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Get ready for an epic adventure, as Shovel Knight and Shield Knight enter the pocket dimension of a powerful wizard. Dungeons are treacherous so be sure to watch your step!

“Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” is a game that combines the classic gameplay of “Shovel Knight” with a new adventure mode and a full-featured dungeon.

The puzzle genre is fascinating, always putting our minds to the test. It’s made up of a variety of games, ranging from the basic Dr. Mario to the complex Portal. Growing up, I’ve never been ashamed to confess that my father is to blame for my JRPG obsession. My mother was generally on the SNES, so he wasn’t the only gamer in the house. Wario’s Woods, a clear influence for what’s here, was one of the games she’d play on a daily basis. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon drew my attention right away when it was announced. Its clean, simple looks are one of the reasons why it’s so appealing. I found myself reminiscing about my childhood as a result of the pictorial portrayal. Critics have been unanimous in their praise thus far, but what do I think? I’ll be looking at the PS4 version as well as the Nintendo Switch version — it’ll be a two-for-one offer. Is it possible that I’m an outlier? Let’s have a look.


Oh, Father, where have you gone?

The plot will be recognizable to anyone who have seen the previous films in the series. What it is, though, is cheerful, with lyrics that flow with delight. The tale also attempts to provide a twist, which I love. However, since it’s simple, my mind was never blown. There’s no time to sow seeds, given how fast-paced and rapid each stage may be conquered. Even with retrospect, I couldn’t connect the dots between the snippets of information scattered throughout the voyage. Don’t get me wrong: there’s an effort to attempt foreshadowing. The problem is that the clues are either obscure or non-existent. That’s not to say the story isn’t good; it’s just that the execution is flawless. You’ll also have enough petrol to make it to the finish line. It lends meaning to what you’re doing, and that’s about all you can hope for. What matters is the gaming, so how’s it going?

The quick answer is that it’s really fantastic. It does, however, experience growing pains. I was asked to choose my technique of play before starting the game. You may play it as a regular puzzle game with infinite lives or as a tough game with just one life. I recommend the former over the latter since the latter encourages futile frustration. RNG, you see, has the ability to turn things bad, culminating in death outside of your control.

For example, bombs are sometimes sent, and when detonated, they destroy everything inside the blast radius. If the creatures around you are weak, you may be able to avoid injury. If not, the game is ended. There were other moments when an adversary stood in the way of my leaving. My life points had dwindled to the point where a single hit may kill me. I couldn’t sacrifice myself to chip away at my opponent, so I had no choice except to lose progress.


I’m not sure, it appears a little too detailed to be plains… I’m going to end this now.

For those who are interested, every knight from the mainstream titles is there. Two special ones were produced particularly for this release, and they’re both really cool. What makes them so interesting are the unique qualities that they reflect. Polar Knight, for example, can freeze their opponents for a brief time, while Tinker Knight can create a badass robot. It takes metal pieces found in different sorts of blocks to accomplish so. I understand it’s a little point to bring up, but there’s a purpose for it: to highlight the balance. It was never a problem for me to get what I needed. This also applies to the locked boxes that emerge on the battlefield from time to time — there are always enough keys.

The strategy provided by the unique talents is also refreshing, and it serves as a kind of ruse for a pseudo-difficulty setting. If you’re looking for a challenge, keep in mind that the layout of a puzzle never changes. While many approaches might help you achieve that strong spike, they aren’t the only way to do it. See, there are a few of knights that have health that is based on their expertise. You may anticipate less the better it is. This is just for the elite, since most people can only handle three assaults, although there are outliers.

It’s an intriguing mechanic since it challenges you to adapt and strategy depending on the fact that your protection is reduced. I was also urged to obtain additional goods in order to get an advantage. Be aware that they have a durability stat and can only be used a certain number of times, so be cautious. However, since chests emerge often, it is never a bad thing. Some permanent relics are also utilized for mild character modification, but since there are so few of them, there isn’t much room for experimentation.


I’m a glutton for punishment, therefore I don’t want just one stock. Please accept my apologies for the awful joke.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is a delight to play and is perfect for quick gaming sessions. The rounds are quite short, lasting around thirty minutes on average. It’s absolutely feasible to finish in even less time, giving you a personal target to work for. This has also been introduced for anybody who is motivated by leaderboards. You may compete against folks from all around the globe for the highest score among your fellow players. If you like accomplishments, there are feats that require you to complete specified targets. It won’t ask for anything ridiculous, and it’ll provide a good break from the main narrative. Finally, since there is a gem multiplier, I was able to complete all of my tasks quickly. There are few lulls in the excitement since the game encourages you to be continuously on the go. I stayed fascinated and hungry because to the continuous play broadcast. The performance is where the primary difference between the two versions arises. The PlayStation 4 version, as predicted, operates at a buttery smooth framerate with no difficulties. There are no interruptions to the whole experience. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same with the Nintendo Switch port. There are major, though uncommon, issues. The first happens anytime I’m about to die. Before flying offscreen, the knight usually transforms into an angel. They’re intended to respawn after a few seconds, however they don’t always — occasionally the player character just vanishes. As a consequence, the game soft-locks, leaving me with no option except to start again from the beginning of my run. Another issue that I was able to reproduce on a regular basis. If I was rushing to get to the last important item, an error would appear. It looked like a grey death window, and my whole game would collapse in a matter of seconds.


Is it a pink bomb or a piece of paper that I want? Decisions…

The soundtrack is classic chiptune deliciousness that will offer a grin to lovers of the Shovel Knight series. Don’t worry if you haven’t played yet; the tunes are still beautifully crafted, catchy, and a lot of fun. Remixes from the mainline entry make up the soundtrack. When I was playing, I turned up the sound to maximum, but after a while, I started listening to podcasts. That isn’t a knock on the OST’s quality, which, as I’ve said, is outstanding. It’s more like the music faded into the background after several hours of playing and replaying levels, losing part of their luster. That is, until I took a little vacation and returned to find the magic had returned. Everything is meticulously managed, making impartial musical criticism almost impossible.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon isn’t a hastily assembled spin-off. It’s the genuine thing, brilliantly merging the puzzle and roguelite genres. That’s right; as you can see, I’ve used the term “run” throughout my assessment. That’s because when you die, you’re sent back to the hub planet – in this example, a camp. Purchase clothes, swap characters, and play a mini-game anytime the problem becomes too taxing. Both Yacht Club Games and Vine poured their hearts and souls into this, resulting in a terrific game.

With 2022 still in its early stages, this is a game that, although being ineligible for Indie Game of the Year, might have easily won. After playing both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, I can say that the Nintendo Switch version is better. They’re the perfect couple, and I’d recommend purchasing them there. Regardless of the occasional technological difficulties, there’s nothing like lying in bed and finding mysteries.


The foes are well-detailed, though a little plain in design. The animation is simple, but the colors and pixel graphics are vibrant.

It’s a great mental workout and one of those situations that’s “simple to grasp but difficult to master.” I like it, however the random number generator may be frustrating at times.

Shovel Knight’s soundtrack has always been excellent. Even if I was merely listening to podcasts, it’s proof of my addiction. The soundtrack is excellent, but that is to be expected.

I became hooked. I often used the phrase “just one more run.” The one redeeming grace is that I am unmarried, which allows me to devote all of my time to the Knight.


Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is now available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as PC.

On the PlayStation 4, the game was reviewed.

The publisher sent me a copy of Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon.

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