Overcooked! All You Can Eat Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Overcooked! All You Can Eat
Genre : Action, Strategy, Game, Multiplayer System
: Nintendo Switch (also on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher: Ghost Town Games | Team Age Rating 17
: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $39.99 | UK £29.99 | EU €39.99 Release date
: 23. March 2021

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Culinary heritage

I’ve been a big fan of overcooking for a while now. I remember seeing the first Overcooked game at a UK games convention about five years ago. Four players sit around the TV wearing ridiculous hats and play a game where you have to cook dishes and serve orders within a strict time limit. I remember standing and watching people having fun with their friends and even strangers. These are video games at their best. It was great to see the critically acclaimed original game get a sequel, as well as paid and free seasonal DLC. And my wife and I were there every step of the way.

Save the onion kingdom by cooking!

Now, in 2021, we are overcooked! All You Can Eat is a huge package that includes Overcooked 1 and 2 with all previously released DLC packs, as well as new levels and features. Originally released as a next-gen exclusive title for the PS5 and the new Xbox, it seemed like a dumb decision. But thankfully, it has found its way to just about every other console, including the Nintendo Switch. With all that explained, let’s dive into this dish and see if it’s as tasty a video game package as it sounds.

A Summary

If you haven’t played the Overcooked series yet, I’ll briefly explain what the game is about. You enter the single screen levels as a cute little chef with four friends. The objective of the game is to create delicious dishes such as soups, pizzas, burgers, etc. within a time limit with the tools and ingredients provided in the level. Ingredients must be cut, cooked and served on a plate to be ready to order. It quickly degenerates into a mixture of sociability and bickering with your co-op partners, as there aren’t enough players to complete all the tasks and you work your ass off.

There are also different types of levels with different hazards to make it more challenging. There are lava pits, rats that steal your ingredients, and let’s not forget that the kitchen can catch fire if you let food cook too long. By completing the food orders, you earn points, which can be used to get a 3 star rating at the end of the level. The performance my wife and I insisted on at every game had to be repeated many times. By serving orders in the correct order and on time, you will increase your point total. If you don’t complete your mission in time, you lose points and break combos.

Communication is an ingredient for success

Best total

Overcooked is at its best and most rewarding when you can share it with other players in co-op mode. It’s a stressful game, especially if something goes wrong in the kitchen, and believe me, it does. But it will undoubtedly produce some memorable moments of play. The controls are easy to learn and use, so anyone can get started and have fun, even with a Cons Joy. If players find the experience too much, there is an auxiliary mode that offers more time to prepare missions if you are looking for something more zen than the experience.

T-rex for the win!

Graphical corrections

It seems that some nuances in the graphics of all the games have caused problems. Overall, it’s a warm, friendly and simple graphic style. Overcooked is full of happy chefs and colorful kitchens in a variety of settings. More details have been added to the levels, textures and even the food controls have new detailed graphics at the top of the screen.

I went back to the previous two games and the changes are very minor. One small problem I encountered was that on the level selection maps, where you get on a small bus in each new level, the bus sound dropped out completely. This is a mistake that really bothers me, as someone who has a lot of experience with the series.

Try not to get seasick.


The Nintendo Switch version of the game is clearly the weakest in terms of performance compared to other consoles. At 30 frames per second, it’s clear that the game doesn’t perform as well as it does on other systems like the regular Xbox One. But if the Nintendo Switch is your only or preferred option, the game works fine. The levels in the first roast were significantly better than the second game and the new content.

It was often difficult to take objects and put them together efficiently. Everything is just slow and not very fluid, and for a game like Overcooked, where achievements really matter when you’re at your best, this doesn’t go unnoticed. The advantage of the Switch is that you can play it in portable mode, but the performance seems to be getting worse, and getting four people around a small Switch screen can be a bit tricky, as fun as that sounds.

Cooking in the dark is a little tricky.


Overcooked! All you can eat is the epitome of overcooking. The new campaign, graphical improvements, online cross-play and accessibility features are all welcome. But they may not be enough to justify a double dip if you’ve already invested heavily in the previous two games. We recommend buying this game and giving your other Overcooked games to a friend or someone who needs a refresher. But it’s up to you.

As such, I was a bit disappointed with this title due to the Switch games’ performance issues and the graphics and sound problems I encountered here and there. It doesn’t feel like a true celebration of the series.

If you’ve never played the Overcooked series and have friends or family who can play with this game, this sounds like a great purchase for you. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time we see this series.

Last block : I like it!


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