Orcs Must Die 3- Best Weapons And Tier List With Explanation

After playing Orcs Must Die 2 for a few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that the best equipment to have would be a bow that has a good amount of elemental damage and the fastest reload speed. I have an enchantress that is not as good with a bow as she is with a staff, allowing me to get away with having a bow with elemental damage. So I think the best bows would be, in no particular order, the bow of light, the bow of thunder, or the bow of fire. The best quiver would be either a sharp quiver or a well-crafted one.

Orcs Must Die 2 was a great game, with a really good system of varying player difficulty. It was also a very difficult game to get a hold of, which turned off a lot of people. We got Orcs Must Die 3, the sequel to the original game, and with it came an update to the difficulty system. We have reviewed the game here and liked it a lot. We even awarded it with our highest score of 5 out of 5. Here are the main points of the game.

These are the best weapons and the best tiers (cost) for this game (Orcs Must Die 3). Read more about orcs must die 3 weapons and let us know what you think.

There are a total of 14 weapons in Orcs Must Die 3 that may be utilized to inflict damage to the Orcs during Waves. We’re more interested in building an utter labyrinth of lunacy than we are in traps. Weapons, on the other hand, cannot be overlooked, since they must constantly be available to kill opponents and collect combos. Few are garbage and worthless, while others are very helpful and can resist almost half of the Orcs’ attack.

Note: The weapons in this Tier list were tested in a comparable situation where the Orcs were routed in a single path for a few waves.

Orcs Must Die 3 Best Weapons And Tier List With Explanation

C Tier

  • Long-ranged chain lightning attack with secondary, three-stage, charged chain lightning assault. “Increase Secondary attack chains” and “Secondary attack stuns hit enemies” are two unique improvements.

The secondary strike may be held down for a long time to charge and unleash the lightning chain. The most common use of this weapon, however, is for stunning. However, the damage output and attack speed are much lower than those of other Staffs. Combining with other elementals may be difficult due to the high mana cost, and using this weapon just for the elemental combination is a waste of slots.

  • Flame Bracer has a long-ranged fire attack and a secondary short-ranged firewall. “Increase Primary Damage” and “Increase Secondary Length and Duration” are two distinct improvements.

Mana is consumed by both the main and secondary attacks. This weapon isn’t meant to be used as a backup weapon. You can build a lengthy vertical firewall to harm Orcs who walk on them, but it’s worthless otherwise. Instead of cowering the opponents, equipping this weapon alone will cause pandemonium.

  • Wind Belt: Crowd Control with a short range that drives opponents. Secondary may be used to take up opponents that are both light and heavy. “Increases Knockback Force” and “Enemies Thrown by Secondary Attack Explodes” are two unique improvements.

When the opponents are piled together, its main strike may be helpful for pushing them into the pit. Aside than that, it’s just helpful if you want to give the Orcs some style.

B Tier

  • Arcane Staff: Arcane Attack with a secondary attack that shoots arcane missiles in a circle around the player. They have two unique upgrades: “Increased Secondary Radius” and “Mana Costs Reduction.”

When comparing the maxed Increased Secondary Radius and Reduce Mana Costs upgrades, the Reduce Mana Costs improvement is generally recommended if you are wielding this weapon. Even with the projectile attack and the tiny random explosion region, you can’t combo this well, therefore for the AOE effect, it’s worth picking this weapon to spam arcane shower, even if it’s random.

  • Broadsword: A melee weapon with a secondary lightning attack that hurts enemies when used in a row in front of the player. “Primary Attack that heals each hit” and “Adds Additional Bolt to Secondary” are two unique enhancements.

Primary strikes that heal each hit are often beneficial, but in this instance, when you can’t disarm or paralyze opponents by knocking them down, your life steal will be rendered useless as you must kite the enemy. Killing opponents that are presently under the secondary attack will provide some AOE damage, although it is still low tier compared to Bladestaff.

  • Elven Shortswords: A fast melee weapon with a secondary strike that fires a magical, ranged assault in three phases. “Increase Primary attack speed” and “Secondary attack bleeds opponents each hit” are two unique improvements.

It may seem appealing at first since the weapon’s assault speed is very appealing. The weapon’s damage and range are limited, so charging Orc mobs with it may not be the greatest option for the time being. Even the charged strike is ineffective and seen as a waste of mana.

