Premise of GOW 5 Theory [GOW 4 Spoilers and If I’m Right, GOW 5 Spoilers! :) ]

The God of War 1 is the starting point of the GOLD 5 theory [GOLD 4 spoilers and if I am right, GOLD 5 spoilers :) ].

I’ve got some thoughts on the principle of the fifth. The generation will be. In fact, I just woke up from a dream where this game was so fresh in my head.

Here are some facts/assumptions I have:

  1. It is either Kratos or Atreus/Loki – which of course means that there is a time travel/timeline aspect to it.
  2. We know that Jormungandr is Loki’s son in the Norwegian myth.
  3. We know that Jormungandr was sent back to Ragnarok in the past because he was hit hard by Mjolnir.
  4. The fact that Jormungandr already existed before his father was born makes the above quite solid.
  5. We know that Jormungandr recognizes Atreus when he blows the horn for the first time, but Mimir’s translation doesn’t tell the whole story. (C. Barlog mentions it in the interview, and it’s not clear in the game when this happens). This also explains why Jormungandr is a nice character and why Faye can say in advance that Atreus is nice (she already knows that they are father/son).
  6. GOW 4 ends with the vision of Thor at the door (a few winters later). We know that the Fimbulwinter lasts three full winters, so we can assume that Thor is here to try to do something to stop Ragnarok.
  7. We know how Thor dies in the Norwegian myth! Jormungandr kills Thor with his poison (Eitre)! <<
  8. Apparently Thor doesn’t know that the Leviticus axe is now connected to the Eitr.

Now, regarding GOW 5, there are some thoughts….

  1. All games in the Sequel series have an event at the beginning that simply destroys your progress since the last game. You’re losing your armor, location or something else….
  2. What’s better than being absolutely crushed by Mjolnir, he destroys your armor and sends you back 3 years, around the time Atreus got sick. (It is either Kratos alone or Atreus, this issue has not yet been settled, but given that Loki spends time with the Aesir in Norse mythology, it is probably logical that Kratos is alone for part of this trip, and now is his new mission to go back to the future and fight against the Aesir to get his son back.
  3. I can only assume that Mimir will accompany Kratos on this trip – I have the feeling that Kratos doesn’t know enough about this area yet to deal with it alone.
  4. They’re working with Brock and Cindri, which may explain why they’re not present at certain times in the history of GOW 4, because they’re helping you with future things.
  5. Jormungandr has traveled through time, Kratos blows into his trunk and gets all the help he needs, whether it’s to go into the future, get advice on time travel, or just blow into his trunk to warn GOW 4 Kratos of future events that might happen (I doubt the latter possibility, it’s not Kratos’ way of being preventive). He’s just doing the shit right in front of him).

I don’t have many other ideas about how it will go on after that, except that Atreus might have fun with Ezir’s gods, and we might see him blur the lines between being a good god (we’re supposed to be better), or following his arrogant path that we got clues from Book 4.

Since Kratos killed just about everyone in his family (father, grandfather, sister, brother(s) except Diemos, aunt, uncle, wife and daughter, etc.), it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me to ever see Atreus as a rival. He would be the penultimate boss in my opinion, because he was trained by the best, has the foresight of giants and the power of not only Scandinavian but also Greek gods. After all, he’s Zeus’ grandson!

What do you think? Happy New Year!

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Post post theory GOW 5 [GOW 4 spoilers and if I’m right, GOW 5 spoilers! 🙂 for the God of war.

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