Outriders: Best Expeditions For Farming Loot

For some players, the Cavaliers’ finals are the real deal. Expeditions are high-level quests that riders can complete to obtain level 50 weapons and equipment. These levels will be your main source of epic and legendary loot, with fifteen special missions to complete. This system is based on a complexity level mechanism. This determines how many collectibles you can get, as well as the difficulty of the mission. The difficulty system in the outriggers determines the difficulty and reward of the expeditions. In this endgame, you must face off against Enoch’s most formidable and evil enemies. Expeditions are huge, hand-crafted new levels that differ from the game’s main campaign in both gameplay and difficulty. So today we’re going to look at the best farm salvage expeditions in Outriders.

Best agricultural expeditions in the boom years?

Here are the best farm-restoration expeditions in the Outriders:

  • The arches of Enoch
  • BoomTown
  • Chemical factory
  • Colosseum

Enoch takes a bow

Enoch’s vault is divided into three rooms, all of which are fairly easy to master. The first room fights the Mother Fetus and some lesser aliens, while the second room fights the Mother Fetus, some Alpha Perforas and some other lower level enemies while protecting the Totem. Finally, although there are many monsters in the very large final boss room, the size makes it easy to dodge them. Attach yourself to the outer ring in the battle space and use it to your advantage.


One of the best places to start farming is Boomtown. However, the first few times he is hard to beat when there are so many captains and juggernauts. However, this is the shortest of the shipments. This is the easiest and most powerful farm expedition when the player can easily destroy the elite enemies.   With this expedition, silver prices are still very attractive. You can use the stairs as a reference point. This allows the player to avoid the environment and still provide adequate protection.

Chemical plant for agricultural load in ramps

If you can handle it, the chemical plant is the perfect place to grow. Observe the attack patterns of your opponents to get an idea of how these battles will go. Chemical Plant is divided into four interactions and focuses almost exclusively on humans. It’s also one of the easiest boss rooms in the entire endgame, which is a huge bonus. Use the parameters to your advantage to prevent your opponent from swarming. After this fight you can go to the boss area, which is a bit easier.


There are only three interactions in the Coliseum. While you can easily kill elite level enemies, not all encounters are just that difficult. If you want to grow this, you have to have good damage first. The ability to easily melt fetal mothers will make this expedition a breeze. Make sure the alphas don’t run you over in the second position and you’ll be fine.

That’s all you need to know about the best farm demolition expeditions in Outriders. While you’re here, check out more tips and tricks, like our Outriders guides:

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