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Originally released in early 2018, the 10-ton Tesla vs Lovecraft shooting game didn’t completely change the world, but I really loved the fast-paced gameplay in the form of a two-stick shooting game, mixed with Lovecrafti’s images and the scenery of the soundtrack. I never thought that a game like this, similar to your typical one-on-one concept, would ever have a sequel, especially since I didn’t expect it to be one of the first releases of the brand new Playstation 5. Let’s see if the Tesla Fors can surpass its predecessor.

Nikola’s reliable fur came back, and she’s still angry.

Our friend Nikola is still fighting hordes of Aldrich monsters as in the previous game, but this invasion was not caused by Lovecraft. In fact, you can play for him the two fictional versions of Marie Curie and Mary Shelley, each with its own specific statistics, weapons and playlists. In fact, Tesla’s controls are identical to those in the 2018 game. This is your standard control circuit for two-handed shooters, with the addition of an AoE shot, a teleport shot and the ability to check the skin in seconds if you find that all parts of the skin are scattered across the level.

To tell you the truth, Tesla Fors is usually as stupid as Tesla versus Lovecraft. The visual effects are almost identical to their predecessors, with the exception of some improvements in the lighting effects. But whether it was to improve the performance of the PS5 or not, it was beyond my control. This game does not cross any graphical or technical boundary, which could not be achieved with much less powerful devices. It almost never uses the tricks presented in Dualsense, it only adds a little resistance to the triggers in a completely unimaginable way. Then your triggers are working a little wrong.

A little light and flowers. Whether it is by the power of the PS5 or not, it is beyond my control.

The point is, Tesla vs. Lovecraft a good two-story shooter was on his own, so it’s not so bad now. The gameplay always evolves rapidly, the number of enemies on screen is always ridiculous and the soundtrack is even more difficult than before. There are also new features added, such as a number of new weapons, the above mentioned extra characters and some additional Rogalite elements. However, this new progressive system is not as effective as the words rogalitic elements might lead one to believe, because the game seems a little easier than before. Anyway, it’s always a blast, especially when you’re playing Tesla Force with your friends.

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that Nicola Tesla is actually on the screen.

If you’re looking for a game in the start window that shows that your big Playstation 5 is capable, then Tesla Force is not a game for you. I doubt very much whether there are many differences between the next and current generation of the game, because this PS5 port is not much better than Tesla vs. In this context, it is still a very funny two-stage shooter with good controls and a fantastic soundtrack, an easy reference for fans of the genre, even though the game has not felt a big leap compared to its predecessor.

Interesting new lighting effects and even more enemies on the screen, while maintaining a solid rock pace, but generally it is graphically identical to Tesla versus Tesla. Fast two-finger shooter, easier to learn and master than its predecessor’s game cycle. The updates are neat, but not too revolutionary. The same can be said of the game as of any other character in the game.
The lack of voice is disappointing, but the soundtrack hits so hard that I ignore the problem in the end. With the PS5-PS, Tesla Force will not go overboard, but it is still a very entertaining two-finger shooter, even though it looks too much like its predecessor of 2018.
Phrase: 7.5

Tesla Force is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

Viewed on PS5.

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