Santa Fortuna pitch meeting – Hitman 2 Games Guide

Designer: So of course we chose a real country for this stage, we went to a good coastal area. But I invented the city and gave it a name to give us a little room for manoeuvre in the design. The focal point is this huge luxury mansion that belongs to the main character we are going to kill, with a team of gardeners, cooks in the kitchen, staff to do the laundry, all within nine meters. There’s also a whole village. The village has shops, people fishing, and a few tourists are there in the summer, but not too missionary. Both the village and the mansion have entrances to the underground, which is the headquarters of the really shady activities taking place on the target.

Chief: You’ve already told me what my target is. Her name is Sapienza.

Designer: No, no, this is new. And he’s got other things. There are jungles and fields where they grow and process cocaine.

Chief: Oh, a cocaine plantation! I think this part of the map will be most appreciated by many people!

Designer: No man would do that, no.

Chief: I’m a little worried about the substrate. Some people didn’t like having to go to tomorrow’s world every time, so we have to keep the place interesting.

Designer: Oh, we will. These dealers wrap drugs in toys. And there are these manholes and manhole covers. And my fingerprints, because it was a mine.

Chief: Was it a mine? What have they got on mine?

Designer: Unclear. And to get in, you dive under the waterfall to end up in a cave with a submarine!

Chief: No, I can’t.

Designer: What do you mean? We’ve already planned everything.

Boss: 47 can’t go in deep water, and we can’t get him wet. This technology would be a nightmare.

Designer: О… Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. I suppose I could kick the door in the rock to the left of the waterfall?

Chief: That’s very good. Now, tell me about this submarine.

Designer: The engineer who runs this thing got sick at home. He was hurt, you know? Walking with a limp.

Chief: Oh, did you have to record special animations for that?

Designer: No, we’re just gonna use what we did for Point Man in Colorado. So 47 men disguise themselves in this man’s clothes, sabotage the submarine, and he pushes the target, Rico Delgado, into the water and kills him!

Chief: Do you think it’ll never be over? To disguise oneself and then disguise oneself with a device that has an obvious fatal flaw, so that it explodes in front of the target?

Designer: Someday, maybe. But not now.

Chief: How else do you kill Rico?

Designer: You can feed it to the hippo.

Chief: What?

Designer: Actually, there’s a reason for that. Pablo Escobar has historically kept a gang of hippos, and Rico, like him, is a Colombian cocaine baron. The offspring of Escobar’s hippos are still roaming Colombia, which is a big problem.

Chief: I don’t need an explanation. You had me by the hippo.

Designer: I know, right? But to attract the hippopotamus, we stress that we must first give him meat. So the fleshy bone is hidden elsewhere, but logically, for example, B. lies in the kitchen freezer.

Chief: No, let’s put the bone next to the hippopotamus.

Designer: But it must be some kind of puzzle. Finding the bone is part of it.

Chief: Maybe in master fashion, but I want people to feed Rico the hippopotamus. So who’s the other target?

Designer: Her name is Andrea Martinez.

Chief: Oh, tell me about Andrea Martinez!

Designer: Well, Andrea Martinez, she… Well, she…

Chief: You’re not… you’re not finishing that sentence. All you have to do is put your hands in front of you and squeeze your imaginary chest.

Designer: That’s right.

Chief: Okay, how do we kill Andrea Martinez?

Designer: We’ve got a cool way of having him ripped up at the construction site.

Chief: Ha! It’s his right to hang around the construction site.

Designer: Well, no, it’s a little more complicated than that. They have to take her there in disguise, because she’s actually quite far from the site.

Chief: How far away?

Designer: Although we thought it would be tiring to go with her, she says she’ll meet you there instead.

Chief: Wow. So you’re just going from one corner of the map to the other?

Designer: From an ex to *on* the opposite corner, yes. And to get from where you’re disguised to where Andrea is, you have to walk from a different angle, about this far.

Chief: How big is this map?

Designer: Oh, so big.

Chief: So those are our goals.

Designer: There’s a third. Jorge!

Chief: Wow, three targets. Shall we see fun interactions when Jorge meets Rick or Andrea? We’ve had it with the Colorado targets.

Designer: No, Jorge will never meet them, no matter what you do.

