I’ve been hard on Oniria’s crimes, I think there’s a niche in this game. If you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world and you like the idea of a hard point and click type game, this may be for you.

As things stand, I still recommend waiting until she gets the patches she so desperately needs. For me it’s not a game, but I hope it finds fans, because by all my criticism of the idea here, there is at least one other.

Final verdict: I’m not sure about that.

Here we go:

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