RAID: Shadow Legends – Artifacts Guide: How To Get, Rarity, Stars, Sets, Etc.

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RAID: Shadow Legends – Artifacts Guide: How To Get, Rarity, Stars, Sets, Etc.

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play, multiplayer action game that was originally released on PC in 2012. The game was developed by the creators of the hit ARPG Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and is set in the same universe as their upcoming game of the same name.

Artifacts, also known as equipment, are items you can give to your champions to increase their stats and unlock bonuses.

There are many unique types of artifacts in RAID: Shadow legends, each of which can give you different stats, allowing you to optimize stat gain for the needs of your particular champion.

In this guide we will give you all the information about RAID artifacts and accessories: Legends of the shadows.

Table of contents

Rarities, stars and statistics

RAID: Legends of the Shadows, each artifact comes in one of five rarities and ranges from 1 to 6 stars.

The rarer an artifact is and the more stars it has, the more potential it has to become a powerful and useful artifact.

There are five artifacts of varying rarity that can be found in the game:

  • General
  • Unusual
  • Rarely
  • Epic
  • Fabulous

The rarity of an artifact determines how many sub-stats are already present on the item before you upgrade it.

Here you can see how many substrings an artifact has at upgrade level 0, depending on its rarity.

  • Total = 0 Initially identified substrates
  • Unusual = 1 substrate revealed at the beginning
  • Rare = 2 substrates revealed in the beginning
  • Epic = 3 sub-states revealed in the beginning
  • Legendary = 4 sub-stats unlocked at the beginning.

When you upgrade an ordinary Artifact to level 4, 8, 12 and 16, you unlock its bonus sub-status.

Rare or rarer artifacts, when they reach the upgrade level at which you would have unlocked the bonus sub-status of a regular artifact, instead get a bonus to one of the previously unlocked sub-status.

If you z. B. have an unusual helmet whose first sub-state is revealed because of its rarity, it gets a level four increase for its already revealed sub-state since it is the only revealed sub-state.

A rare artifact whose first two sub-stats were already revealed at level zero of the upgrade gets a random increase in one of the two sub-stats revealed from the start when upgrading to levels 4 and 8.

From this point on, you’ll be playing the rest of the substrates free at levels 12 and 16, with no additional upgrades to the substrates you already have.

A legendary artifact with all four subsystems open at upgrade level 0 randomly gets four buffs for its subsystems at upgrade levels 4, 8, 12, and 16, which is why legendary artifacts can potentially be the best.

However, you also need to understand the star system to fully understand the function and potential of the artifacts.

Each artifact in the game has one to six stars, and the further into the campaign or the higher the level of the dungeon, the more stars an abandoned artifact can have.

The number of stars on an artifact determines both the base value and the maximum value of the artifact’s main state.

The main indicator of an artifact is the one on the right below the field, which indicates its rarity.

Some artifacts always have the same basic state type, while others may have different types.

Weapons always have a flat attack as their main value, helmets have a flat HP, and shields have a flat defense.

Weapons, helmets and shields cannot have their main value as a percentage, but only as a flat + increment.

Gauntlets, chest armor, and boots can have different stats, including speed, critical hit rate, critical damage, attack, HP, and DEF.

Some of these values may be flat values, i.e. they give an amount +X of that value, while others may be +%.

Values that can have +%, such as. B. Attack and HP on gloves, chests and boots, should always have +%, not +X.

A pair of boots rated with three stars and % protection as a base value has a base value (ascent rate at upgrade level 0) of 4% protection and a maximum base value (ascent rate at upgrade level 16) of 30%.

A pair of boots with four stars and % protection as the main value has a base value of 6% protection and a maximum value of 40%.

You can see how an extra star on your artifact can have a significant effect on increasing the stats and ultimately the power of your champion.

In most cases, it is better to have more stars on an artifact than more rarity.

The best option would of course be a legendary artifact with 6 stars, but that’s not easy to get, especially at the beginning of the game.

So when picking champions for the early game, focus on stars, not rarity.

Here is a complete list of all the important statistics and sub-statistics that each artifact and accessory type can have in RAID: Legends of the shadows.

All possible values for each type of artifact and accessory were obtained from Plarium, the developers of the game.

