Rainbow Six Extraction Mission Objectives Guide – How to Complete

Rainbow Six Siege is a game where you and your teammates are tasked with extracting the hostages from a site. The hostage extraction feature in Rainbow Six Siege has been one of its most popular features since it was introduced. There have been quite a few guides online that players use to help them complete these missions, but this guide will be different than any other guide on the internet because we’ll take you step by step through how to complete each mission objective in order to get the maximum amount of points possible.

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Extraction Mission Objectives Guide for Rainbow Six

It’s all about being tactical and formulating tactics to take out foes in Rainbow Six Extraction. With the many Mission Objectives the game will provide you with, this becomes even more vital. This Extraction Mission Objectives Guide for Rainbow Six will walk you through all 13 distinct Mission Objectives where you and your team will be entrusted with completing objectives that are radically different from one another.

Extraction Mission Objectives Guide for Rainbow Six

All 13 Mission Objectives are shown here, along with instructions on how to fulfill them.


You must attract an Archaean to the Parasite trap and catch it alive in order to complete this task. The Extraction Zone, which is shown on your map, is where you’ll need the Archaean to be attracted.

For the mission to succeed, you must catch it alive, therefore enticing it in the proper direction and following a strategy will guarantee you achieve the work at hand. You don’t have to be sneaky; all you have to do is draw the target’s attention by firing around it or being in its line of sight. Everything after that is about attracting it to the Extraction Zone.

Nest Surveillance

You must plant trackers on non-aware nests for this objective, which implies you must install trackers on a succession of inactive nests. This means you must be cautious not just of being discovered, but also of causing damage to the nest. To accomplish the job, you must repeat this procedure two times and then head to the safe zone.


This assignment is all about stealth and takedowns, as you must approach an Archaean and accomplish a stealth takedown without announcing your presence. The goal here is to collect tissue samples from the mission’s designated target.

This quest gets much easier if you have Vigil, who has the ability to turn invisible to the Archaean.

Keep in mind that you can only finish this assignment if you conduct takedowns; any other method of eliminating the opponent will result in the mission failing.


You must set two bombs on sabotage towers and then defend them from waves of opponents in this mission. The first step is to find the sabotage towers and then detonate the explosives.

This will set off a timer that will indicate when the explosives will detonate. Meanwhile, you must defend the allegations against Archaeans who will arrive in waves. Defend the charges until the timer expires and the towers fall.


This will demand you to think quickly and on your feet. Triangulation will have to search the map for three specified laptop stations, activate them, get their data, and then go on to the next laptop.

Before traveling out to the secure zone, you’ll need to activate three computers and collect information.

Scan in Sequence

You must seize several zones while being assaulted by waves of Archaeans in this assignment. Before fighting waves of adversaries, players must seek for marked spots on the map, barricade, and set up fortifications.

When you’ve barricaded, stand in the allocated location for a specific amount of time and fend off waves of adversaries. To finish the assignment, repeat this process three times.


The goal of this task is to summon an Elite Archaean opponent by eliminating as many minor adversaries as possible. When the mission starts, take out the normal Archaeans on the map before waiting for the Elite Archaean to appear. The next section is rather basic, and you must defeat this adversary in order to accomplish the task.


You must find and rescue a VIP to the Extraction zone for this task. The VIP may be located on the map, which will show their exact location. Safely transport them to the Extraction zone.

When you’re transporting the VIP, make sure your team is ready to defend the VIP from any dangers or foes. Because the person carrying the VIP will have restricted movement, this is the case.


This assignment will place you in a region with polluted nests from which samples must be gathered. Find and destroy all of the infected nests in the region. Make sure you get rid of them fast, since adversaries will begin to spawn to defend them.

After you’ve demolished all of the nests, sneak up to the aberrant one and you’ll be given the option to destroy it and take a sample. As a result, the task will be completed successfully.


You must carry three explosives to eliminate a parasite tower that permits nests to regenerate in this mission. Deliver three canisters to the Extraction pod, then go to the indicated parasite tower to disable it, then have each player carry a canister to the tower to totally destroy it.

MIA (Missing in Action)

MIA Operators will need a particular rescue in which you must find the Operator in stasis, buried within a cocoon. You may find such Operators at an Archaean Tree, where you must blast down the pulsing Arch Cells to weaken the tree’s grip. Then take the operator out.

The last aim is to safely transport the Operator to the Extraction location and fulfill this objective.

Nobody is left behind.

Fallen teammates must be securely transported to the Extraction Zone, which requires a player to initially enter a KO condition before beginning the rescue. Leaving a player in a KO status will result in their being MIA.


You must enter the Singularity and kill the Protean in order to complete this task. Proteans are very tough foes who used to be React Operators but have now evolved into the Parasite adversary. To finish this quest, go through the Singularity Gateway and combat the Protean.

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