Sexy Serial Killer Achievement Guide and Combat Tips

This guide describes the steps to achieve 100% in Sexy Serial Killer. In addition, we will share with you some tips and strategies for fighting in Sexy Serial Killer.

Guide to reaching a sexual serial killer

Only 4 have been achieved, but the difficulty has increased significantly. All of this happens in the main game, not in Valentine’s mode.

Sexy Death – You’ve got the PWNED network

Anime Girl Rule – You took control of the anime girl.

  • After answering the bell, walk past the first area and you’ll see an extremely long dance scene.

Tough guy – you beat the tough guy!

  • This is a very difficult and laborious job. You have to kill an extra red squatter on the second level when you take control of the anime’s daughter, I call this exploiting the squatter. After killing the first red squatter in the maze and getting the key, the squatters performance spawns right in front of the house where the brown squatter was. See below for a photo of the location.

This is the second hardest duel in the game, after Sexy Serial Killer. For enemies, see the bottom of the guide how I met this enemy.

Beat the sexy serial killer. You did it! You beat a killer!

  • This is the most difficult part because you have to beat all the levels of the game and kill the Sexy Serial Killer at the end. The fight was terrifying, and my hands were waving fists and trying to press buttons to dodge them and attack. See below for more information on wrestling.

Tips for fighting sexy serial killers

The enemies in this game increase in difficulty very quickly. There are many ways to deal with enemies, but the resources listed below have allowed me to find success with any enemy. That’s exactly my point, and you might succeed if you fight it in a different way.

Brown squatters and female squatters

These are easy buttons to block, with tabs and spam attacks, and they will die. If you need time to heal, the bench and most attacks won’t hurt you. Female squatters on level 2 anime girls in the house with big boobs. You’ll know it when you see it.

Red Squatters

The latter are more resistant than brown crackers because they are healthier and hit harder. There are two different ways to deal with these enemies, depending on the environment. All enemies get an attack shot or something that hits you when it lands.

If there are space and common flat areas, I hit them with the target system and then dodge with a roll of the dice if the health is bad. Kicking doesn’t happen often, so lying down and moving can work, but not as well as rolling.

If there are small spaces and narrow corridors, I don’t focus on them and hit them as hard as I can until my health is half recovered, then I walk away until my health is recovered. It takes longer, but it’s safer than trying not to hit the enemy and running away.

Sewer resident

They look like brown crackers, but they are just as tough, if not tougher, than red crackers. I died several times in front of these enemies, as they seem to pile up and vary in difficulty the deeper you go into the sewers.

Not all enemies here are targeted, I hit them until I’m a third of my health, then I run in the halls until I get my health back. The targeting system only worked once on the first sewer crackers, when the other 5-6 killed me, I had to start over.

Power of occupant

This one hits harder than any other enemy and will kill you easily. You have to be smart and careful when fighting it, because your health will escape you and recharging the level will take a long time.

I take a squatter from the house where the red squatter was in the maze and beat him until I’m about 50-60% healthy, then I run like hell. It will take a while, but after a few races he will eventually die.

Sexy serial killer

It is the hardest fight because she is the healthiest and I am the one who suffers the most physically and mentally. The room is completely dark and consists of a small square box, the only light in the room is that of the killer.

Because the room is dark and small, you can’t escape without damaging it and hitting a wall. I found attackers at 40-50% health, then dodging rolls in a big circle around the room kept the killer form by landing on 95% swings. Spam indicates that the key hits your ring finger, so be prepared to change your finger or do something similar to keep running.

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