Pokemon Go Raid Boss List June 2021: Redeem Premier Balls

In Pokemon Go, we can challenge the Raid Boss from the Gym, but in most of the time, it will take more than one player to challenge it. If players can beat the Raid Boss, they will get the reward, a Premier Ball that can attract the EX Raid Boss. And the best place to catch the Raid Boss is the Gym. Because the Gym has the higher chance to attract the EX Raid Boss than other places.

Raid Bosses are special Pokemon that are extremely rare. Their appearance is announced, but they only appear for one hour. Go to a Gym to battle the bosses for rare catches. If you win the battle, you get rare items such as Rare Candy, Premier Balls, and Golden Razz Berries. This week, the Pokemon Go Raid Boss list June 2021 features the following rare Pokemon: (Pokemon Name) (Level) (Poke Ball) (Moves, Capture Rate)

Our helpful Pokemon Go Raid Boss List has been updated with the latest information available for the locations, times, and costs of the current set of Raid Bosses available in Pokemon Go.  Currently, the latest set of Raid Bosses that have appeared in Pokemon Go are the Alola forms of Groundon, Kyogre, and Groudon.  However, that will soon be changing, as the next set of Pokemon Go Raid Bosses that will be available include the Johto Leaders.  So, get your Premier Balls ready, as they will be used in a Pokemon Go Battle where you can encounter the Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Deoxys.

We have created this article for you to know the Pokemon Go raid boss list for June 2021. You can find the full list and more information here.

Pokemon Go Raid Boss List for June 2021 | Five Star and Mega Raid

  • Yveltal: Pokemon GO will be available from May 18 at 10 a.m. to June 1 at 10 a.m. local time.
  • Xerneas: Pokemon GO will be available from May 4 at 10 a.m. to May 18 at 10 a.m. local time.
  • Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard Y, and Mega Lopunny: You’ll be in Mega Raids from May 4 at 10:00 am until the 15th. May at 17:00 local time.
  • Mega Ampharos, Mega Goundum, and Mega Altaria: You’re in the Mega Raids from May 15 at 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Appear on site at 10:00 a.m. local time.

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What are raids in Pokemon Go?

Raids are multiplayer events in the Pokemon Go game that involve fighting powerful monsters in exchange for rewards and gifts. In this game, each raid has its own level. It has levels, with the lowest levels being the easiest and the highest levels probably the most difficult. In this game, you can choose to fight alone. You will also need to work with the community to participate in raids.

How do I participate in the Pokemon Go Boss Raid in June 2021?

After explaining the full information about Pokemon Go Raid Boss list June 2021 and what it is, you might be wondering how you can participate in Raid Boss. Here are the complete steps you can follow to easily participate in the contest:

  • To start a raid, you first need a raid pass.
  • You can then find the gym with the egg on it and wait for the countdown.
  • You can also go to the gym where the timer runs down and you can take on the raid boss.
  • A Raid Boss is nothing more than a Pokémon with a higher CP. You have to assemble a team and beat him in an hour.
  • You can participate in raids alone or join a group of up to 20 other players.
  • After that, you’ll need to bring up to six Pokémon into battle, just like in a normal gym battle.
  • If a boss fight fails, you can repeat it as many times as you like until the hour is up.
  • If you succeed, you can get a nice reward, and also a chance to catch him easily.

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How do I trade Premier Balls?

After checking out Pokemon Go’s June 2021 raid boss list, you might be wondering how to swap premiere balls. Exchanging First Class balls is simple and easy. To change the premiere balloons, simply follow these steps:

  • Friends: Play with a friend to get up to four additional premium balls.
  • Beating the boss: top five
  • Team contribution : Receive additional reward points based on the damage done to your team as a whole.
  • Damage: up to four Prime bullets
  • Gym: up to two if you check the gym

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Conclusion: Pokemon Go Raid Boss List June 2021

This was the complete guide to Pokemon Go Raid Boss June 2021 list. We would now like to conclude this article with the hope that you have gotten complete information about this list. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask us in the comments section. We look forward to answering your questions about Pokemon Go Raid Boss List June 2021. You can also read: Knockout City codes in June 2021: How to buy back

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