Radagon of the Golden Order and Elden Beast, How to defeat

Some people call it a game, but the reality is that virtual heroes are struggling against an intimidating enemy: real-life issues. By playing these games, players can escape into a world where they don’t have to deal with fear or hardship. However, when their avatars become more than just pixels on screens and start saving lives in reality as well – there’s no going back.物质的概念,只要有人愿意买来你就会找到外面的交易商、合作伙伴。

Just a little south of the Bridge of Sacrifice, which is situated on the bridge between Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula, is where you’ll find Irina. To access Weeping Peninsula, which is located close south of the main road, you must cross the Bridge of Sacrifice.

Speak with Irina

You have to Speak with Irina, she will tell you that she has escaped the Castle Morne and that her father escaped her and stayed himself in Castle Morne. She will also tell you that the guards there are very fearful and they don’t spare any soul. She is scared that they will kill her father.

She wants her father to leave the castle, therefore she will ask you to deliver her letter to his father. To deliver the letter and begin Irina’s Quest, you must agree.

Irina’s Quest

Send the letter to your father (edgar)

You must continue traveling southward until you arrive at Castle Morne, which is where you first encountered Irina in the Weeping Peninsula region. You eventually arrive at Castle Morne. You must go directly to the open space, turn right, and climb the ladder that is there. A tower will be seen as you climb the ladder in the far left corner of the room. Keep moving in the direction of this tower; when you approach closer, you’ll notice a staircase leading up the tower on the right side. You must go to the tower, where you will encounter a guy seated. It’s important that you speak with Edgar, Irina’s father.

He will reveal that he once served as the Castle Morne’s Warden when you speak with him. You must give Edgar the letter his daughter wrote. He will inform you he can’t leave Castle Morne at this time since the Treasure Sword of Morne is not in secure hands once you have given him the letter. He’ll also advise you to inform Irina that his father will see her once he’s finished his task when you two first meet.

Edgar his daughter’s letter

Take down the Castle Morne Boss (Leonine Misbegotten)

In order to complete this questline, you must discover and fight the Castle Morne boss. The boss is located behind Castle Morne, thus you must go behind it and descend to the bottom close to the Beach Area. The area is shown on a map.

Take down the Castle Morne Boss (Leonine Misbegotten)

Once you get to this part of the beach, close to Behind the Castle, You’ll notice that there is a tomb nearby that has a teleport entrance.

You must visit this teleport and utilize it in order to go immediately to the region where Leonine Misbegotten, the boss, is located. The boss must be defeated; he has a large sword and swings his weapon. You must avoid his swinging punches and strike back against him swiftly. You may easily beat the boss in this manner.

Castle Morne Boss


You have already beaten Leonine Misbegotten, the last boss of Castle Morne. The Grafter Blade GreatSword will be yours.

Leonine Misbegotten reward

Speak with Edgar

You must return to Edgar after receiving the Grafted Blade Greatsword. You need to go and speak with him; you may locate him in the Tower where you first met him. He will be grateful that you took care of the boss and that he can now spend the rest of his days with Irina.

Return to Irina

You must return to the area where you last saw Irina, close to the Bridge of Sacrifice. You need to travel to the same place where Irina’s father is and where her lifeless corpse is also laying. Irina was murdered. You can trust Edgar that he will bring to justice each and every one of the men responsible for Irina’s death.

Revelers’ Hut

You need to go to the Revelers’ Hut, it is in western Liurnia at the given location on the map.

Revelers' Hut

You need to make your way to the Revelers’ Hut. Once, you’ve reached there you’ll see there is a location of grace beside the shack and You need to go inside the shack you’ll find there are a lot of dead bodies. When you’re inside the shack you’ll get a message that you’re Invaded by Edgar Revenger. You’ve to kill Edgar the Revenger there. Once, you’ve defeated him you’ll receive some items the furlcalling finger Remedy and the Banished knights’ Halberd.

Edgar the Revenger

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