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My Name Is Mayo was originally released in 2016 as one of the first lightweight platinum games for the console. You know, a game released for less than a dollar, with little or no content, that needs to be completed at once, so you can brag that you’ve added a platinum trophy to your NHP profile. Some critics praise it as a kind of ironic artistic game (and I can’t agree with them because of my life), while the vast majority doubt its existence. All I know is that the developers must have won so much with the original game that they are now releasing the long-awaited sequel My Name Is Mayo 2.

It’s the only time I accept that my name is Mayo 2. Take that, ketchup and mustard!

My name is Mayo 2… that’s weird. This is a huge improvement on its continuation, but I can’t help but doubt its existence. The original game consisted of clicking on a glass of mayonnaise and reading any shit spoken on the screen. It is also presented here, but there are scenarios and some mini-games that have a small gameplay but are shorter and even less interactive than all the microgames included in WarioWare. But they’re not lying, there’s more substance. It’s just not good content.

An accurate picture of how developers collect all greenhouse data after the publication of the first My Name Is Mayo.

When the game loads, you will be greeted by a familiar image of a mayonnaise box and asked to click on it. The more you click on it, the more stories you open. Then you have to constantly open and close the pause menu, select a new story to participate, and then click on the couch as many times as the quest asks you to. Do it until you’re done with everything the game has to offer. To get your final trophy, just click on the box in TENS THOUSAND TIMES and the result is a coveted platinum award for your PSN collection, while listening to the same ultra-pleasant background tune, The Sims-ish, played with nausea.

Flappy Bird was already bad when you checked the bird. Imagine him playing the mayonnaise version.

It’s about rubbing the X-button like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you’re playing a tasteless microgame or just pressing a can disguised as a French pantomime, you’ll have to press X until your fingers fall off. It’s stupid, I know. Road Bustle may technically be the worst game, but getting a platinum trophy certainly seemed less ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t have to press the same button more often than in the usual Mario Party mini-game. You are one step away from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after clicking My Name is Mayo 2.

It only takes one click to win the game. One step closer to carpal tunnel syndrome.

I get it, I get it, I get it. My name is Mayo 2. It would be a joke. Some kind of foreign art. Ha-ha, hilarious. I can almost praise the team behind her for winning an anti-establishment title like this. But in the end, it’s a terrible business game. It is as small as a real teaspoon of mayonnaise, with mediocre images, a disgusting soundtrack and of course a boring game of clicks and clicks and clicks. If you want to add another platinum trophy to your collection with a minimum of effort, go ahead, My name is Mayo 2 is for you. Just be aware of the approaching carpal tunnel syndrome, which you will soon develop.

Some weird drawings are so absurd that they can make you laugh once or twice. They are not badly drawn, but that’s all this game has to offer in terms of graphics. My name is Mayo 2, which consists of pressing a jar of mayonnaise up to 10,000 times to obtain a platinum trophy. There are other minigames that add a little spice, but they always press X as if there were no tomorrow. It’s a physically painful experience.
Like the extremely cheerful melody, The Simsish is played from the beginning of the game until you finally hit the box 10,000 times. It might make you laugh once or twice, because it’s undoubtedly an absurd work of art, but My Name Is Mayo 2 is not a fun game.
Phrase: 2.0

My name Mayo 2 is now available on PS4 and PC.

Monitored on PS4.

A copy of my name, Mayo 2, has been provided by the publisher.

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