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New players to the Winter Project will certainly have many questions when they first join a public game. Therefore, new players are advised to try the basic rules of the game first, as they are much simpler in terms of rules and possibilities. Sooner or later, however, you need to take the next step and get into the regular games to find the more elaborate style of play available there. Under these new systems, you need to determine the different roles that you are assigned at the beginning of the game. Here is the breakdown of each role in the Winter Project and what to expect with each role.

The list of survivors

The defector

Overlords can look a little suspicious to other survivors because they can open traitor’s chests when their skill is active. Be sure to use it when you are around other survivors, or they may suspect you of having exiled or killed them. There can only be one defector in a game.


Hackers can spend two eScores just to open a bunker. It usually takes one or two people to operate the switch at the same time as you, but you can open it immediately if your skill is loaded. Traitors play a similar role, so someone opening a bunker on their own does not prove their innocence. You can have up to two hackers in a game.


Innocents don’t do much in the game, but give a bonus to survivors if they escape in a vehicle at the end of the game. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove you are a survivor during a game with this role, so beware of others. A maximum of two people can be innocent in the game.


As can be expected of health care workers, they have the ability to keep others alive, albeit at the expense of their own health. They show how far the ability extends to immediately catch up with everyone on land, but not yet to catch up with a dead person. The role of the traitor is exactly the same, which does not mean that anyone can be trusted to use this ability. There can be as many as two doctors in a game.


Scientists like to play with tissue to life and death. After death, each character has a heart that other players can collect in their inventory. If a scientist captures this heart and delivers it to Lazarus’ machine in the truth serum lab, he has a chance to bring the owner of this heart back to life. The surviving heart has a 90% chance of being reborn, while the traitor has a 75% chance of being brought back as a survivor.

If a heart is eaten or cooked in a hut, it cannot be used for resurrection. Also, the person who died must have remained in the game as a spirit to have a chance of being brought back. There can only be one scientist in the game, but they can also be traitors, so be careful.


Soldiers can open the armory and give weapons to surviving comrades. Traitors are the only ones who can open the armory. The other survivors may become suspicious if they see you opening it. The difference is that once the soldier reaches the first objective of the game, he can see the location of the armory on the map next to the quarters. Go there immediately so your teammates will trust you. Only one soldier location is available per game.


The detective has the unique ability to examine the corpses in the game and find out details about how they knew their fate. You will be able to see if another person, animal, or environment killed the victim, if his identity was stolen, a list of possible killers, and perhaps more. However, you won’t be able to determine if the body itself was a survivor or a killer, so be careful when pointing out suspects. Only one detective can be present at a time.

The role of the traitor


Normal traitors try to capture and kill all survivors. They can sabotage the techniques around the map and must try to blend in with the mass of survivors and gain their trust.


A traitor doctor has the same ability as a survivor doctor: he picks people up using some of his health. You can use this ability to get into the survivor’s good graces by pretending to be a helpful hand at the right time.


A treacherous hacker can open bunkers on his own by spending purchase credits instead of electronic scrap, which means he can use his inventory space for other purposes. You can use this skill to bring resources to survivors and take what you need, get rid of other items that might help them, or make them think you are a teammate.


Like the surviving scientist, the traitorous scientist can bring someone back to life by putting his heart into the Lazarus machine in the truth serum laboratory. Like the other side, the dead player must have remained in the game as a spirit to be revived, but regardless of which side he was on in his first life, he will be a traitor when he returns to the game. Traitor scientists can only revive one person per game.

neutral role

Identity Thief

In fact, Identity Thief is neither on the side of the survivors nor the traitors. When the game starts, they are looking for a corpse to steal a scroll. No matter what team that player was on, you are now part of the team and you also take over the role that person had.

You can use this ability to side with the team you think is best. For example, if survivors escape, steal the body of a survivor so you too can jump in a tow truck and leave. If the traitors are doing well, eliminate one of them to finish off the survivors. But beware, if the truth serum is used on you before you steal an identity, the enemy team will use the truth serum. Only one identity thief may play the game.

Frequently asked questions

What is Bigfoot doing on the project this winter?

Yeti (neutral role (life only)) As a Yeti, you are immune to conversion and are neither a survivor nor a traitor. You can take sides with either or be alone. Fulfill your bonus objective to escape with survivors, or help traitors kill or convert survivors.

What does a Gossip Girl do on the project in the winter?

New traitor roles: play the role of a demon or a whisperer. The Demon can violently transform survivors into a team of traitors, while the Whisperer slowly transforms survivors by infiltrating their environment. New card: An all-new card for the Supernatural expansion games.

How do you play The Traitor’s Winter Project?

As a traitor, you can trap fleeing survivors. If you catch a survivor but are delayed one second, kill the uncaptured survivor. If you catch one of the three survivors, use the extra time to escape and come back later. You won’t starve or freeze to death, so you can always come back, even from scratch.

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