Objects and accessories cannot have the same substrate twice.

In addition to the rarity and star count on the artifact, you also need to get the right stats and boosts on the sub-stats for the artifact to be considered truly perfect, which is incredibly unlikely.

Therefore, in almost all cases you have to make do with good, but not perfect artifacts.

Artifact Sets

In addition to the stat increases offered by the artifacts themselves, you can get additional bonuses by equipping multiple artifacts from the same series to unlock series bonuses.

Set bonuses are extra bonuses that are unlocked when you equip 2 or 4 artifacts from the same set, depending on the set.

For example, if you give your champion two artifacts from the Life set, you gain +15% extra HP.

You can get several equipment bonuses at once. So if you give a champion six life equipment, the equipment bonuses will give him a total of +45% HP.

Here’s a full list of each set of artifacts in the game, the bonus it gives, and the number of artifacts from that set you need to equip to get the bonus.

Some sets are much easier to get than others, which means it’s easier to gather the right stats for them.

For example, at the beginning of the game you’d rather play the life game with artifacts with excellent stats, than try to mine immortal artifacts with good stats, as they are much harder to obtain.

How to get artifacts

There are many ways to get artifacts in a RAID array: Legends of the shadows.

Artifacts can be obtained in the game by completing campaign levels, leveling up in certain dungeons, buying from the shop, opening chests in the arena and from the clan leader, participating in events, and crafting items in the forge.

The easiest way to get artifacts for your champions is by completing dungeons and campaign levels.

If you mine for artifacts in a dungeon or campaign, you’ll quickly get a lot of artifacts, giving you a better chance of getting artifacts with the properties you want.

The further you get in the game, the easier it is to get artifacts with more stars.

The higher the level of the dungeon and the difficulty of the campaign, the more stars you can get on the artifacts.

The following diagram shows where the artifacts from each type of recording can be obtained.

Where to get accessories

In addition to the six basic artifacts you can equip, you can also unlock three additional slots for accessories.

There are three types of accessories, which you unlock when you reach certain points in your champion’s improvement.

You can find them here.

  • 1. Affiliation: Ring = Unlocked when the champion reaches rank 4 (4 stars).
  • 2. Accessories : Amulet = Unlocked when the champion reaches rank 5 and rises to level 5 (5 stars, all of which must be raised, purple).
  • 3. Accessories : Banner = unlocked when the champion reaches 6th level. Rank achieved and at 6. the level goes up (6 stars, all must have gone up, purple)

You can get the accessories in the RAID array: Shadow Legends by completing the levels of the next dungeon:

You can also emphasize during clan vs. clan matches and during certain events in the game.

Articles and accessories update

You must upgrade your artifacts and accessories to unlock the full potential of your champions’ equipment.

To update an artifact or accessory in the RAID : Legends of Shadows, go to the Champions tab at the bottom of the screen in the city.

Select the champion whose artifacts you want to improve and select the artifact on the right.

When you select an artifact from the champion’s inventory, your entire artifact inventory appears, so you can select and upgrade any artifact, even if it wasn’t given to the champion.

After selecting the artifact you want to update, a window appears on the left with information about the artifact. Click the Refresh button in this window.

You will now be taken to the upgrade page for this artifact, where you can upgrade it by clicking the normal upgrade button on the left below the object, or by clicking on Upgrade 1 level.

The normal upgrade button on the left will start an attempt to upgrade the artifact.

The Upgrade 1 Level button on the right keeps trying to upgrade an artifact until it reaches the next level.

You can change the level at which you want to boost your artifact via the right button by clicking on the settings icon.

Upgrading an item costs a certain amount, which depends on the item’s current upgrade level and the number of stars it has.

The chance of an artifact reaching the next level through an upgrade attempt decreases as the artifact’s level increases.

If you are new to RAID : Legends of Shadows, reaching artifact level 8 is an excellent goal, and after a week or two of playing, start reaching level 12 of all artifacts.

From this point on, only improve your artifacts incrementally, if necessary.

We don’t recommend going to level 16 right away, only if you have a quest that requires it, because upgrading an Artifact to this level costs a lot of money.

We spent over $2 million to get the artifact to level 16 several times, as the chance of reaching the next level decreases drastically the closer you get to level 16.

