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The appearance of a king in a show always carries a lot of weight. Because you know they have enormous power.

Sometimes they are portrayed as the bad guys, and sometimes they simply symbolize the pinnacle of human achievement. In any case, the royal characters are easily recognized.

For this list, let’s look at the anime and all its characters at the top of the king card.

Let’s see how demon kings, human kings, and the rest of the royal family fit into this list of characters.

15. Julius Novachrono

Anime: Black Clover

Since Asta appeared in the first episode, we’ve all been curious to see what the current king looks like.

And the man did not disappoint.

He was expected to have enormous power. But his real charisma surprised me.

He was the most humble and kind person in the entire series, constantly sneaking out of the castle and helping his people, only under a mask because he didn’t want to draw attention to himself.

Their feudal king, on the other hand, well, this guy is a handful.

14. Lelouch Red Lamp

Anime: Code of Gees

Spoiler alert!

Although he did not hold the position of emperor for long, Lelouch did a remarkable job.

Of course, in order to do so, he had to start a whole revolution. And thousands of people probably died because of it.

But man sought peace, and he got it. And he put his words into action, for he too voluntarily gave his life to ensure peace for generations to come.

Remember, this man is only in high school and already has a dedication that most world leaders can only dream of.

13. Sadao Mau

Anime: The devil is a timekeeper!

Even if we see that Sadao is anything but a demon king, that’s still his title. If you’re not familiar with the show: The demon king Sadao enters the human kingdom with little power.

And now he has to work in a hopeless job to survive.

It certainly took him some time to adjust, from a man at the highest level of power to a lowly employee.

But we haven’t seen much of his true character, at least not the killer parts. And he’s a great guy.

I would have voted for him.

12. Measurement

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Originally, Meruem was known simply as a king, as his position at the top of the food chain defined him as a character.

He liked to exercise his power and saw no one as his equal.

He was extremely violent and on his way to world domination. But King’s move to Meruem is influenced by a cute little girl named Komugi.

It makes Meruem closer. And we see a man who really wanted peace and even tried to make a pact with the people. Unfortunately, it’s a terrible thing to be so strong.

11. Muzan Kibutsuji

Anime: Demon Slayer.

Muzan is a tyrannical demon king who doesn’t care much for his subjects and kills them on the spot if they don’t follow his orders or meet his expectations.

But in Meruem’s mind, there is something so strong about looking at a man who is the epitome of his entire race.

No scene is as tense as the one in which he is present.

And because he creates the new demons, he is literally the most important demon in his entire universe.

Bonus points for really fresh dressings.

10. Sinbad

Anime: Wise men: A maze of magic

When you hold the title of great king of the seven seas, you know you shouldn’t take it lightly.

Sinbad is the most powerful character in his entire universe.

And I’m not just saying that because he has multiple geniuses. The man is a class S diplomat and has political clout in almost every hot spot.

It has single-handedly managed to get an alliance of seven nations through, and it has the best trade route imaginable. He’s just the winner in life.

9. Sora

Anime: No game, no life

Having a smart teenager as your king would not be a good idea.

And yet Sora proved otherwise.

That’s because he’s not just a genius, he’s a prodigy. And as such, he won important victories for his people.

But what really got me was his speech.

I don’t know what I expected, but when I heard Sora talk about how weakness can be your ultimate strength, I almost bought a gym membership. Almost.

8. Anos Voldigoad

Anime: The Demon King Academy is failing.

Anos is an evil lord who reincarnates after being killed two thousand years earlier, and just slips into high school.

Typical anime.

First, you can quickly see how he got so stoned that he blew people up because of the vibrations his heartbeat caused.

But in the second part we will see why he deserves this title.

Man only wanted peace, he even gave up his own life so that demons and humans would stop killing each other.

A great leader, indeed.

7. King

Anime: The seven deadly sins

Okay, we have a second character whose name matches his title. The king is the king of the fairies and one of the seven deadly sins.

Unlike some of the monarchs on this list, King made many mistakes during his reign. But it was never out of malice or lack of effort.

He tends to be vindictive for a while, but I think he’s gotten over that and I think he’ll be a good leader.

The fact that his queen is literally a giant may cause some logistical problems, but that’s a problem for another time.

6. Genome host

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Originally I wanted to put Simon here, but he’s technically only the Commander-in-Chief, so instead we’ll delve into the problematic philosophy of the Spiral King.

At first Lordgenom seemed like an obvious bad guy, he forced people to go underground, was a terrible father and seemed to be a tyrant.

But the more we got to know the man, the more we saw that it wasn’t that simple.

He knew that if people had too much power and were too numerous, antiperspirants would kill them all.

So he decided to become a tyrant. But not because he was evil, but because he wanted to save humanity from extinction.

5. Channel

Anime: The Vinland Saga

Canute didn’t reach his crown until the very end of the series, but the man was satisfied.

Like most great players, he has a rather peculiar development.

From a weak prince who could do nothing but pray, to a man determined to lead his people.

His old loveliness was still there, as you can see he almost fainted after the death of the old king. But he has the courage to go on.

And it’s especially interesting if you’ve ever read anything about British history.

4. Goal D. Roger

Anime: A detail.

Objective D. Rogers was not a diplomat. In reality, he just seemed like a warlord.

But by his own strength and that of his entire crew, he was recognized as the pirate king.

He never missed an opportunity to resign, and was ready to go to war if one of his comrades was bullied.

He may not have been the best king for peace or prosperity. But the man was a legend, and he’s still on the show, so I think he deserves a place on that list.

3. Su-Win

Anime: Jonah Dawn

Soo-won may not be the best man in the world, but he’s a great king.

Seems like an oxymoron. But he just knew what it meant to be king and the burden he had to carry.

Therefore, he kills his own brother, who does not have the courage to fight against the invaders and defend his people. Yes.

He also actively strives to make his country prosperous and is not afraid to show his contempt for neighboring countries. Soo-won is determined not to be driven down this path.

So he might not win the Nobel Peace Prize. But I’m sure his citizens appreciated his decision.

2. Ainz anthracite dress

Anime: M.

Ainz wants to conquer the world. And he wants it for his own benefit.

And yet he’s so sweet…

Since he was isekai in his video game, and was enthroned for it, he wanted to expand his influence everywhere to find other desert players like him.

But despite the fact that he could easily conquer the world with his overwhelming power, he opted for a diplomatic approach.

Little by little he gained new allies and even created a false identity for himself to defend the people.

1. Storm Rimuru

Anime: Then I was reincarnated in drool.

I put Rimuru first because I honestly want him to be my boss every day of the week.

That’s because he acts like a friend to everyone and never abuses his power to harm a citizen.

She is constantly looking for ways to further improve the country and really listens to the demands of the people. It’s a new way of looking at programming.

But unlike his peaceful brother from the third volume, Rimuru is not afraid to give up if it means protecting his people. The perfect king, if you ask me.

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