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Have you ever finished watching a show like Fairy Tail and just thought: I would love to see something with even more snacks. Something more mature and darker

Thankfully, there are some dark and squeaky anime series out there.

You just have to know where to look! And when you check off that list, look in the right place.

Let’s count down our best recommendations for the best dark and adult anime.

30. Talentless chick

This show is still relatively new on the scene, so you may have missed it. It’s basically a giant game between us, where only the villain gets tougher.

It’s about a young girl who is sent to an island full of teenagers with superpowers and tasked with killing them all. But she has no superpowers.

She must use her intelligence and rather brutal methods to get the job done. And I mean brutally, some of these scenes are not for the faint of heart.

29. Promised land of Neverland

This series has seen an increase in audience with many people since the first episode because of its intensity and good writing.

He follows a group of children who live in a small house in the middle of a wooded area. Sounds like a setup for a show or a horror movie, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s certainly the latter when they find out their guardian is selling them one by one to strangers. Why?

For consumption.

Trust me, this show will have you biting your nails once the excitement builds. It’s extremely frightening and certainly deserves praise.

28. Terror in Resonance

At first glance, this program is entirely devoted to terrorism. It also quickly became clear that we were fighting for the terrorists, which is a judgment that would definitely put me on the waiting lists.

But little by little, we learn that the two main characters don’t just explode out of boredom or father issues.

There’s something they want the world to see.

Visually, the series can be a typical anime for students aged 13 and above. But believe me, he touches pretty heavy stuff.

27. Elf Lies

Elf Lies is probably as far from a show as Fairy Tail can get.

The first episode literally stages a real bloodbath, with limbs flying everywhere and human bodies reduced to mush.

The power of friendship means nothing. And a frank confrontation ends with the loss of an arm and a leg.

That doesn’t mean the show is unnecessarily violent. It all makes sense in the universe.

But you have to be prepared to see a lot of pain when you think about picking up that old classic.

26. Death Parade

The issue of life and death can often be the source of the deepest darkness, because we do not know if there is an optimistic approach to death.

The Death Parade drives him a little crazy, imagining people being judged after death by forcing them to play games. However, the games are designed to bring out their deepest and most vile emotions, causing them to erupt in violence and do things they never thought they would do in their lives.

And if that wasn’t enough, the theme of individuality and choice is brought into play, just to make sure we can’t sleep at night.

25. Tanya’s Saga of Evil

Even though we’re jaded at this point, there’s nothing fun or amusing about the war.

Tanya Evil Saga makes you believe it’s an action series like any other using magic…., but it’s just a simulation of what a real war looks like.

Sleepless nights, bloodshed, contradictions in the chain of command, politics pulling the strings in the background.

It also makes it clear that the person the protagonist has just killed is not a monster or some evil person. Only someone born in another country.

24. Chasseur x Chasseur (2011)

That show really fooled me.

It starts out as the most stereotypical shounen: The boy goes in search of his father and also wants to be the Hokage, or hunter.

He makes new friends and they all go on adventures together and help each other. But as the series progresses, it gets darker and darker and throws harder and harder balls.

After all, it’s about people overwhelmed by grief, torn up bodies, a man committing suicide for the future of his people, and how emotions can mix in politics.

It’s probably a trip.

23. Vinland Saga

Although the plot is a bit over the top, The Vinland Saga is like a re-enactment of a very tragic story.

No magic and no desire for a shooting star.

It is the story of a boy whose father was murdered before his eyes. Obsessed with revenge, the boy pursues his father’s killer for years, hoping that one day he will have his revenge.

At the same time a war is being fought and all the political tricks and horrors of battle are being brought to the fore.

It’s a great series and I recommend you watch it, especially if you like everything Viking.

22. School life

What is this, a piece of high school life?

Well,that’s not what I was looking for.It’s not dark at all…. Oh wait, whatever, the main character just suffers from PTSD and is extremely delusional.

Here’s what’s really going on: It is the sequel to the zombie apocalypse, there is no sun and no rainbows.

Just a group of friends struggling to survive.

I guess that falls under the category of darkness, right?

21. Psycho

Psychopass is one of those classics that got everyone hooked on that one idea.

We live in a society where officers have a weapon that can determine if we are capable of committing a crime, and we are immediately prosecuted.

This series deals with moral issues and what it takes to run a country like no other anime.

Is the system fair? Should people give up their own judgment and submit to an algorithm? Can we really appreciate his ability to do damage?

What is the difference between a criminal and a law-abiding citizen?

