Return of Reckoning – Live AMA with Lead Developer MaxHayman | Saturday 26 March at 19:30 CET | Live on Twitch & Youtube

Return of Reckoning is the first hardcore PvP MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) for mobile devices. The game will be released on iOS and Android soon, but before that a lot has to happen: MaxHayman from Return of Reckoning answers your questions live during an AMA session at 19:30 CET on Saturday 26 March.

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Good day, everyone!

My name is GamesBond, and I’m presently in charge of the fan-made project’s communications.

Return of Reckoning is a role-playing game based on the MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We’ve been around since 2014, when the original game was regrettably shut down on December 18th, 2013.

Send us your questions or upvote the ones you like, and join us live on Saturday!

I’m ecstatic to inform you that we’ll be having a live AMA, presented by r/ MMORPG’s UC1KHAWDQvsyOXIF12wUMFPQ - Return of Reckoning - Live AMA with Lead Developer MaxHayman | Saturday 26 March at 19:30 CET | Live on Twitch & Youtube

Channels on YouTube and Twitch.

The respect and affection that many individuals in this area have shown in recent years has been a wonderful source of inspiration for all of us. As volunteers, we’ve always been blown away by the kind of support this subreddit has shown us, particularly from redditors who are already members of our community.

We’d want to express our gratitude for this, and we’d be delighted to collect and respond to as many queries as possible. Please feel free to ask your own questions or just upvote the ones you find most interesting!

1xf3ssk07fn81 - Return of Reckoning - Live AMA with Lead Developer MaxHayman | Saturday 26 March at 19:30 CET | Live on Twitch & Youtube

Storm a keep, fight an objective, forts, and cities in full open world PvP!

Warhammer Online’s enormous open world PvP and capacity to endure more than 1,000 players on the same area battling to claim or defend their separate fortresses is one of the game’s distinguishing characteristics.

Tanks really function as front-liners who may body block or pave the way for their squad, as well as take on part of the damage that their comrades get. Healers are among the most coveted in warbands because they go above and beyond to support. Damage dealers melt their adversaries appropriately, and healers are among the most desired in warbands because they go above and beyond to help.

The many open world PvP activities in this forgotten MMORPG gem centred on traveling and seizing zones, sieging keeps, pushing fortresses, and finally fighting within the opposing capital city. All of these activities include PvP, and remember that you lose nothing if you die.

Donations are not permitted or requested by the team. Ever.

The Return of Reckoning crew is made up of volunteers from all across the world. This team has worked tirelessly to re-create, maintain, and even improve the game. We want to resolve problems, make QoL tweaks, modify mechanics, perform class balancing, and deliver new content with weekly updates!

We’re a group of volunteers that are devoted to the game and its community.

Some of you may have heard about our major achievement from last year: we launched two whole new cities that were never included in the original game. This massive event was well-covered by the media, and we had the distinction of including and livestreaming the original Mythic crew behind the game. When it comes to the game, the former Mythic team members are highly helpful.

We’ve also just published a reworked Realm versus Realm version of Land of the Dead, as well as a new scenario, numerous new weapon skins, and much more is on the way!

v0eyi3ukafn81 - Return of Reckoning - Live AMA with Lead Developer MaxHayman | Saturday 26 March at 19:30 CET | Live on Twitch & Youtube

We still have a lot of large ambitions for the game, some of which will be made public and some won’t, since we depend on exclusivity to surprise our community and the MMORPG fans as we go.

Finally, on behalf of the Return of Reckoning crew, I’d want to express my appreciation to the r/MMORPG moderators and ProtoBear for always welcoming our project with open arms.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and I hope we receive a lot of great questions!

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