Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Patch Notes – Feb. 16

Today Illfonic released a new update for Predator: Hunting ground. We have the complete change log for this update on the 16th. February.

Predator: Update 2.14 Hunting Grounds is now available to download and install for all platforms. You will need to download approximately 3.3 GB, the size of the download may vary depending on the platform.

Today’s update adds a new playable Predator Viking (paid DLC), new cosmetics and bug fixes.

Predator Hunt Indices Patch 2.14

  • The new playable Predator is Valkyrie.
  • Quick access to the Hunter’s new weapon, the Norse Hammer.

Free update

  • Custom private games are now available! More information below
  • The B34S-T missile launcher is now available at level 24.
  • New unlockable anti-predator masks are available


  • Fixed problem where the host of private matches was always selected as Predator when everyone selected a team?
  • Added an option to disable the HUD during the game using the options menu (video)
  • Exploitation of the spot in the fixed overgrowth
  • Reduce the number of AI bodies stored on the map (depending on the quality and platform parameters).

Fire brigade

  • General Information
    • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members could not detect Veritanium.
    • When passing through the driveway, the driveway that is no longer needed is now skipped.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the player could not sprint with a knife when the primary and secondary weapons were empty.
    • Fixed an issue where an attachment appeared to be available but it was no longer possible to use it.
    • Fixed an issue where the specialization of guards sometimes resulted in incorrectly eliminating members of the fire team.
    • Fixed an issue where the O.W.L.F. insertion head on the card was stretching when accessing Predator Quick Access.
  • Weapons
    • Prototype plasma rifle
      • Addition of 3 new shaders for the prototype plasma rifle
      • Fixed a problem where the 6x range sometimes disappeared during ADS.
      • Fixed a bug where the force feedback of the prototype plasma rifle did not always work.
    • B34S-T missile launcher
      • Fixed a problem where the 6-way rangefinder was displaying numbers during ADS with the B34S-T launcher.
    • O.W.L.F. Pitbull.
      • Fixed bug where the log was not cleared when reloading the animation.
  • Specialties
    • Field Medicine
      • Reduces the degree of health that specialization in field medicine provides for regenerated players.


  • General Information
    • Increased shielding for all predators
    • Fixed an issue where ADS activation did not take precedence over melee attacks.
    • Fixed a bug where the Predator would sometimes lose data if the player pretended to sprint.
    • Fixed an issue where the Predator Elder skin pattern was only applied to the head.
    • Fixed an issue where the equipment of the Azure Mask samurai was not the correct color.
    • Fixed an issue where the Vanadium Shader was not being applied correctly to the Immortal’s mask.
  • Weapons
    • An axe.
      • An extra bleeding effect for an alternative attack
    • Logistics
      • Fixed a bug where launching the Combistics by crouching resulted in two Combistics.
    • A clean weapon.
      • Fixed a bug where a network cannon could prevent a Fireteam member from leaving their own network if they were online at the time of the boost.
  • Gearbox
    • A bear trap.
      • Fixed bug where the bear trap would not disappear after disarming if the bear trap took the player down.
  • Benefits
    • Trapper
      • Fixed a bug where the Trapper bonus was only applied to the Fireteam player for the first time.

Custom private games are now available! From the Private Matches menu, select the Customize button to access the new Private Matches options (Hunt and Match). The categories that can be changed and some of the predefined custom modes that are available are listed below.

  • Clash
    • Changing class-specific settings
  • Hunting
    • Change yacht specific settings
  • AI
    • Changing the skills and powers of AI characters
  • Fireteam
    • Changing the skills and powers of Fireteam characters
  • Funny
    • Nice modifiers for a less serious experience.
  • General Information
  • HUD
    • Hiding or restricting the use of various elements of the HUD
  • Predator
    • Changes to skills and powers specific to Predator characters
  • Weapons/equipment
    • Change of use of weapons and equipment
  • Custom modes (collision)
    • A classic collision
      • Classic 4 vs.
    • For scissors only
  • Custom modes (hunting)
    • Classic yacht
      • Classic predator vs. fire team fight.
    • The manhunt
      • Intensive version for experienced hunters
    • Sniper on the moon
      • The helicopter must have taken us much higher than we thought, almost like we were on the moon.
    • Paul is lava.
      • Predators like to hunt in the heat, but sometimes it’s too hot!

Source: illfonic

frequently asked questions

What is the new update for areas where predators are hunted?

Predator hunting: The Grounds 2.11 update adds a new class of DLC in beast mode. Predator: Hunting Grounds has a new update available for PlayStation 4 and PC, bringing even more new content to the movie-based multiplayer game.

Will there be more maps about hunting predators?

The long-awaited Predator update: Hunting Grounds is here, with a new map, a new game type, and lots of cosmetics and bug fixes, but not everyone is happy. As the title of the game suggests, Predator should be present for the most part in the main gameplay.

Predator hunting areas are 2 players?

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical multiplayer video game. One player controls the Predator, while the other four play a team of special forces soldiers on a mission to gather intelligence or take out a drug lord.

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