The year 2020 is full of bad news and disappointment. From Australia, which burned in January, to the Covid 19 pandemic and the freak reaction to it, we need a series of encyclopaedias the size of an encyclopaedia to cover it all.

Many of us, including our team, look back on the game as an emotional delay after the international waste fire (not to be confused with Australia).  Of course, the gaming industry is as likely as any to experience failures and defaults. But this year the frustrations turned out to be much more effective. With everyone stuck at home, hopes for the next great gaming experience were always high, making the fall even worse if we fail.


It’s pretty clear. Nothing annoyed me more than the disgusting ascent of the Microids to the iconic classics of 2003, XIII. As I said in my review, this is a rare (and catastrophic) case of a remake that looks, sounds, works and then plays a seventeen-year game that, to be honest, wasn’t even the kind of hardware needed to get started. It feels like he’s in a hurry, like hell, even though he’s been arrested several times. He felt disrespectful to the original when he launched his main strip in search of a tasteless and uninspired painting scheme based on Fortnit’s model. Nothing else this year compares to the end of a furious remake of XIII.


I’ve had two big disappointments in the game this year. The first one was a simple mistake, hoping they would collapse soon. One of the first trailers, Demon Souls, showed in lowercase letters that he came out on the 12th. November will also be published for PC. Because I had just dropped my ass when I updated the configuration of my PC, I was excited to go into the nuts with one of my favorite games. Unfortunately, Sonia published a correction stating that it was a mistake. Since the three games are Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows The Twice was released on the PC, I hope the Demonic Souls can handle it eventually. But until I get the official news, I have to wait patiently.

My other big disappointment was in me. I love everything Awaken Realms has published. They are constantly proving that they can create a fantastic experience. Hell, Nemesis and the Spotted Grail are some of my favorite board games. But when the Awakened Kingdoms ruled the airports, I was skeptical. I simply missed that opportunity when I thought the Awakened Realms had done so well in the dark horror of the science fiction and fantasy genres that they couldn’t do the same magic with the world of weird dreams.

Well, I was wrong. The critics are coming and everyone agrees that this could be their best piece. Because I’m simply impatient when it comes to my games, I’m now stuck looking for a copy at the second-hand market or rushing for a new manager for beginners and waiting for a second wave of content. One day I will have the chance to enjoy the last AR, but as far as the Demonic Souls are concerned, I may have to wait a while.

Todd – PS5 and Xbox X series launched

My biggest disappointment in 2020 was probably that, if you don’t agree, the vast majority of you could at least refer to this as a mad dash to beat the bots in PlayStation 5 units. Like many of you, I believed Sonia when they told me the pre-orders would be made the next day, so I left the computer on for a few hours. So, man, what was that for a couple of hours? Suddenly, playing from behind, I feverishly click on the link after the link of a possible action and I fail. I, the biggest PS man on our website, was not selected for the Sony lottery, and every outlet now showed 0 action. Luckily I could get it, so the disappointment didn’t last long, but it was real and it hit me like a brick.

However, this reaction seems insincere in the light of the investigation. But I must warn you that my succession can be just as insincere. Now, with my Xbox Series X, I don’t have a problem anymore. I ordered them when he placed the pre-order and they were ready on the 10th. November at 12:30. But unlike the PlayStation, my Xbox is only designed for GamePass games. When the title I need appears on the Xbox, I sign up. Halo Infinite was also hit hard when The Medium was slowed down, because now I only have The Falconeer as my exclusive new release game, and it’s not even on the Game Pass yet. Note that I’ve emphasized the word new, not exclusive, because I don’t care if the game you’re playing belongs to the previous genre, but I really want my experience to be new. Luckily Destiny 2 has released his DLC, otherwise I played Marvel’s Avengers and Tell Me Why as the next genetic introduction.


After thirteen years and two mediocre releases, Mario’s Paper and the king of origami will find the form of the series that everyone was waiting for. Return to the right role-playing style in the Paper Mario universe. Before the release, it wasn’t really about promoting the characters, and it wasn’t just about hiding what you could do. That’s because there was nothing to say. No levels or experience for your characters, most battles can be completed in a single round and the whole game is linear. The only reason to deviate from the route is to find collectibles that don’t even contribute much to the style of the surroundings. At least this year we’ll have the beetle boards.

Another big disappointment was the game, which I enjoyed very much. Born as a version of Overwatch or Paladins that focused on melee combat, Bleeding Edge was a big hit when it was originally shown by Microsoft. When Bleeding Edge was first played shortly after release, it was hard to say whether people really liked it or whether the servers were just awful. Twenty to thirty minutes to find matches, get bogged down in a Rands team against a real team and get total domination. In addition, the bleeding edge resembled an irrigated version of Overwatch. It was a game that not only didn’t do anything new, but also took what had already been done well in other games and ruined everything completely.


I can certainly agree with all the others about the lack of delivery of the latest decoders and the delay in the production of so many titles expected thanks to COVID-19. But these are questions that are the result of this turbulent period in our world history. That’s why I focus my biggest disappointment of 2020 on what is really dominated by the gaming industry: the terrible harbours of my favourite games.

While I’m grateful to the publishers for finding ways to bring back some of our most valuable classics into modern genres, many of them are nothing more than a direct transmission of the original game. No graphical updates, no performance improvements, just the same outdated basic game formatted as you could try with your phone’s emulator.

My two most notable disappointments are the remastered edition of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and the Kingdom of Amaloor: Re-check. In Crystal Chronicles, the biggest disappointment was the ridiculous confusion that allowed players to play with friends or online gamers. They accounted for most of the game and made the experience almost impossible. The kingdoms of Amalur, on the other hand, have made small visual improvements to the original, but have left numerous performance problems, bugs and glitches intact. For someone who loves these two games, it was extremely disappointing to see them reissued in such a sloppy way.


In 2020 I decided it was time to upgrade my PC. Finally, my old game starts struggling to maintain the consistent performance of the many new games that have been released. I knew the RTX 30 series was coming and I was incredibly excited. Then a commercial came and broke those expectations. The RTX 3070 promised a performance level of 2080 for literally a third of the price. Ray tracing is finally becoming a very affordable option, especially with the recently announced RTX 3060ti, which has proven its crazy value.

Then the starting shot was given and nobody could do anything. Demand was simply too high for this new wave of graphics cards, and the state of the world thanks to COVID-19 has certainly not helped production. After all, this is the biggest leap in the GPU generation so far, perfectly synchronized with the next generation of consoles. Worse, we’ve got crooks buying anything they can find. Raising prices to an insane level two or three times higher than retail prices.  Even AMD’s equally great GPU’s and CPU’s are almost impossible to reach.  After all, I only accept the RTX 2060 until the actions are normalized and I get the map I wanted.

Talk about your biggest playful disappointments of the year in the comments below!

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