Runeterra’s Cosmic Creation (Patch 1.16) is Now Out!

Riot Games today released a new version of the CCG’s Runeterra Legends, called Cosmic Creation.

Cosmic Creation is the third and final expansion of CCG on the Call of the Mountain game. The first took place on 26 August last year and the second in October last year.

The Cosmic Creation extension brings the new keyword Extended, which gives a permanent bonus of +1|+0 each time a created card is played after it has been called up. Created cards are cards made by another card. In this way, the cards that are called are created in your deck and then drawn or created directly into your hand. Updated the text of some existing maps to clarify what counts as a created map.

New Masters

We also have three new champions:

  • Riven (Noxus) – What’s broken can be rebuilt.
    • Upgrade the destroyed Sword of Exile to give Riven and his allies a powerful effect and destroy the enemy Nexus with overwhelming power.
  • Victor (Piltover and Fence) – These are my beautiful creations!
    • Join the glorious evolution and update Viktor every turn with new keywords, then conquer the board with an army of followers reinforced from Viktor’s own creation.
  • Zoey (Targon) – This is gonna be so much fun!
    • Zoey makes the universe a little less predictable by conjuring, copying and creating an endless cycle of cheap cards. Quickly play new cards to change the game forever, and tune your board with each new ally. The power of friendship will always prevail!

We also receive 40 new cards in Cosmic Creation. Targon, Noxus, Piltover and Zaun each get 10 and the other regions 2. In addition, five (5) additional maps and five (5) new landmarks have been added to the map base.

Added other functions to Runner’s Legends through cosmic creation:

Prismatic card

  • Patch 1.16 introduces Prismatic Card Styles, a new way to personalise your favourite cards from your collection.
  • Players can update all their copies (current and future) of a particular card using new prismatic boxes (obtained through quests), new food currency or coins.

Special laboratory: Multilab

  • As you progress, various laboratories are available at any time. From time to time one of the labs on the list will change for a new lab, so there is always something new to discover! Patch 1.16 brings back three favorites in 2020:
    • Quick coupling
    • Star power
    • Peak approach

Updated regional roads

  • The regional paths for Targon, Noxus, Piltovar and Zaun have been extended to allow players to take advantage of all the new Cosmic Creation cards.
  • On their way to Piltover & Fence, players can again get a free map of the regional fence.

New cosmetic products

Municipal council

Municipal council

  • Municipal council
  • Yipp’s Nyandroid is the guardian…
  • Return of the exile card
  • 4 new emotions with Von Ipp, Victor, Riven and Zoe.

Cosmic creation New images of emotions

And then some

Image cluster of the impact bridge of the creation of the LdR space

Battleground assembly

  • Forged for Battle Deck, with Riven & TARIC.
  • Archetypes of new expeditions
  • New challenges and tasks
  • Reward badges, a new season, and the way to next season’s tournament!

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