Chief: Is he staying in bed?

Designer: No, he has his own plan, but he still can’t hit the other two targets.

Chief: How big is this map?

Designer: Oh, so big.

Chief: If Jorge’s near you, how do you reach him?

Designer: One possibility is Torres Piombo, the hippie we brought from Sapienza.

Chief: You mean Bohemia?

Designer: Now I call him a hippie. Hippie delivers a cocaine statue to Jorge, but it’s broken and he’s looking for glue. So we need to find glue and fix the statue. Jorge will try cocaine so you can poison the statue to kill him.

Chief: Let’s put the glue in the hippie room. I don’t want to complicate things.

Designer: No, this time I’m putting my foot in it. Let’s make it a damn puzzle!

Chief: Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So 47 put the statue together, poisoned it and the hippie took it to Jorge.

Designer: Nono. 47 pretends to be a hippie and leaves him alone.

Chief: Why can’t he do it my way?

Designer: Because I want the player to hear a funny dialogue when 47 pretends to be a hippie.

Chief: But you said the hippie was looking for glue. Wouldn’t 47 have put the glue back on if he had it with him?

Designer: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Even if a hippie asks him directly.

Chief: Very reckless of 47!

Designer: If the hippie poisons Jorge, he stays here until the guards become suspicious and shoot him.

Chief: Very thoughtful of the 47!

Designer: So it’s a road to the tunnels. Entering the mansion is another matter. You can use the P-Power.

Chief: Like I have to go to the bathroom?

Designer: No, the P power. It’s the name of a tattoo artist 47 who can disguise himself.

Chief: Well, that’s definitely gonna be difficult. Sure, you can wear someone’s clothes, but you can’t wear their tattoos.

Designer: Actually, you can. It turns out that P-Power wears fake tattoos with removable sleeves.

Chief: Oh. Looks like we’re cheating here, otherwise the guards would have seen through the disguise.

Designer: No, not really. It’s more of a commentary on what a worthless tattoo artist, P-Power, is. You see, the bartender has a huge tattoo on his face, and when 47 are dressed as bartenders, no one can see through it, not even without the tattoo.

Chief: P-Power has a bartender stattoo?

Designer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s more of a commentary on what a worthless tattoo artist, P-Power, is.

Chief: Thus 47 people find their way to the gates of the estate in disguise.

Designer: Then he meets Rico’s wife, Catalina Delgado.

Chief: Oh, tell me about Catalina Delgado!

Designer: Well, Catalina Delgado, she… Well, she…

Chief: Okay, you don’t finish the sentence again, and this time your hands are shaking like your imaginary ass cheeks.

Designer: That’s right. So you meet Catalina, she takes a selfish man, and then you’re alone with Rico and you stick a needle in his head. Boom! The silent killer.

Chief: And you kidnap a selfish person?

Designer: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Get out of here.

Chief: We punish a player who is caught in a picture looking innocently at the crowd on the other side of the card, but we think it’s okay for him to take a free kick in the face just outside the goal room that he stuck openly in the face?

Designer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Catalina’s food is pretty lame, as you can see. She doesn’t have many followers.

Chief: Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Is there anything else going on at the villa?

Designer: Well, we have a whole story about Andrea’s ex, Hector. And for him to go to her, we have to get a love letter, which means eliminating the guard we recognize by his limp.

Chief: Oh, did you have to record special animations for that?

Designer: No, we’re using the exact man again.

Chief: I’ve allocated significant resources to capture the movement. Where did it all go?

Designer: Rico dances, mostly.

Chief: What?

Designer: Yeah, we’re having a party in town and Rico’s dancing. And we have a full band that plays instruments that need their own special animation, and of course original music. In addition, every NPC in the city must go there to observe.

Chief: How much of the total animal budget was used for this scene?

Designer: Actually, that’s why I’m here. We need more money now. We spent it all.

Chief: Listen to this. I don’t know if that three-headed snake will end up at the top of Hitman’s map. But when we created Tomorrow’s World, we added bonus missions that expanded the map, and we reached our goal.

Designer: That’s right! Maybe we can show the village square at night, and do something for the huge underused fishing village! If we do that, the players will love it.

Chief: Yeah, or rather…

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