The components are upgraded in the same way as with RAID : Legends of the shadows.

Just select it in the Champions tab and click the Refresh button.

Accessories often add a lot of power, so don’t forget to update them as well.

Which artifacts and accessories should be retained

If you play RAID, you’ll get a bunch of artifacts and some props without even trying: Legends of the shadows.

You will receive so many that you will want to get rid of most of them.

But which ones are worth keeping and which ones should be sold?

Basically it comes down to stats, stars and artifact rarity.

There is no reason to keep artifacts with 3 stars or less unless you are at the beginning of the game.

Artifacts with 4 stars or less are not needed later in the game.

Remember that some sets of artifacts are rarer than others, for example. B. the Immortality set, allowing you to keep artifacts from this set even if they have 3 stars or less.

If the artifact doesn’t have the right values and you can get it easily, then you should sell it.

Artifacts that can be easily exploited in large quantities are life, speed or HP.

If you can get +% on the stats you want for gloves, chests and boots, as in the case of attack stats, don’t use the flat version of the stats.

So if you get a pair of gauntlets, a chest or a pair of boots with a flat attack, defense or HP (‘+’) instead of +%, you should sell them.

Other stats like speed on boots can’t do %, making flat + SPD on boots the best stats for speed builds.

The rarer the artifact and the more stars it has, the more money you can sell it for.

So if you’re going to mine artifacts for money, think about which artifacts you already have and which ones you need, because it may be better to sell artifacts with the right stats if you already have good stats and aren’t about to equip a new champion.

If you come across an artifact with the perfect combination of high rarity and high star count, you certainly don’t want to sell it.

The same mindset should be applied when deciding to store accessories on a RAID array: Legends of the shadows.

Accessories do not have sets, but are linked to a specific faction. So keep this in mind, because you may want to keep an item from a certain faction when you’re about to unlock the slot for that faction’s champion item.

How to sell art objects and accessories

After playing for a while, your inventory will definitely be filled with a number of artifacts and accessories.

All you can and should do with unwanted items and accessories is sell them.

If you make money collecting artifacts, you’ll naturally want to sell them.

Sales of articles and accessories on RAID: Legends of Shadows, click on the Champions tab at the bottom of the screen in the city.

Click on the artifacts a champion is carrying and your artifact inventory will be displayed in the center of the screen.

Select the artifact you want to sell and click the Sell button in the upper right corner of the Artifact Inventory window, then click the orange Sell button that appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

Before you click the orange Sell button, you can select other artifacts if you want to sell multiple artifacts at once.

Once you have selected all the artifacts you want to sell, click on the orange Sell button, and then on the new orange Sell button that appears in the middle of the screen.

To sell an accessory, go to the Accessories tab of the Object Inventory by clicking on the ring icon at the top of the inventory.

Here you can find all your accessories and sell them, as well as art supplies.

Since props are rarer than artifacts in the game, unless you specifically mine a lot of props, you probably won’t get any, so it’s best not to sell everything you have.

Here you will find everything you need to know about RAID artifacts and accessories: Legends of the shadows!

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for this guide? Let us know your comments in the section below.Raid is a brand new game based on the hit anime series, “Crayon Shin-chan” and the game revolves around the main character, Shin-chan, who is an average kid and embarks on a journey in order to rescue a princess from being kidnapped. The game is designed to be a platformer simulation, similar to those of the Legend of Zelda and Sonic series.. Read more about raid shadow legends best artifacts for kael and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rare artifacts in raid shadow legends?

You can get rare artifacts in raid shadow legends by completing the daily quests.

Can you increase stars on artifacts in raid?

No, you cannot increase stars on artifacts in raid.

How do artifact sets work in raid shadow legends?

Artifact sets are a new feature in raid shadow legends. They are a set of cards that have the same name and effect, but different rarities. They are not a new card type, but rather a new way to acquire cards. What is the difference between an artifact set and a normal set? Artifact sets are different from normal sets in that they have the same name and effect, but different rarities. What is the difference between a normal set and a legendary set? Normal sets are cards that have the same name and effect, but different rarities. Legendary sets are cards that have the same name and effect, but different rarities.

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