RoleGenerator Review: A Free Random Generator Online

You may have noticed that sometimes on the internet, words get thrown around like they’re going out of style. And you may have also noticed that we use words like “random” a lot on the blog. It’s because we like to make sure all of the posts on our blog are just random, and aren’t just images of a bunch of cats sitting on a bed. But what exactly is a random generator? Well, it’s a helpful tool for people who need a little help coming up with a random name for a character in a new game, or a game name for their latest project.

As many of you know, the future of gaming is about generating randomness to create new experiences. Randomness has been the cornerstone of strategy games, first person shooters, and role playing games for years. With the rise of MMORPGs, the demand for randomness has only increased because gamers have become demand for new experiences.

RoleGenerator is a free online RPG generator that will help you with creating a new character for your story.

RoleGenerator was launched in July 2021 oriented to helping dungeon masters and roleplaying game enthusiasts with generating a lot of the day to day minutia of their roleplaying campaigns. As of right now, they have 28 modules divided into two categories: Dungeons & Dragons and generic roleplaying generators. The latter refers to narrative content or content that isn’t specific to any game system and ubiquitous across any type of roleplaying gaming.

There are modules focused purely on roleplaying, my favorite being the land and event generator which will take a terrain type and generate flavor text and events that randomly could occur which is great for fleshing out tile by tile what’s there (or even in building rooms for a MUD). Their D&D module generates a shop with inventory, which is useful in building some much needed randomness between shops.

Many of the courses go through in detail what the generator produces, why it matters, and other information to aid your roleplaying adventures. For example, the trip simulator contains certain real-world distances between large cities as well as typical distances between farmhouses, towns, and cities. It’s really useful to have, particularly when using an iPad.

The site is currently free, but Patron incentives are available. The platform has several strong features that allow you to rapidly improvise a dungeon. You may create a map, a backdrop, residents, and a variety of other campaign elements. Are you stumped as to what to offer at a tavern? Create a menu and then play some background music.

The players have wandered off the beaten path, and you need to quickly construct a terrain zone? It’ll be yours with a single click, which is pretty amazing. You may create a profile and store your favorite modules while also gaining XP, which is always fun.

Make Your Own Personalized Campaign

The greatest aspect of all is that you can actually conduct your own unique campaign utilizing the site’s features, which is particularly exciting for novice players in the RPG arena. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, use the Land, Cities and Town, and Random Shop Simulator simulators to flesh out your history. These and other story-based tools may be found under “places.” If you have all of your history down, you may skip this stage, but keep in mind that some of the tools can help fill in the gaps, such as what’s going on in a Tavern and what it stocks, and so on.
  • To make some maps, go to Maps of Urban Centers and/or Maps of Continents and Islands, and then photoshop or irl sketch the main places for your tale on paper.
  • Find the Random Dungeon Map Maker under Tools. This may be used to create a dungeon map.
  • NPC backstories may be fleshed out using the character generator.
  • You can pretty much run your own campaign now. You can use the Role Dice Calculator & Initiative Tracker to run standard campaigns and the various other tools to help spice up your roleplay with some randomly generated ideas. You can also use the Simulator Tab to make up your own rules for gameplay and use these tools to simulate large scale battles, travel times, arena combat, etc.


  • All sorts of cool RPG tools at one place.
  • It’s simple to carry to a tabletop session since it’s mobile friendly.
  • Excellent research tool for RPGs.


  • Only fantasy is currently available, but additional genres may be added in the future. You may utilize the meatier portions instead of the produced names for objects.
  • Limited D&D Modules.
  • It takes a few moments to become accustomed to the site’s user interface.

Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing RoleGenerator develop. It’s a fantastic tool to have in your toolbox right now whether running a campaign or putting together bespoke campaigns, and it’s just going to become better with time. Visit to learn more.

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