Pokemon Go Sinnoh Collection Challenge | How to Catch All Pokemon

If you want to take on the challenge of the Pokemon Go Sinnoh collection, then you need to be ready and willing to catch a lot of Pokemon. During the event, you will put your hunting skills to the test. You must catch nine specific Pokémon from the Sinnoch region to receive rewards.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Sinnoh challenge. We also explain how to catch all Pokemon, check out the site.

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The player is currently celebrating a Pokemon go event in Sinnoh. You can participate in the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Challenge starting on day 12 January at 10:00 am local time, and it will run until the 17th. January at 8pm local time.

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In the Sinnoh Collection Challenge, you have the opportunity to test your hunting skills. In the Sinnoh Collection Contest, you must collect a total of 9 Pokémon, very specific Pokémon, and you must catch them all in the Sinnoh region itself to earn the rewards.

You’ll have to work hard to get all the Pokemon you need. Some of the required Pokémon may be common offspring. If you don’t know how to collect the Pokemon you want during the Sinnoh Collection Tournament, then you should go to the next game where we discussed how to catch the Pokemon you want.

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Also keep in mind that each player must find the same 9 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Collection Event, so it may be difficult for everyone to catch all 9 Pokémon, but our guide will help you get all 9 Pokémon, which are exactly the Pokémon you need to catch during the tournament.

  • Turtwig
  • Chimchar
  • Piplup
  • Beezel
  • Combination
  • Stinking Shadow
  • Shadow removal
  • Cranidos
  • Draw

Pokemon Go Sinnoh Collection Challenge Event: How do I find the 9 Pokémon?

The most interesting thing about this challenge is that you can easily find some of these Pokémon in the wild. And if you use incense and bait, your chances of getting that Pokémon definitely increase.

Of these 9 Pokémon, there are a few that you can easily find in the wild: Shield, Chimchar, Bizel, Kreindos, Turtvig and Piplup. You can also hatch 5k eggs to get some of these Pokemon, but you can’t get them all with 5k eggs. In particular, Crandos and Shields can be hatched from 5k eggs.

You can’t get all these Pokémon with 5k eggs or with bait and incense, you also need to do some field research to summon the Sinno Collection, and you can collect them by returning Pokestops.

  • Win two raids – Meet Cranidos or Shield.
  • Light up Pokemon four times – Turtvig, Chimchar or Piplup matches.
  • Two winning teams win rocket launches – Meet the Bagel

These Pokémon can also appear in a 1-star attack, and only a few will appear in the wild. Chimchar, Turtvig, Beezel and Piplup can meet in a 1-star raid.

The hardest Pokémon to catch are Shadow Stunky and Shadow Snover. For this Pokémon, you must defeat Team Go-Rocket and take this Pokémon from them.

You will receive 3000 stardust, a magnetic lure and 15 challenge balls from the Pokemon Go Sinnoh collection.

So it was the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Collection Challenge | How to Catch-All Pokemon.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to the Pokemon Go Sinnoh | How to Catch All Pokemon challenge.



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