Revenant players deserve some Cosmetics. Here is a comparison with all Warframes who came after him

Today Revenant counts 1x Alt helmet (since launch) and 1x Tennogen helmet, that’s all. It was published on 24/08/2018, 2 years ago.

Since then, the war frames we have received are in this order:

  • Garuda: 1x Alt helmet; 2x Tennogen helmet; 2x Tennogen leather; 1x Deluxe leather.
  • Baruk: 1x alt helmet; 1x Tennogen skin; has a pack that includes the matching Kubrow skin, Syandana, and a unique embellishment.
  • Hildrin: 1x Alt Helmet; 1x Tennogen Skin.
  • Helmet: 1x Alto; 1x Tennogen helmet; 2x Tennogen skins.
  • Gauss: 1x old helmet; 2x Tennogen sheets.
  • Grendel: 1x Alt-Helmet.
  • Protea: 2x Alt-helmets.
  • Xaku: 1x Alt-Helmet Helmet.
  • Lavos: 1x Alt Slam.

I would like to point out that ALL warlords (except Wisp) have been out with their own Syandana. The only thing that applies to Revenant is his own armor (which is one of the best in the game), but I didn’t include those items because they can be equipped on any war setting.

That confuses me because Revenant was designed by Rebecca Ford……. Lotus, the main face of Digital Extremes and leader of the community team (one of, if not the best, community management team in video game history). Yet his Warframe is one of the most forgettable, both aesthetically and mechanically.

But I know why: The return is at the bottom of the usage percentages table (right there with Hydroid, Banshee and Zephyr), and since this is a Warframe F2P game, DE only gives away the Tennogen skins for free for the most used ones (which is why you always see the Saryn and/or Excalibur skins). And that’s why they keep ignoring Tennogens content (which is enough), despite the hundreds of people asking for some sort of Revenant every time DE announces the next round of Tennogens.

Please, if you have time, leave: Come back to Tennogen Page and vote for any cosmetic you think is worthy of inclusion in the game.

Its emblematic skin of Tennogen, ignored for more than a year, is the skin Retenant the Draugen of -Goosmo :

To end the topic, let me say that I don’t use Revenant at all, but I care about all warframes in the same way. The tennogenic content, which is probably the most important content the Warframe community can provide, because the player’s own work can be so important that it opens up opportunities to become a literal developer in the same game (e.g. . Liger Inuzuka, who started as a fan art creator, then became a tennis player and is now an official developer, is the designer of Phryke Nidus, Zato Excalibur, Hydroid Rakkam, Atlas Karst, Khora Urushu, and the upcoming Zephyr Deluxe, which will include the operator’s kit.

The fact that it’s so inferential and based on the famous Usage Graph (which has been mentioned several times, most recently in the nerve revealing Mark For Death) only disappoints players who choose to be outsiders (because they are familiar with the main Im an Oberon/Baruuk concept). The content, especially that of the players, should not pile up, but should be distributed as much as possible in the game. But I guess that’s just the nature of Warframe, so let’s hope Gosmoo gets approval for his skin (which he edited and resubmitted three times in passing) and returning players get something for their beloved Warframe.

Or as a good friend of the clan told me the other day: – I’m sure the space mom would be proud to see that her mountain has some bling.

Peace be upon you, Tenno, and remember: WE ALL ARRIVE TOGETHER.

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