These and other questions will be answered if you choose to view them.

20. Goblin Hunter

Goblin Slayer is slightly lighter than Psycho Pass, but it will at least visually shock you.

In fact, the first episode made such waves in the community that the series was almost completely cancelled.

The series has a fantastic setting and revolves around a man who just wants to kill all the goblins, the title of the series is pretty precise in this regard.

But goblins are not the typical little brats you see in most series.

They need females to reproduce, and they have a solution to the problem of being an all-male species, if you know what I mean. So if you’re in the mood, go see him.

19. Akame ga Killer

If you often think that this character was completely destined to die, that he was just an armor of the story, then Akame ga Kill could be the perfect series for you.

He follows a group of killers and doesn’t hesitate to follow them: Killer.

Death comes from all sides, and one learns early enough that even a cast is not immune to it.

And when someone dies, it’s not done off-screen, it’s not just presented as a little blood on the forehead or something. It’s cruel.

18. Other

Speaking of series where characters drop dead right and left, we have The Other.

It’s a mystery anime thriller with a fairly simple concept. Something is wrong in the world, and the 3-3 continue to die horribly.

So the main characters have to decipher the code before everyone in their class is six feet under.

I know I said Akame ga Kill was bleeding, but even he can’t hold the candle to what the other guy has up his sleeve.

17. Charlotte

Putting Charlotte on that list is kind of a spoiler, because you never guess how dark it is.

That’s because at first glance it looks like a normal school series, with a few supernatural elements thrown in.

But after a certain incident, one can feel that the whole show has changed and now presents a much more destitute, grumpy and bloody world where one has to wonder if everyone will survive.

16. Godless Sunday

With such a pessimistic title, I would be shocked if anyone expected a funny world to be portrayed.

The concept is quite simple to understand: God literally leaves us and makes it impossible for anyone to die or be born.

Although people often dream of immortality, they soon realize it’s not so much fun.

But before God left, He left behind a special race of people called gravediggers who can send people to the afterlife.

They’re our heroes. And we follow them as they go from place to place, quieting many poor souls.

15. Notification of death

Death Note is a classic in the anime world, as its dark aesthetic and plot has attracted millions of people.

The story follows a super genius named Light who comes across a suicide note, a notebook that gives him the power to kill anyone if he writes his full name in it and has a picture of them in his head.

This drags him into a spiral of decay of the God Complex and he soon has to evade the police and a series of brilliant detectives while on a holy mission to purify the world.

The series is a must, especially for cartoon fans.

14. Kraybabi Devil

This show is extremely unique in that it is like a big acid trip at the end of the day.

One of the main characters becomes a devil, but decides to use his new power to defeat other demons and devils in order to achieve some peace.

The other main character is the biggest joker, as he usually shoots from a nearby location. But he also carries a heavy weapon in his arms, and it was he who began the demonic ritual that turned his friend into a devil in the first place.

The show is very descriptive. And the last episode is absolutely emblematic in my opinion. So if you’re not afraid of a little nudity and pain, I highly recommend watching the show.


If you’ve ever wondered why anime these days can’t keep up with a series from another golden age, you might want to give Monster a shot.

It’s a down-to-earth drama that follows Dr. Tenma and his fight for what he believes is right in this world.

He saves a boy who later becomes a serial killer. And now determined to find him and end his tyranny.

But is it really that simple? And how many people are going to die along the way?

But for this series, the bigger question is what made this little boy turn out this way. And that makes his actions fair?

12. Rainbow

Rainbow is the kind of show that makes you hate and love humanity at the same time.

He follows a group of seven men who are locked up in prison. They all become friends and promise each other that one day they will be free to go out on the streets together.

But the sadistic jailers, who are not even afraid of corruption, make their lives a living hell, with countless humiliations and beatings against the protagonists.

I’ll leave it at that, so I don’t screw anything up. But I will say that if you like monsters, this should be just as entertaining.

11. Sins of Casshern

In the world of the Casshern Sins, robots have more or less destroyed humanity and are now rulers of the earth.

But after a certain incident, they realize that they are not really immortal. And he will suffer the same future as man.

Their only hope lies in the myth of a robot named Casshern. If it is eaten, it gives man back his immortality.

The story follows Kashern as he wanders the ruined earth while countless robots try to eat him, all the while questioning and cursing his own existence.

The show is pretty slow. But the subjects are as dark as they seem.

10. Musisi

Mushishi is an eccentric on this list in that it’s not dark because of excessive pride or a dystopian construction of the world, but rather because it’s quite realistic.

