PS5 – The UK Heist

Welcome to a new drop of PS Weekly! Considering how difficult it was for many people to buy a PS5, you hear a lot about Scalper. These people are unscrupulous when it comes to earning an extra dollar, but there are people in the UK who are willing to take action that goes far beyond the use of robots on the Internet.

Apparently there are gangs in the UK who are more than willing to risk their lives to steal the PS5 directly from a van while driving at high speed. A tactic called rollover is used when vehicles approach a van and drive it into a coffin, forcing it to maintain a speed of approximately 80 km/h. When packing, they tie themselves to the truck with a rope, cut the bolt and open the doors. Once inside, they start throwing the goods out of the truck and into other vehicles that drive the truck in a crate.

gangs of The-UK-Heist.jpg focused on all kinds of values and the elusive PS5 managed to make a list of them. Industry workers speculate that there are insiders who give these gangs information to let them know when there are large quantities of valuable goods in a particular truck. From jewels to PS5 consoles, these gangs should not be reduced to nothing. Imagine waiting for the PS5 to be delivered and finding out it’s not coming because the van gang got angry. It’s crazy!

In the United Kingdom, the number of PS5s stolen is such that companies give priority to customers who have had their PS5s stolen before receiving them during refilling. I know that they expect an end to the shortage next spring, but for those who really want the PS5 and still have to deal with crooks, gangs and liars, we are still a few months away from pure nonsense.

Speaking of Britain: The PS5 was the largest console ever launched in the United Kingdom. It’s not really a surprise, but it’s certainly remarkable. In Europe as a whole, PS4 sold 706,948 consoles in the first week, while PS5 sold about 723,341 consoles in the first week. The PS5 has dominated the Xbox X and S series since its introduction in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe and is likely to have this generation of consoles, just as the PS4 has had its respective generation in terms of sales and popularity. The Xbox Series X is a cool console, so don’t think I won’t knock it over. I’m just making a few points, that’s all. The-UK-Heist.jpg The live game features 10 years of news. In December the long awaited Cyberpunk 2077 will be released, this time in real time. Unfortunately the PS5 update will not take place with the release of the version, so you will have to play on the PS4 version, but it will be improved on the PS4 Pro and will have a small additional increase in backward compatibility when you play on the PS5. Online features will not be available until 2022. Too bad, but it will certainly give the game a slightly higher repeat value in due course. Te-UK-Heist.jpg Call Black Guard Operators The Cold War starts on the 16th. December compared to the original date of 10 December. December in the war zone. Warzone gets a new card, and Black Ops owners get a new card until the 15th game day. Free content available in December. Update on the 16th. December is the first office season for black ops: The Cold War would shake things up a bit, both for Black Ops and Varzona. We do not know whether the update of the map of the war zone is an addition to an existing map or whether we will receive a separate map. It’s not entirely clear, but it seems to be one or the other. All I know is that Varzona is desperate for something new. We’re going to conduct a completely covert operation: Cold War review for you this week.

Fate 2 received a PS5 update today. I didn’t have Destiny to download on my PS5 yet, so I went to the PSN store, clicked to download the game and started downloading the PS4 version and put the PS5 version online. I uninstalled the PS4 version before it could do much and downloaded the PS5 version. Keep this in mind when trying to save disk space.

It-UK-Heist.jpg which includes everything I have for you this week. Later this week or early next week I will report on the uprising of the Immortal Phoenix. I’m very happy to share my thoughts on this game with you. And like I said before, I have a full black ops department: The Cold War Magazine is coming this week, so don’t forget to come back for more news and reviews!

PS5 was the first with PS5 – The UK Heist.

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