Review – Phogs! (Playstation 4)

The first time I heard about Fogs! A few days before the end of the day, and I wanted it right away. I really wanted to play it, not because it had anything to do with gameplay, but because it looked like the stupidest and most charming dog game I’ve ever seen. The trailer showed a colourful world that you can explore by playing the role of a two-headed dog, especially as if you’ve taken a cat out of CatDog and replaced it with another dog, creating mainly a DogDog. It’s stupid, I know, but I have a soft spot for dog handlers. I wanted to give this game a chance, even if it ended in a flop. Fortunately, that’s not true.

In any other game, this guy will definitely try to kill you.

Phogs! – is a puzzle-solving platform tool that doesn’t focus on jumping for physics and collaboration. It’s a mix between the Snake Pass and the brothers Joseph Fares: The story of two sons. They mainly control both sides of the same dog, alone or with the other. As with the brothers, if you want to play the game yourself, the left analog stick, trigger and bumper controls one of the dog heads, while the right side of the controller does the same for the other head.

This control system worked as a spell for the brothers, because each person could be controlled independently. You always knew who to control with each half of the controller. Fog! isn’t that intuitive, because you literally control two halves of the same creature with different entrances. Transporting a dog from point A to point B is a much more cumbersome process than, for example, transporting two people to the same place. This leads to a much more complex management scheme than a child-friendly presentation would suggest.

If you let one of the bowls bite into a pipe filled with water, a jet of water comes out of the other bowl. It’s much more disturbing than it should be…

Thank God, the fog! It’s not a difficult game. That shouldn’t be difficult. Although the controls are a bit confusing, the puzzles are simple and there is little at stake. They require just enough attention and concentration from you to solve them. I liked that the game recognised your intelligence without making the decision so easily. The whole thing is very organic, where you learn to play Phogs! and use its functions almost without interruption.

Because no matter how interesting the gameplay is, even with defects in the glasses, it’s not the fog! the main point of sale. What really shines here is his presentation. It is one of the sweetest and happiest games I have ever played without feeling too much sugar and irritation. You can’t help but love the title DogDog, which makes you happy and boring, smile (or take a nice nap if you’re not active for a while) and say the most charming things every time you press the action button when there are no context-sensitive objects around. The delightful sound effects more than make up for the way the brilliant, cheerful soundtrack is repeated after a while.

This dog is so cute, I want to hold him.

Phogs! can have a confusing loop, whether you’re playing alone or with a friend, but it’s hard to get angry. His riddles are simple but not obvious, his stakes are so low that the experience is very relaxing, and his presentation is so incredibly attractive that you can’t help but jump on the TV screen to caress this charming protagonist. It is a game that children and adults can enjoy, whether they are alone or not. Maybe you enjoy his game cycle less, but if you look at him and play against him, you still feel good after a while. You’ll also want to cuddle your real puppy after a play session.

Phogs’ ultra colorful artistic style! Too charming to be ignored. It also works permanently in a very good picture mode. Always a cooperative management system, whether you’re playing alone or with a friend. The point is, it worked perfectly with the brothers: The story of two sons, the fact that the two heads are connected to the same body, sometimes makes the game very confusing, no matter how you play it. Luckily, Fogs! is really easy and forgiving.
In the beginning the soundtrack is soft and catchy, but after a while it gets boring. On the other hand, the sound effects continue to sound as ridiculous as possible. Fog! may suffer from a very confusing control loop, but it’s delicious, accessible and very forgiving. Despite the inconvenience of control, it can still be relaxing.
Phrase: 7.0

Phogs is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Monitored on PS4.

A copy of Vogs! has been provided by the publisher.

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