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A new casual game on the Ethereum blockchain, Godlike Burger is taking a different approach to mobile gaming. Players can build their own burger creations with an interactive RPG-style experience that rewards players in cryptocurrency for every level they achieve. However, it’s unclear whether the use of smart contracts and crypto tokens will be enough to keep gamers coming back day after day or if this game might end up as just another idle clicker app sitting at the top of your phone case

The “godlike burger release date” is a new game on the Google Play Store. The game has been reviewed by many people and it has received high ratings.

What if you mixed a restaurant management game like Overcooked with a dash of Hitman? You read it correctly: Hitman. So you end up with a game like Godlike Burger, which is about growing up your business while simultaneously secretly murdering people to collect your, well, supplies. It’s a fantastic (and brilliant) concept, but it falls short of its full potential. 

Godlike Burger Chef

I’m reminded of Hello Neighbour by the chef’s design… 

Godlike Burger doesn’t have much of a plot, but to be fair, it isn’t the kind of game that requires one. You may watch optional comic book-style cutscenes that help you learn more about the game’s universe, but I found myself skimming them. However, the core of game is straightforward: you play as a restaurant owner/chef attempting to make his or her place in the cosmos. You want to promote your brand while keeping a dark, horrific secret hidden from the public.

The dark twist is in figuring out how to stock up on such delectable burgers. The best approach is to murder your customers, therefore you’ll have to kill them and send them to the processing. Consider Hannibal Lecter or Sweeney Todd, but on a grander scale. You must choose between murdering your clients for food or allowing them to give nice reviews in order to attract more customers and advance farther in the game. Because these clients are also your sole source of revenue, make sure they pay you before attempting to kill them. The money you make goes toward the restaurant’s maintenance, as well as burger ingredients and new traps. Not to mention paying your bills and bribing the police if they start following you around. 

You will face a variety of risks and malfunctions throughout the day that will slow you down. If you’re found murdering too many people, cops will be attracted to your area and begin looking for indicators that you’ve been killing people. Thieves will attempt to steal your belongings, and if they come upon a tasty alien burger, they will report you to the authorities. Reviewers are the people you’ll want to impress the most and, of course, allow live so they can refer more people to you. Some of these modifiers are amusing at first, but they quickly become irritating. 

Godlike Burger

Yes, toilets must be repaired.

It’s a novel twist on the conventional restaurant management paradigm, but it’s also a little undercooked, pun intended. Godlike Burger is a roguelike as well, although it didn’t grab me as much as Hades did. You will be returned back to the beginning of the game if you die; however, there are permanent improvements available. The game’s challenge system, which is essential for advancing at a steady rate, is the most serious flaw. It requires you to achieve entirely random objectives that vary after each unsuccessful run. Controls are likewise clumsy, with context-sensitive instructions that seem to alter at random, particularly during hectic situations. Furthermore, the game’s keyboard shortcuts are almost useless. 

Godlike Burger is visually appealing, having an art style that is agreeable to the eye but not spectacular. Even though the terrible UI is an eyesore, there’s enough variation in the locations and alien species you encounter to make for a strong enough presentation. There’s hardly much to say about the sound design except that it’s there, that it exists, and that it won’t transform your life once (or if) you notice it. It was forgettable, but not in a bad or distracting way. It could have turned out a lot worse.

Godlike Burger Gameplay

To avoid being seen, you’ll have to take down consumers quietly.

Godlike Burger could have been, and should have been, a lot better. It’s a mash-up of strange concepts that come together to provide a really unique (and mental) gaming experience. However, it has a slew of technical and design flaws, including a clumsy user interface, a clumsy advancement system, and obnoxious controls, all of which detract from the overall experience. But it’s not all good. There’s a lot of promise here, so I truly hope this concept isn’t scrapped in favor of fixes or a sequel.

All things considered, the art style is rather simple, yet it is still pleasant enough.

Godlike Burger’s early hook keeps it interesting for a few hours, but then fades away.

The sound design is forgettable, but not bad or obtrusive in any way. It could have turned out a lot worse.

Godlike Burger is based on a brilliant concept, but it seems undercooked (heeeeey) and rapidly becomes uninteresting. 

Final Score: 6.5

On PC, Godlike Burger is now available.

On a computer, I reviewed it. 

The publisher sent me a copy of Godlike Burger.

As an example:

As if Loading…

Look at them!

“Godlike Burger” is a game that will have you looking for the “velone“. It’s a fun, fast-paced, and addicting puzzle game.

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