Shindo Life (Roblox) – Best Modes & Spirits Tier List (March 2021)

Modes, also known as Spirits, are an attribute you can activate for your character in Shindo Life.

You can activate the mode you are currently equipped with by pressing the Z button or the button on which you changed the mode activation.

Spirits can grant both bonuses and abilities, or both at once.

The spirit your character inhabits can greatly influence your character’s power.

With so many unique game types in the game, it can be hard to decide which are the best to farm and use – that’s why we’ve ranked all the game types/spirits in Shindo Life!

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Best modes/list of alcohol levels

Modes/spirits are one of the many attributes of your character that affect your power and the skills you can use.

All ghosts in the game are unique and give your character a new look when the mode is active.

Additionally, as long as equipment mode is active, your character will receive upgrades such as increased movement speed, damage, etc., new skills, or both upgrades and skills.

A powerful stand not only allows you to do a lot of damage in battle, but also speeds up the speed at which you gain EXP.

You’ll be able to defeat enemies faster, but the main reason will be the increased movement speed so you can complete quests and return faster, provided you get a mode that increases your mobility of course.

Therefore, we recommend that you quickly look for a good mode in the game, as it will serve you well.

You can get the modes in Shindo Life by finding them in the world or by defeating the Beast Tail boss.

There is also a Spirit, the Inner Spirit, which you can buy for 550,000 RYO at level 500.

Some specific game types in the game are obtained through bloodline, which means you must also have a higher level in bloodline to unlock the game type.

If your family tree has one or more modes, you will see an EQUIP button under the three modes in the Family Tree tab of the menu.

Once you obtain a scroll for the mode, you can unlock it in your inventory mode if you have met the requirements.

To equip a mode you already have, press the M key to open the menu, go to the Sub-Ability section, scroll to the Mode section, then press and equip the mode you want to use.

In our list of all spawn time, spawn chance, spawn location and spawn countdown in real time in Shindo Life, you can find the spawn time, spawn chance, spawn location and spawn countdown in real time in Shindo Life.

Since almost all the spirits in the game are very powerful, they are all pretty hard to come by.

The models have a low probability of appearing, and many of them require you to defeat a powerful final boss before you can get the spirit scroll.

In the following list, we rank all modes/ghosts of Shindo Life according to their power, whether you get them from the spawn or from the bloodline.

The list below also shows you the chance of seeing each mode and the level you need to reach to unlock it.

Modes that have layered requirements are modes that have layered requirements – they get stronger as a new level is unlocked.

All standings were ranked from S to D, with S being the highest and D the lowest.

We will update this list when new ghosts are released, or when there are changes to the current ghosts in the game.


Symbol Mode Rating LevelRequest Likelihood of spawning/ rolling
Spirit Tin Dick S 0, 1500 3.33%
the Sengoku lineage S 50, 800 0.5%
Satori-Akum bloodline S 50, 450, 800, 800 1.00%
Satori Ghost S 800 20.00%
Raiser-Acuma bloodline S 50, 450, 800, 1000 0.71%
Reiser’s ghost. S 1000 20.00%
forged trapezoid blood S 50, 450, 800, 800 1.00%
The forged spirit S 800 20.00%
The Dio-Senco line S 400 0.67%
Bankay-Acuma S 50, 450, 800, 1000 1.00%
Bunkai Spirit S 1000 20.00%
the Azarashi lineage S 600, 600 1.82%
Ashstorm S 400 0.67%
ArahakiJoki’s lineage S 120, 500, 800 0.5%
Akuma True Samurai Spirit S 1300 100.00%
Akuma’s lineage S 50, 350, 500, 700, 800, 1300 1.33%
The Tengoku lineage A 400 0.67%
Solar tailed ghost A 500 2.22%
Su dick ghost A 500 2.86%
That stubborn mind A 500 2.5%
Blood Rykan Shizen A 400, 400 0.67%
The Rengoku lineage A 150, 400, 400, 400, 400 1.00%
Acuma County Bloodline A 50, 450, 800, 800 0.83%
The spirit of the neighborhood A 800 20.00%
The Spirit of Nimbus Destiny A 999 5.00%
Mao’s fucking mind A 500 2.22%
Coo’s spirit of persecution A 500 2.00%
Kors Tail Spirit A 500 1.67%
Jokei bloodline A 120, 500, 800 1.00%
the rooster spirit of the Isu A 500 2.86%
Spirit of Gaius’ cock A 500 2.00%
The spirit of Ember’s destiny A 999 5.00%
Spirit of the Dunes of Destiny A 999 5.00%
Creeping ghost A 600 4.00%
Chu’s troll spirit A 500 3.33%
The Azim-Senko lineage A 400 0.77%
The cursed spirit of the spider B 440 2.86%
The Shizen lineage B 400, 800 1.00%
Sang senko B 600 2.22%
Saberu’s origins B 50 0.71%
The spirit of the fate of the Obelisk B 999 5.00%
Concho’s lineage. B 600 1.43%
Kenichi Blood B 50, 950 0.67%
The spirit of the inner door B 300 7.14%
Spirit of the mist of fate B 999 5.00%
The awakening of the frog mind B 700 4.00%
Eternal blood B 50 1.11%
The Dokei lineage B 200, 650 2.86%
The demonic spirit B 450 12.5%
The awakening of the cobra mind B 700 2.00%
Blood from the bladder B 600 1.67%
Black shock bloodline B 600 2.00%
The cursed spirit of the bat B 440 6.67%
Apollo sandflower B 250 2.00%
Wanjiame bloodline C 550 2.5%
Specialized spirit C 950 2.22%
The spirit of the snail has awakened. C 700 2.5%
Chado bloodline C 400 3.33%
sandblood C 500 2.86%
The cursed reptilian spirit C 440 3.33%
A Halloween doll in platinum C 800 1.67%
Okami bloodline C 600 1.43%
Master Spooky Frog C 700 3.33%
the kerada lineage C 400 1.43%
Kaijin bloodline C 500 2.22%
The spirit of ultimate power C 700 6.25%
The Dungan Lineage C 600 0.91%
Santa Claus Platinum Winter D 800 4.00%
The blood of the paper. D 550 2.00%
Nectarine blood D 500 1.33%
The Kokotsu lineage D 650 2.86%
inner spirit D 500 100.00%
The heavenly spirit D 330 9.09%
Blood Tone Line D 500 1.33%
Bloodline F 400 3.33%
The Minakami lineage F 400 2.22%
The descent of the glacier F 400 2.5%

*Modes marked with * are the same as those in the corresponding family tree. Those with * are only obtained in war mode, so their spawn/roll chances are different than those of their origin.

The required level refers either to your character’s level or to your bloodline level to unlock the corresponding game type and its levels, if there are several.

The current list of levels is based on level lists created by YouTubers Shindo Life, ShiverAway, SomBiscuit and Community-Input.

Here is a list of the best modes/spoken in Shindo Life!

If you would like to help us improve this list of meters, please send us your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.


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