Pokémon UNITE Slowbro – build, items, and moves

The Pokémon Company has announced a new game called Pokémon UNITE. This is a mobile game that will be released on iOS and Android in 2019. In the game, players can collect, train, and battle their favorite monsters from across the generations of Pokémon games.

The Slowbro build pokemon unite reddit is a Pokémon that can be built using the build, items, and moves system. Read more in detail here: slowbro build pokemon unite reddit.

Pokémon UNITE Slowbro – build, items, and moves

A Slowbro’s mind is a whirling miasma of titillating fancies and turgid thoughts. Probably. Maybe it’s simply checking to see whether it turned on the oven. That’s something I do from time to time. While the inner workings of a Slowbro’s mind remain a mystery, you can’t dispute that it can hold its own in a fight. In Pokémon UNITE, this is the greatest Slowbro build.

Slowpoke and Slowbro are Defenders, which means it’s their duty to stand guard at the scoring zones and resist any and all intruders with their massive stomachs. There’s no need for Slowpoke and Slowbro to go into the forest seeking for danger. All they have to do now is remain in their lane and wait for the action to come to them. You must improve your defensive skills while also increasing your ability to disrupt your opponents.

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The greatest Slowbro build in Pokémon UNITE is as follows:

  • Eject Button is a battle item.
  • Shell Bell, Rocky Helmet, and Aeos Cookie are among the items being held.
  • Surf and Telekinesis are two of the movesets available.


Shell Bell, Rocky Helmet, and Aeos Cookie are all Slowbro’s goods. When the Shell Bell lands a special move, it recovers part of Slowbro’s health, which you should use often. If you’re performing your Defender responsibilities correctly, the Rocky Helmet will do damage to any opponent that hits Slowbro, which is exactly what you want to happen. Each time a Pokémon scores a goal, the Aeos Cookie boosts Slowbro’s health, implying that as your offensive line does its duties, you’ll only become a more formidable defensive force. 

Bring an Eject Button for a fast getaway or an X Attack for a little additional special attack muscle as combat equipment. These days, most players use Eject Button on all characters, thus that may be your best bet.


Slowbro’s moves in Pokémon UNITE are as follows:

  • Water Gun: Fires a powerful stream of water at enemy Pokemon, inflicting damage and slowing them down for a brief period. This move’s area of impact and damage are increased when the button is held down.
  • Slack Off: Causes the user to slack off, recovering HP for a brief period of time. If this slacking off is broken, the HP restoration effect continues but at a lower level.
  • Scald (Lv. 4): Shoots boiling hot water at opponent Pokemon, inflicting damage and causing steam when it strikes. In the region of influence of the steam, opposing Pokemon are burnt and have their movement speed reduced for a brief period. The vapor’s area of impact is increased with this upgrade.
  • Surf (Lv. 4): The user charges ahead on a wave, inflicting damage and tossing opponent Pokemon in the area of impact. Two additional waves follow, doing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and slowing their mobility for a brief period. Upgrade increases the size of the second and third waves, as well as the ability to toss enemy Pokemon like the first wave.
  • Amnesia (Lv. 6): Allows the user to prevent some harm from occurring. The user becomes resistant to hindrances and gets enhanced Defense for a brief period after employing this move. The damage inflicted by the next use of Scald of Surf is likewise increased by this move. Sp. Atk. is increased with this upgrade.
  • Telekinesis (Lv. 6): Uses mental strength to make opponent Pokemon float. If used repeatedly, the opposing Pokemon will be drawn toward the user. This upgrade improves the shooting speed and range of this move.
  • Slowbeam (Unite): The user must gaze at one of the enemy team’s Pokemon and hit it repeatedly, inflicting damage and binding it. While performing this technique, the player gains a shield and becomes resistant to hindrances.

Slowpoke begins with Water Gun and progresses to Slack Off at level 3. When Slowbro develops into Slowbro at level 4, replace Water Gun with Surf. Surf delivers solid damage while pushing enemies backward, gently discouraging them from entering deeper into your domain. 

Slack Off is replaced by Telekinesis at level 6. Slowbro may use this move to catch a Pokémon and immobilize it in the air while also pulling it back toward itself. Telekinesis is useful for dragging an opponent away from a goal, but it works best when used in conjunction with teammates who can gang up on them while you have them pinned down. 

Slowbro’s Unite move, Slowbeam, is learned at level 9. Slowbeam is a combination of Surf and Telekinesis that grabs and immobilizes opponents while simultaneously harming them and making Slowbro resistant to certain status ailments. You can severely irritate someone with a Slowbeam-Telekinesis combination if you have it on hand. 

Slowbro’s strategy is to keep opponents firmly imprisoned in its rhythm. They only get past you when you say so, and if you do, it’s just to use Telekinesis to pull them back.

The pokemon unite snorlax build is a build that focuses on the defensive side of the game. This build allows for healing and protection from status ailments with items such as the Shell Bell and Sitrus Berry. It also includes moves such as Spore, which paralyzes opponents, and Thunder Wave, which paralyzes them in addition to dealing damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Moveset for Slowbro?

Slowbro is a Water/Psychic type Pokemon that has the ability to learn both Surf and Psychic. This means that it can be a good option for Moveset #1, which is Physical Sweeper.

Is Slowbro good Pokemon unite?

Slowbro is a Water/Psychic type Pokemon. It does not have high stats, but it can learn powerful moves such as Psychic and Hydro Pump.

How do you play Slowbro in Pokemon unite?

You can play Slowbro in Pokemon unite by selecting the character Slowbro and then pressing the Y button.

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