Review – Warhammer: Chaosbane Slayer Edition

I admit I never played the Warhammer video game before I released it: Leave the Chaosbentöter. However, I often went to play workshops, miniatures and dice in my hand, ready for a friendly game. I believe there are ogre kingdoms and kings from the graves somewhere in my house.

I mean, it’s a killer problem, right? Something like that.

Damn it: Chaos initially fell in 2019. The Slayer edition includes a number of improvements for the X and PS5 series, as well as all post-release content. You play as an imperial soldier, a superior elf wizard, a bunch of elves scout or, at your choice, a dwarf killer or an engineer. In the Slayer edition you can also select the new witch hunter. During the three main actions you will play a story and meet many famous names from the board game world. Let me be clear that these three actions are strong. There is a lot of content that needs to be played.

In short, he’s a clone of Diablo, an isometric machine that kills predators. Once you’ve chosen a character, you’ll be given assignments for various chapters to fight hordes of demons and their allies. In the past, this meant a lot of walking from point A to point B, back to point A, then back to point C, back to point A, then back to point D. Go back to point A before you set off again.

You must have your steps all day.

For my part, I began my journey as the publication dictates; as the Slayer did. These charming redheaded, suicidal impostors helped themselves to suicide. Live to die! You start with your health and magical values and the smallest capacities and skill slots, the number of capacities you can have at any given time. As you progress through the level, you’ll get more of each of them until you kill, throw, jump, scream and spin through hordes of enemies.

If you sneak into these hordes, you have the opportunity to drop the loot and open the safes. Weapons, armor, shields, rings, gloves, hats, boots – they are all rare, and their bonuses are no less rare. You raise the level, you raise the quality of your loot, so you can raise the level again, so you can raise the quality of your loot again.

Doing it alone can be as boring as it sounds upstairs. At hour X and my mission Y, I was playing a car game. I stop my attack when groups of enemies bounce off me, sometimes changing position to reach the attackers from a distance, usually taking care of my health and ignoring the rest. Luckily you can play with a group of friends, locally or online.

I know someone’s hurt down there, but please, a word.

But I’m retiring. You’ll get it. This is Diablo, this is Warhammer, this is the 2019 game. I don’t want to paraphrase Thomas’ fantastic review of Warhammer: Chaosben, what do you think of the Slayer edition? Visually on the Xbox Series X, and I’m sure it will be on PS5 too; wow! After the game I could not believe that the game never looked like it would be launched on consoles in 2019. Some improvement over the original and now to see some high-end PC gamers.

The content makes sense; you get almost every CSD that is published, whether it is free or paid for. These include two additional campaign modes, the Tower of Chaos and Invasion, and a brand new campaign story related to the Tomb Kings. As a personal favorite, only the King of Tombs campaign was the reason for my confession. And let’s all welcome Jurgen Heyder, the extraordinary witch hunter. He quickly became a fan.

Finally, the extra level of the animal god allows a deeper adaptation and development of the late game. You can raise your character’s level and unlock even more passive and active abilities. But as with our first recording in 2019, most people will never play the game that long.

We couldn’t add a witch hunter to the list, could we?

With all the visual improvements of the game, as well as all the content in the game, Warhammer : The Chaosbane Killer edition has had a huge setback: When I was playing, I would have liked to play Diablo III. He went a little too far with the Diablo drawings without raising the bar. If you are a fan of the Warhammer fantasy world, you have something to enjoy. If you just need more isometric predators in your life, you can’t go wrong. But even with that, I couldn’t stop thinking: I could play Diablo now.

An absolute improvement over its predecessor in 2019 and closer to what elite computer players have seen. Combat operations remain at the heart of the game thanks to a unique skill system. And it flows at 60 frames per second, oilyly smooth at the biggest hurdles.
The voting game is still terrible, but in the best sense of the word. The surround sound is fantastic, even though the instruments remain good, but are eventually forgotten. Although it is not Diablo, it is a worthy alternative for anyone exhausted in the sanctuary.
Phrase: 8.0

Damn it: Chaosbane Slayer Edition is now available for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

A copy of Warholm: The Chaosbane Killer edition was provided by the publisher.

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