Sea of Thieves enemy guide – How to defeat each creature in the game

Sea of Thieves enemy guide – How to defeat each creature in the game. In Sea of Thieves, players need to be aware of the creatures that already inhabit the world and learn how to kill them for experience and treasure. These enemies are called Enemies.

Sea of Thieves is a game that comes with a lot of content and even more content is to be added in the future. In this guide you will learn how to defeat each and every creature you encounter on the high seas of the world.

In Sea of Thieves, players can take on the role of pirates, in search of buried treasure off the shores of the Caribbean. The game has many opportunities to attack other ships, and many different sea creatures to fight. This guide will go over the different types of sea creatures, and the best way to defeat each one. If you’re looking for more information on the game, or want to see the full guide, check out the link here  .

The online pirate game Sea of Thieves is all about robbing and stealing, but as you hop from island to island, be prepared for resistance and pushback. When you’re not fighting real-life people, you’re fending off assaults from NPCs, who may range from various mob kinds on land to gigantic monsters assaulting your ship at sea.


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Skeletons are the most frequent and fundamental opponents in the game, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The typical white skeletons will be armed with flintlock pistols, blunderbusses, or cutlasses, with some opting to claw at you rather than use weapons. These skeletons are seldom a danger in small groups, but in swarms, it’s easy to get overpowered. Make careful to strike the skeletons with firearms first, then use your own cutlass to counter cutlass and claw assaults.

Skeletons can be totally shattered with a few blows, but you may also employ firebombs and blunderbombs on them. Be careful of skeletons with gunpowder barrels that emerge from the earth; aim at the skeleton rather than the barrel. Otherwise, you risk being trapped in the barrel’s huge explosion radius, but you should be able to get rid of a lot of the other skeletons. Skeletons may also heal by eating food, so assault them to stop them from healing. Water and rain may help plant-covered bones recover.

Skeleton in Gold

Gold Skeletons are sluggish moving, yet they are tough to strike with a cutlass. Water is one of their weaknesses, so fill your bucket with it and spray the gold skeletons with it. They’ll rust, and a blunderbuss shot will quickly dispose of them. It may be simpler to guide them into bodies of water and leave them to rust. Firebombs and cannonballs, on the other hand, are extremely efficient against Golden Skeletons.

Skeleton of the Shadows

When you shine your lamp onto ghostly skeletons, they become visible and you may strike them with normal attacks. During the day, you may battle these skeletons regularly. You’ll face a variant of these Shadow Skeletons called Shadows of Fate in the Fort of the Damned, and they’ll need various lantern colors from the Flames of Fate to make them corporeal. When playing with pals, make callouts and arrange which colors you’ll need.

Captains of the Skeleton Army

Sea of Thieves Skeleton CaptainsImage courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.

These higher-level skeletons use the same techniques as normal skeletons, but with greater health and the ability to absorb more blows to kill. These captains will have a red name over their heads and may be found on Order of Souls expeditions, fort fights, or anywhere else in the globe. Quests, bounty skulls, and money bags may all be dropped by captains. Other commanders, such as Ashen Guardians, may appear and drop more precious treasure.

Crawlers in the Sea

Sea of Thieves Ocean CrawlersImage courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.

How to Get Rid of Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves

These monsters from the depths of the ocean come in three kinds, each with its own strategy for destroying them. There’s a possibility they’ll drop Siren Gems.


These tanks are sluggish, but they have a lot of firepower. Crabs have a one-hit kill AOE strike and can create shields for their fellow Ocean Crawlers, although they’ll be immobile and vulnerable while doing so.


These Ocean Crawlers will glide elegantly through the air while shooting electric orbs at you. Any strikes you make on them will electrocute and harm you after they are coated with electricity.


These clamheads will charge at you, so attack them after they’ve moved and tripped. Green spores may also be produced, which can impair your eyesight and cause mild harm.


Sea of Thieves PhantomsImage courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.

How to Beat the Phantoms in Sea of Thieves

Phantoms will roam islands and are much more cunning than skeletons. These phantom skeletons will teleport about, slashing you with their cutlasses and charging you with gunshots. Although it won’t feel like you’re slashing them with your cutlass, a few sword strokes will cause them to float up and evaporate.


Sea of Thieves SirensPhotographed by

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If you’ve been in the water for a while, Sirens will spawn, and they’ll typically arrive in swarms, headed by a Siren Leader. They’ll slash at you and fire bubbles at you; you’ll be slower in the water than on land, but you should be able to kill them with cutlass swings and bullets. Siren Gems may be dropped, and Siren Leaders can drop a Trident of Dark Tides.



How to locate and call the Megalodon in Sea of Thieves

Veterans of the Sea of Thieves will recognize this foreboding music cue when traveling the sea, which signals the approach of a megalodon. There are five distinct types of megalodon, each with its own color and rarity, but the method for combating them will be the same. When it charges and attempts to attack you with its fangs, the music cue will change and it will circle your spacecraft, susceptible to cannon fire. Fire your cannons at the megalodon; if you hit it hard enough when it’s charging towards you, it’ll stop attacking. The Megalodon is extremely vulnerable to the Trident of Dark Tides, maybe too vulnerable.


Sea of Thieves KrakenImage courtesy of Rare

In Sea of Thieves, here’s how to locate and defeat the Kraken.

There’s a possibility that a kraken may spawn on you in the middle of the ocean if there aren’t any other global events going on right now. A music cue will be heard, and the water around you will become inky and dark. Tentacles of the Kraken will emerge from the sea and assault your ship. Use your cannons to attack the tentacles one at a time, avoiding being caught and pulled into the sea.

When you fight a kraken, you’ll get a lot of treasure, and you can also locate and prepare kraken flesh, which you can sell for a fair price at a seapost.


On most islands, snakes will be common, and they may spew poison or bite you. This will have a toxic effect on you, slowly robbing you of health and obstructing your eyesight for many seconds. However, these snakes are readily killed with a single strike, and you will be required to cage them on certain Merchant Alliance trips.


Sea of Thieves SharkPhotographed by

If you stay in the water for too long, sharks will emerge, and their bites are very deadly. Attack these sharks with your cutlass or rifle if you’re bold enough; a couple of blunderbuss rounds should enough, and they’ll drop cookable flesh when they die.

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate adventure game that will be released on the Xbox One some time in 2017. This game is so much fun and so full of stuff to do that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but fear not, we are here to help! In this guide we will give you all the information you need to know to take down every enemy in the game, so you can easily and effectively hack, plunder, and pillage your way to victory!. Read more about sea of thieves shadow skeletons and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill enemies in sea of thieves?

You can either kill enemies by using a cannon, or you can use your ships cannons.

What is the strongest enemy in sea of thieves?

The Kraken is the strongest enemy in Sea of Thieves.

What is the hardest boss to beat in Sea of thieves?

The Kraken is the hardest boss in Sea of Thieves.

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