  • Scepter Of Domination is a long-ranged, three-staged, charged arcane attack with the secondary charm ability. “Increase Secondary Charm Duration” and “Increase Fully Charged Primary Explosion Radius” are two unique improvements.

Among the two Arcane staffs, this weapon may be regarded the finest. It has a high strike speed and debuffs opponents. When used on bigger opponents to obstruct and turn them against their race, the charm ability is extremely effective. Even the fully charged main explosion is very helpful, but in Orcs Must Die 3, the disadvantage that keeps him in the “B-A” Tier is that the traps you set may be damaged if the Orcs are struck by the explosion and the traps are within range of it.

A Tier

  • Bladestaff: Melee weapon with multiple target knockback as a secondary strike. “Primary Attack Heals on Hit” and “Secondary Attack Launches Higher” are two unique improvements.

When picking a Melee weapon, the weapon that allows you to heal each hit is generally considered a high-tier weapon. The secondary strike may be continually repeated to inflict massive AOE damage and raise the tiny Orcs. In our view, this is the finest melee weapon you may employ and is rated A Tier.

  • Crossbow: Long-ranged attack with the ability to stun as a secondary effect. “Headshot kills Trigger Explosion damage” and “Enemies stunned by secondary suffer greater damage” are two unique enhancements.

It’s a single-target weapon with excellent headshot percentage and attack speed. Players usually favor the first upgrade since we’ll all be shooting headshots and destroying opponents, but in a certain circumstances, the second upgrade may be used to stun bigger monsters and dole out maximum damage. It can’t be utilized for anything other than physical harm. As a result, it readily fits within this Tier.

  • Dwarven Hammer: Melee weapon with a whirlwind strike that knocks several opponents back and harms them. “Damage reduction when spinning” and “Increase movement speed while spinning” are two unique improvements.

The weapon is very strong, and the strike lands like a truck, and the whirlwind assaults add to the combination in a big way. The damage and secondary are both very excellent, however the only thing this weapon is missing are any cool unique upgrades.

  • Ice Amulet: A multi-shot, long-ranged ice assault with a secondary, short-ranged freeze ability. “Increase Freeze Duration” and “Secondary generates an aura that delivers damage every sec” are two unique improvements.

It’s best utilized as a backup weapon since it can’t clear the whole wave by itself. The capacity to freeze, on the other hand, is top-notch. Buying time against the Orcs by freezing or even DPSing is a very beneficial skill that requires no denial.

S Tier

  • The Blunderbuss is a short-ranged four-shot burst weapon with a medium-range secondary grenade attack. “Secondary that Freezes Enemy” and “Secondary Damage and Explosions Increased” are two unique enhancements.

Given that it is a semi-ranged weapon, the shotgun’s secondary strike, which freezes the opponent, is very effective. Once you’ve gathered opponents in a small area and routed them, the secondary assault may quickly wipe off the Orcs. It’s a gift to have Freeze Dmg and Physical Dmg in one weapon. It is simply classified as A-S Tier.

  • Long-ranged shot that penetrates more opponents with a secondary, three-stage, charged multi-shot. “Primary strike bleeds opponents each hit” and “Secondary Fires Burst in a straight line” are two unique enhancements.

Headshots are very precise with this bow, and you may apply the bleeding debuff while attacking opponents with your main weapon. When you change the target, this is especially useful since the bleeding damage isn’t stacked. Selecting the second unique improvement, on the other hand, will allow your secondary strike to go in a straight path. When the opponents are in single line, it is merely helpful to do damage. The attack rate and precision coupled with ice freezing are severe, which is why it is in this Tier rather than “A.”

  • Stone Staff: Long-ranged attack with secondary stoning ability that penetrates opponents. “Increases Secondary Attack Range” and “Secondary Launches after Brief Delay” are two unique improvements.

The secondary assault is just too strong. The Stone Staff may be used alone to clear waves, but you can pair it with any other weapon if you choose. Larger opponents may be converted to stone, and acquiring the second unique ability sends them into the air, giving you more time and angle to swap weapons and start building the combo and points. Without a doubt, one of the finest weapons that you should unlock for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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In Orcs Must Die 2, you take control of a powerful warrior, and your mission is to destroy the orc leader, make him suffer and die a horrible death. You are given plenty of abilities to help you in your mission, such as ranged attacks, poison, and a fast moving mounted character. You fight through many different types of enemies as you progress through the levels, some you can simply run past, while others you need to take the fight to.. Read more about orcs must die 3 characters and let us know what you think.

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