Pokemon GO: How to Beat Arlo May 2021? Weakness, Counter

If it’s May, every coach is looking forward to beating Arlo in May 2021. This Team GO Rocket leader is quite difficult, and that’s why trainers in this game have a hard time beating this boss. So we decided to take a guide.

Get all the details on how to beat Arlo in Pokemon GO in May 2021, his weakness, the counters you should use, the Pokémon that will be sent to Arlo and more. Now let’s look at these counters.

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How can I beat Arlo May 2021 in Pokemon GO?

The way to beat Arlo in the game changed in May. Due to some problems, players could not fight against the leaders of Team GO Rocket. But now all problems are solved and you can fight Arlo and the other bosses again. But the leader’s Pokemon lineup changed in May. So every coach wants to know how they can beat Arlo in May 2021.

Like Cliff, Arlo also sends three lines of Pokemon against you during the fight. But the Pokemon offered in each line will be different. The method of defeating these Pokémon will also be different. Because beating Arlo won’t be easy, make sure you follow this guide. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time defeating these Pokemon and finding the right pawns.

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Here are the details of all the Pokémon that Arlo will use against you in battle. So make sure you use the right gauges.

First Pokémon

The first Pokemon Arlo uses is always Beldum. It is weak against a Ground, Spirit, Fire, or Dark Pokémon. So we recommend Giratina with Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw or Shadow Sneak, Giratina with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball or Sinister Wind, Golurk with Mud Shot and Shadow Strike or Earth Force, Heatran with Fire Thrower and Flamethrower or Iron Head, Lustra with Incinerator and Shadow Ball or Flamethrower, and you can also use Rhyperior with Mud Thrower and Rock Destroyer or Surf

Second Pokémon

Arlo can use Gardevoir, Infernape, or Aggron as a second Pokémon. It’s randomly selected. Therefore, you need to make sure you are ready to defeat each of these Pokemon.

Gardevoir is weak against poisonous, ghostly, steely blows. Infernap is weak against flying, ground, water and psychic hits. Aggron is weak against combat, land and water attacks.

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Third Pokémon

The last Pokemon Arlo will send are Armaldo, Salamence, and Scizor. This third Pokemon is also chosen at random. So get ready to find out what’s happening below.

Armaldo is weak against movements like stone, steel and water. Salamons are weakened by attacks from stone, ice, dragons and fairies. The scientist is weak against movements like fire.

Here are the details on how to beat Arlo in May 2021. Let us know what you think of this guide in the comments below. We’d like to know if you’re ready to beat this guide or not.

Conclusion: How to defeat Arlo May 2021

Finally, we hope you have a complete guide on how to beat Arlo May 2021 in Pokemon GO, tokens, weaknesses you can use, and more. If you have any doubts about this guide, you can ask us questions in the comments section. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts.

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