It revolves around Musha, I guess you could call them ghosts, but that’s just the peculiarities of life. We can observe and see how they affect people.

They are attracted to strong desires and can easily cause a situation to become somewhat out of control and turn into a tragedy.

The main character is Mushishi, a man trying to figure out what Mushi is and what they want.

He travels the country looking for cases involving Mushi, hoping to get an accurate answer.

9. Daughter of Hell

Hell Girl is like an extremely condensed version of Dr. Faustus.

There is a website that people can visit at midnight and show publicly.

Impulsive people like us get carried away and use this site on a whim, not knowing it’s there.

The expression here is quite literal, as the Hellgirl holder will kill the person who received a blow to the head…. and then return the favor to the person who received the blow.

Each episode follows an incident and we, as viewers, simply ask where the line is between human anger and jealousy.

8. Dororo

Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the individual?

This is the central theme of the entire show, how a child is given over to the demons so that the earth can flourish.

But against all odds, the baby will survive, whether it’s a piece of meat.

This child is our protagonist. After receiving prosthetics, he goes out into the world to repair his body from the demons, unaware of the great tragedy that will befall his country.

Heavy themes, death, gore, it’s all there.

And if the action itches, Dororo is sure to satisfy you, as the fights are first-rate.

7. Mirai Nikki

There must have been at least one battlefield massacre here. How about a classic?

The standard Battle Royale rules apply: 12 people receive special phones, each with their own power, and the last person to survive receives a prize.

But instead of a few V-Bucks, the price literally becomes God.

Our main character Yuki teams up with Juno, the psychotic girl I still have nightmares about, and the battle begins.

There is so much death in this show that you need a cold shower after turning around.

And Juno is so confused that she’s afraid of the drawing on the TV screen.

6. Hellsing Ultimate

If Edgar Allan Poe were to do a reboot of Twilight, he would.

All you need to know about the show is the main character, Alucard.

He’s the Kirito of this universe.

But with the added fact that he doesn’t submit to any kind of morality and that he is a vampire.

He works under Integra because of his oath, who heads a hell of an organization.

Basically, it’s an organization that ironically kills demons, zombies, and even vampires.

So at Integra’s command, Alucard kills everything and everyone, while a group of priests tries to thwart him. Because he’s still a vampire.

Sounds complicated. But all you need to know is that Alucard is a one-man massacre. And it’s a lot of fun.

5. Delete

Erase is a thriller, but with the added fun factor of time travel.

The main character, a grown man, suddenly returns to the days when he was a boy and is charged with saving the children within his reach from an unknown killer.

Because it’s a breath of fresh air, the themes of domestic violence, trauma and, of course, murder are very common.

But the fact that children are literally targeted only adds to the darker tones of the show.

4. Re: Zero

Have you ever wondered how painful the checkpoint system would be in real life? No?

Well, this show will definitely show you.

In this isekai, the boy, Subaru, is transported to a fantasy world.

But instead of being subdued, he’s just brought back to a certain time after his death.

This can sound overwhelming. But keep in mind that he can’t choose where he goes and he literally has to be killed in cold blood to use this power.

As you can imagine, there are many mental illnesses in this series. As are many (and I say many) deaths.

3. Berserker

As a franchise, Berserk might be the darkest thing ever, no kidding.

The problem is that I can’t explain what makes it so dark, because it doesn’t really appear until the last part of the series. So you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

He follows a warrior named Guts. And that man is the most evil and miserable man who ever lived.

Murder, betrayal, more murder, sex, demons, everything.

Just look at the 1997 version and if you still want to look the honesty in the eye, get the manga. Believe me, it’s worth it.

2. Attack of the Titan

Of course, since the final season is here, I have to give credit to Attack on Titan.

In a world invaded by the Titans, people hide in huge fortress cities.

But the rocks are breaking. And Titans are very fond of human flesh.

This series really has everything you could want in an anime: breathtaking combat, a beautifully constructed world, a very dark and gritty look at everything, aka no friendship bonus, and some memorable characters.

If you still haven’t seen the show, try to thank me later.

1. Steel; Door

Steins; Gate is one of the most famous anime series, and for good reason.

He’s into time travel and all the problems that come with it.

I didn’t put him on that list for overzealousness or anything, although there are a few deaths here and there.

But it’s there because it’s one of the best depictions of a man literally going crazy.

Our beloved protagonist Okabe begins by posing as a mad scientist. But in the end, he looks like a man who has gone through hell to find a true understanding of life.

It’s a masterpiece, don’t forget to check it out.

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