Osial Genshin Impact: Ancient God and Sea Monster Defeated by Whom?

Genshin Influence players are wondering who defeated the ancient god and sea monster. So we have all the information here on this subject, and if you want to know more, read on.

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Genshin Impact is currently enjoying great popularity. Players love this game because it gives the feeling of playing and watching a cartoon at the same time. This game is also very popular among anime fans. Genshin Impact is also popular because of its story and characters. For example, players wanted to know more about the story of Osial Genshin Impact who defeated the ancient god and sea monsters.

Here you will find all the information about Axial Jenshin: Who defeated the ancient God and sea monsters.

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According to legend, the ancient god was defeated by Rex Lapis. The ancient god is known as Ozial, who was defeated by Rex Lapis. This battle took place during the Archon War, about 2000 years ago. Rex Lapis sealed the ancient god Osial under the ocean in the stone forest of Gaillune. Rex Lapis used stone spears to seal Osial under the ocean. And some time later, Childe freed the ancient god Osial in the time of swords to lure Archon when he tried to steal his Gnosis.

According to the Genshin Impact Lore, the story that stands out is that there was an ancient god, Osial, who was defeated by Rex Lapis. The ancient god Osial feared sea monsters that were defeated by Rex Lapis. Rex Lapis used a stone spear to defeat the old god. He sealed Osial under the ocean in the stone forest of Gaian.

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According to Zhongli, Rex Lapis and the ancient god Osial have been enemies for a long time, and no one knows the reason for their fight. This battle took place about 2000 years ago, and later Childa freed the old god Osial from the ocean with the stone forest of Guiyun. The people of Layu have always loved Rex Lapis’ victory over the ancient god Osial and the mighty sea monster. Besides sea monsters, Rex Lapis also defeated other monsters.

Do you know how Child got Osial out of the Weaponry Forest? Here’s how.

The influence of Osial Genshin. How did Child Osial manage to free himself from it?

When Rex Lapik struck Osial with a stone spear and locked him in the ocean, Kind freed him using the permissions the Fatuys had made. Kind did this during the Heart of the Eye. But Osial was trapped there for over 2,000 years, and then Child managed to free him from it.

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So it was Osial Genshin who defeated him and the sea monster. And now we all know the answer, Rex Lapis.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to Axial Genshin: An Ancient God and a Sea Monster Defeated by Who.

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