Razer Announces Genshin Impact Themed Iskur X Gaming Chair, DeathAdder Mouse, and Goliathus Mouse Mat

Razer has announced the release of their latest gaming products, including the Genshin Impact themed Iskur X Gaming Chair, DeathAdder Mouse, and Goliathus Mouse Mat.

Razer has announced the Iskur X Gaming Chair, the DeathAdder Mouse, and the Goliathus Mouse Mat. Read more in detail here: razer iskur.

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Razer has launched a new line of gaming goods aimed at fans of miHoYo’s popular action role-playing game Genshin Impact. They include a Razer Iskur X gaming chair in blue and gold with Paimon on the back, as well as a Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse with a similar motif. A Razer Goliathus Medium mouse mat with a cheerful Paimon on the front and gold embroidered borders completes the set.

Razer’s new Genshin Impact devices are the result of a new collaboration between the prominent gaming accessory maker and miHoYo, the game’s Chinese creator and animation studio. According to Razer, Genshin Impact fans may expect even more releases from the collaboration:

Genshin Impact designs will soon be available on Razer Customs, an online service by Razer.com that provides approved partner designs for a variety of Razer gear, for the ultimate Genshin Impact gaming station. Razer Customs allows players to customize and personalize their gaming gear, such as mice, phone covers, and mouse mats, to make it really their own.

Razer also included a custom-tuned THX Game Profile through the THX Spatial Audio app to further enhance immersion. The profile is available for PC and is compatible with all Genshin Impact gaming headphones. The THX Spatial Audio software allows realistic acoustics for a genuine representation of the in-game environment, with the goal of providing superior 7.1 surround sound with pinpoint positional accuracy.

1633392268_564_Razer-Announces-Genshin-Impact-Themed-Iskur-X-Gaming-Chair-DeathAdderImage courtesy of Razer

“The gorgeous universe of Genshin Impact has captivated many fans across the globe, and the possibilities are endless,” said Justin Cooney, Razer’s Director of Global Partnerships. “Through this collaboration, Razer will bring the journey to life by enhancing the gamer’s immersive experience with our award-winning hardware, software, and services.”

MiHoYo’s Overseas Business Director, Yu Ling, stated, “With a wide following around the world, miHoYo is delighted to collaborate with gaming powerhouse, Razer.” “As we extend our fantasy world with Razer, we look forward to satisfying Genshin Impact fans.”

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