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There is a growing genre in the industry that I like to call backsimulators. They are not meant to be an in-depth experience or something to test your skills as a player. He wants you to troll others and make their lives hell, whether they give you goals or not. Games like Goat Simulator and Nameless Goose are good examples, though I don’t think any of them are particularly great in any sense of the word. The same cannot be said for the gem I just played, Rain on your parade.


In Rain on the Parade you control a nameless cloud that has a dream. Your mission is to help this little cloud reach a place sacred to these rain-bearing creatures: a mythical land called Seattle. Indeed, on your way to the promised land of the clouds, you must wreak as much havoc as possible and make the lives of those under you as miserable as possible. I immediately fell in love with the premise of this game as soon as I saw the little Princess Bride-esque presentation video, featuring a grandfather telling his grandson the fourth bedtime story and walking through the wall.

From the very first level, you’ll find that while you have to complete a certain number of tasks in each stage, you basically have carte blanche to mess up the day as you see fit. Do you want to ruin your wedding by leaving the bride out in the cold? Let’s go. Want to help the bomb explode by raining down on all the soldiers trying to defuse it? I don’t see why we should, but of course, it’s up to you. You want to ruin the parade of people on the beach? Have fun!

I ended up making a new surface for my cloud every three or four layers. I love that kind of thing.

By the way: Rain is not the only available capacity. The more you play, the more skills you discover. They range from throwing lightning at objects and creatures to dropping hail instead of raindrops. You can also use steam on special chemical containers and change the properties of your drops. You can rain oil, creating a path of total destruction if you rain on a fire source. Later, you can change your cloud to an acid rain cloud that will destroy crops and vehicles alike. They can even suck chemicals into the classroom to destroy a student’s science project.

It’s as stupid as you can imagine, but it’s a lot of fun. What surprised me the most was Rain’s variety of levels and objectives in your parade. This is not a short game, believe it or not, because it is full of levels with totally different rooms. There are challenges to complete in record time, scripted sections where you have to deal with a rain-hating scientist, and even a Metal Gear Solid-inspired level with codec clocks and KLOOOOOOOOUDJE!!! screams when you accidentally fail a mission.

These storms are very powerful, and the game lets you hit anything and everything!

You can not only unlock new features for your cloud, but also add new accessories to customize it. You can dress him up with hats and other accessories, which is nice, but not the best part of the game’s setting mode. The developers have also added a paint mode that allows you to draw a brand new (and obviously crazy) face on your cloud. Unfortunately, touch controls are not yet available in this mode, but the developers have promised that there will be a patch to enable this feature in the near future. At this point, we’re left with a clunky control scheme where you move the brush with the right analog stick and draw with the ZL key. But after a while you will get used to it.

It quickly became serious ….

The Rain on Your Parade gameplay loop pleasantly surprised me, but that’s not the only thing I liked about this game. I was surprised by the graphics, which are actually better than most indie games on the Switch. Not only is his paper doll style extremely entertaining, but he handles the system amazingly well. It often achieves 60 frames per second in docked and portable mode. It even has some impressive post-processing effects that most developers don’t even include in their Switch ports. Sure, it causes occasional load times, but I didn’t expect a game like this to look and run so well on such outdated hardware.

Oil rain. Instead of solving the world’s fuel problems, I’m actively destroying everything in sight with combustion power.

Rain on Your Parade is more than a fun game, it’s just fun. The absolutely idiotic premise works not only because it’s so cathartic, but also because the developers have taken the time to include as many modifications, objectives and destructible objects as you can imagine. You get value for your money and will have a big smile on your face from start to finish. There may be some minor issues here and there, but none of them are insurmountable. This is one of the more interesting gems of 2021, which I would have no trouble recommending to anyone.

Rain on your parade works surprisingly well on the Switch and has some post-processing effects rarely seen on the system. His drawing style is also very nice. The operating system is very easy to learn and allows for many experiments. There are many ways to make things difficult for everyone with your cloud powers. The menu controls and the mechanism to draw faces on the editing screen are not the best, but you can get used to them.
The game’s soundtrack is decent. It’s not very memorable, but it works with its variety of melodies. His sound effects are very funny though. I mean, there’s a voice here and there, but the less said about that, the better. Between pulling the dumbest faces you can imagine on your own cloud, destroying tons of property, wreaking unnecessary havoc and the huge number of levels at your disposal, it’s hard not to have fun with Rain on your Parade, even if it does suffer from some technical issues.
Last block : 8.5

Rain on Your Parade is available now on Xbox One, PC and Switch.

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