Scarlet Nexus is a RPG that you can download, play, and get a copy of the full game for $0.99. The game starts off with your character getting kidnapped by a mysterious enemy. You then see that the first few towns you go into are ruled by a random villain. You rescue the towns people and then return to your home town.

It is the tenth anniversary of the first civilization game, “The Settlers of Catan”. It is an award-winning game that has been translated into more than 15 languages and sold millions of copies. Settlers of Catan is a great game that is easy to learn and fun to play. How many of you have played the game?

We reviewed “Scarlet Nexus” last year and gave it a solid recommendation. “Scarlet Nexus” is without a doubt a game that has stood the test of time.. Read more about is scarlet nexus worth it and let us know what you think.

Future. The Inhumans, strange mutant aliens (referred to as Others) that actually descend from the sky and eat human brains, are continuously attacking humans.

Other Suppression Force (OSF) is formed to combat the monsters. It is made up of psionic warriors, individuals who have extraordinary psychic powers. In reality, the fundamental storyline of Scarlet Nexus develops around several OSF combatants.

The Story and the Characters

We are given the option of choosing one of the characters at the start of the game: Yuito (Male) or Kasane (Female) (Female). This is a crucial decision since the character you choose will have an impact on both the gameplay and the narrative.

Yuito, for example, is a melee fighter who wields a sword. Kasane uses swords to attack from afar. Furthermore, each hero has his unique set of companions and, as a result, talents. At the very least, up to a degree.

In addition, each individual has a unique backstory. The first and final hours are somewhat identical, but the characters’ perspectives on events vary.

However, the majority of the game takes place in several places: various parties, missions, locations, and cutscenes. As a consequence, you’ll need to play the game twice to properly comprehend the Scarlet Nexus narrative. However, there is one major caveat…

On paper, great concepts – poor execution in game

Scarlet Nexus’ environment is classic Brainpunk: nearly everyone has psychic talents, but they aren’t as strong as the OSF warriors.

As a result, psionics is fundamental to every technology. Except for a handful of background lines about all of the city’s advertising just being beamed into a person’s head, this is hardly represented in the game. The notion of a struggle between psionics and regular humans is similar.

In theory, the environment is interesting, but in reality, it’s hard to tell it from from a typical anime futuristic scenario.

The design of the places also reflects the incomplete environment. There are a lot of them, but the most of them are dull.

The ruins of the familiar world include an abandoned hospital, a building site, an abandoned museum, and an abandoned subway line.


Similar stages can be found in every post-apocalyptic game, and this is not what you would anticipate from a bizarre Japanese RPG. Closer to the end, when the action is actually contained in black, gray, and white boxes, the boredom reaches its pinnacle.

The Scarlet Nexus tale is very excellent in terms of storyline. It contains a number of excellent surprises and fascinating characters, but the general dragginess outweighs them all.

Every now and again, we’re sent back to previous places, which simply serves to prolong the game’s walkthrough. The concept of side missions is a farce. They’re more MMO standard, such as killing X monsters or bringing Y goods.

So, if you want to finish the game completely, be prepared to return to the levels many times in order to locate the required monster or equipment.

This is the game’s negative backdrop: you’re going about in the same boring locales, fighting waves of the same creatures, and the narrative progresses at a glacial pace.

Even while the narrative and environment are both quite intriguing at first, you will find yourself wanting to return to Scarlet Nexus less and less each time you take a break, even after the initial playing.

And there is the game’s most amusing and paradoxical feature: it’s just as difficult to get back into it as it is to get out of it. It’s like playing thrilling Australian online pokies 2021 – you won’t be able to put the game down for long, but it’ll be difficult to return to it.

Playing style and talents

Scarlet Nexus’ gameplay is excellent, both in terms of combat and character pumping. The fighting system is very detailed. Furthermore, it develops during the game’s tutorial, revealing new elements on a regular basis.

So, at initially, you may use the normal punch, a powerful strike, and telekinetic powers. Last but not least, the hero may pick up an item from afar and hurl it at the monster. Then you have a group of heroes under your command.


You can only manage Yuito or Kasane, but your friends’ skills will be accessible to you as well.

For example, you may utilize teleportation or activate the extra armor layer to rapidly approach an opponent hiding in a steel shell or locate foes concealed in the fog.

You may combine your main characters’ telekinesis with the skills of your friends, such as throwing a barrel of oil at an opponent and then setting him on fire with pyrokinesis, or pouring water on an enemy and then hitting him with an electric shock.

Combo attacks may also be executed with the help of the other teammates. You may also tailor your behavioral pattern to your teammates’ preferred style of play.

The brain acceleration scale is opened by heroes in the midst of the game. You can magnify and accelerate up your strikes by filling it full, and you can even transport your opponent to an other world and use some extremely strong telekinetic assaults on him.

Finally, as the game progresses, the two parties will combine, and you will be able to utilize not just your friends’ skills, but also the powers of the second protagonist’s companions.

Character leveling is just as complicated as the battle. Scarlet Nexus’ character development is reminiscent to Tales of and Persona.

There is the traditional leveling system on the one hand. With each level, all of the party’s fighters gain health, and you may give Yuito and Kasane additional abilities and bonuses.


On the other side, you must strengthen your social ties with your other party members by talking with them, doing their errands, and giving them presents in order to get access to specific tricks. The greater your connection level, the more benefits you receive from an ally’s skills.

Fighting monsters and chatting with companions are the most fascinating aspects of Scarlet Nexus. The individuals, as well as their relationship, are remembered, so boosting social bonds isn’t a problem.

The complex and addicting combat, as well as the numerous adversaries and their combinations, may keep you engrossed in Scarlet Nexus for many hours. The only other thing that may keep you entertained for hours is online casinos, which you can find at


It will be difficult to pull yourself away from Scarlet Nexus if you turn off your brain and concentrate only on the fights and characters.

However, if a fascinating location, engaging narrative, and amazing graphic design are essential to you, Scarlet Nexus will most likely fall short.

It is not often that a game can take two years to develop, but that’s exactly what happened with Scarlet Nexus. Development started in 2014 and was completed in late 2016, but the game still needed a few months of polish (not sure how long that took but it was probably a lot). Not that this game needed any more polish. It is a 2D action platformer of the Metroid-style variety. The game takes place about a century after the events of Earthbound, meaning that the first few levels are a good time to get familiar with the controls.. Read more about scarlet nexus sequel and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scarlet nexus anime good?

Scarlet is a very good anime.

Which character is better Scarlet nexus?

Scarlet is a character in the game, Beat Saber.

Is Scarlet nexus selling well?

I am not sure about the sales of Scarlet, but it is a popular phone.

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