Shindo Life (Roblox) – Bloodlines Guide: All Bloodlines & How To Get Them

One of the best things to do if you want to improve your character’s strength in Shindo Life is to get a good bloodline and train it.

Getting a good pedigree is not an easy task, as it will probably take you several rounds to get the best pedigree, which is also the hardest to get.

This guide contains all the information you need about your Sindo Life family tree.

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What is alineage?

Lineage in Shindo Life is an attribute of your character that gives you access to skills and abilities.

When you get a new bloodline, it is level 0 and you have none of its skills.

When you train your character, your bloodline is also trained and improved.

When your bloodline reaches a certain level, you can unlock new bloodline skills if you have invested enough RYO and CHI points.

Bloodline skills are powerful skills and abilities that allow for massive damage, high damage or crowd control.

Your character’s playstyle will be heavily influenced by your bloodline, as most battles will revolve around the skills of your bloodline.

Bloodlines come in different varieties and rarities, and the hardest to obtain are usually the best.

How to get blood

To get a lineage in Shindo Life, go to the game selection menu in Shindo Life, click the up button once, select Edit, and click [BLOODLINE] next to your character.

On the left side you see the first and third slots, on the right side the second and fourth slots.

Click the [Click to SPINE] button under one of your lineage locations to create a new lineage for that location.

You can start new lines as often as you like, as long as you have enough turns to do so.

The races for a new line are worth it. Find out how to get more spins in our guide How to get more spins in Life Shindo.

The lineage you have is completely arbitrary. There’s nothing you can do to increase your chances of having a certain bloodline in Shindo Life.

Further down this guide you will find a list of all the pedigrees in Shindo Life, and the probability of each pedigree being launched.

By default, you only have two pedigree slots unlocked, which means you can only have two pedigrees and their abilities at once.

However, you can unlock the third and fourth lineage slots by purchasing the next two parts of the game with Robux in the store:

  • Bloodline 3 slot = 300 Robux
  • Bloodline 4 slot = 300 Robux

If you start a new family tree, it will start at level 0. Even if you had a lineage in this room before you adapted.

So, before you can use the features of the new family tree, you need to upgrade it.

List of all family trees

There are currently 52 family trees in Sindo Life, and more will be added from time to time.

There are three general types of bloodlines in the game:

  • Eyeblood
  • Bloodline
  • Blood analysis

Bloodlines has unique abilities, a different number of modes, and there are different versions of some bloodlines in the game.

In addition, ranks have different levels of disclosure for their abilities, with harder-to-obtain ranks generally having higher level requirements.

Here’s a complete list of all Shindo Life pedigrees, their number of modes, their abilities, and the likelihood of them all rolling.


Symbol Bloodline Type Probability Modi Opportunities
Kerada Bloodline 0.27% 1 Punch, human block, body twist.
Dio-Senko Bloodline 0.67% 1 Ultimate Flash, Time Skip, Time Stop…
Kenichi Bloodline 0.67% 2 Dragonstrike, Demon Crane, Last Speed.
Rykan-Sizen Bloodline 0.67% 2 Roots of the Earth, Flower of Peace, Deep Forest.
Sable Bloodline 0.71% 1 Hidden Rebellion, Shock Clones, Space…
Azim-Senko Bloodline 0.77% 1 Reflex dizziness, time jumping, time stopping…
Dungan Bloodline 0.91% 1 Bullet Blaze, Speedy, Springfield.
Shizen Bloodline 1.00% 2 Roots of the Earth, Flower of Peace, Deep Forest.
Forever and ever Bloodline 1.11% 1 The death penalty, the possession of death, the domain of the pentagram.
Nectar Bloodline 1.33% 1 Venomous Lightning, Bee Rush, Honey Frost.
Concho Bloodline 1.43% 1 Insect attack, paralysis, insect abstinence
Okami Bloodline 1.43% 1 Okami Tunneling, Okami Explosion, Okami Squall…
Azarashi Bloodline 1.82% 2 Sealing chains, lightning chains, sealing traps…
Kaijin Bloodline 2.22% 1 Burning bullets, burning fog, burning breath ….
Minakami Bloodline 2.22% 1 doll bombs, doll poison, lizard lightning.
Senko Bloodline 2.22% 1 Flash-step, time-jump, time-stop…
Glacier Bloodline 2.22% 1 Mirrors, Blizzard, Dragon Yuki…
Wanziame Bloodline 2.5% 1 Shark Rush, Whirlwind Tide, Super Shark Bomb…
Kokotsu Bloodline 2.86% 1 Finger bones, broken bones, spinal cords…
shado Bloodline 3.33% 1 Sewing, reflection overload
Ashstorm Number of blood cells 0.67% 1 Time Jump, Tiger Blitz, Laser Circus.
Clay Number of blood cells 1.33% 1 Bird balls, bombs, nukes…
Bubble Blood analysis 1.67% 1 Bubble, Bubble Tsunami, Bubble Breathing
Golden sand Number of blood cells 1.67% 0 Explosion, Imperial, Storm.
Apollo sand Blood analysis 2.00% 1 Sand shower, sand tsunami, iron fist.
Black shock Number of blood cells 2.00% 1 Black Tiger, Assault Floor, Tiger Blitz.
Document Number of blood cells 2.00% 1 Paper birds, Shuriken Seeker, Paper Whirlwind…
Audio Number of blood cells 2.00% 0 A vibrating wave, a pressure wave, a trembling palm.
Atomic Number of blood cells 2.5% 0 Column, grid, atomic
Screws Number of blood cells 2.5% 0 Land Blitz, Senkan Blaze, Time Rush.
Lava Blood analysis 2.5% 0 Breathing lava, an exploding column, the ground in flames.
Sand Number of blood cells 2.86% 1 sand tsunami, sand coffin, suspension
Scorch Number of blood cells 3.13% 0 Thermal Control, Torment, Heat Removal….
Storm Blood analysis 3.33% 1 Heavenly thunder, laser circus, lightning storm….
Crystal Blood analysis 16.67% 0 Bullet Needles, Diamond Trap, Spike Blaze.
Explosion Number of blood cells 16.67% 0 My Rush, My Fist, Atomic
Ice cream Blood analysis 16.67% 0 Bullet Blossom, Frozen Field, Bullet Lightning.
Sludge Number of blood cells 16.67% 0 Quicksand, Kinky Slide, Dirty Dragon…
Nature Number of blood cells 16.67% 0 Touch attack, wood fixation, multi attack.
Steam Blood analysis 16.67% 0 Linear flow, fog dispersion, fog stream
Arahaki Joki Eyeblood 0.5% 3 Explosion, rotation, 128 fins.
Sengoku Eyeblood 0.5% 2 Final Kick, Gravity Flare, Meter Ultra.
Tengoku Eyeblood 0.67% 1 Cami Hammer, Cami Flash, Cami Blade, Cami…
Rice-Cuma Eyeblood 0.71% 4 Falcon Illusion, Pain, Firebrand
Acuma District Eyeblood 0.83% 4 Blaze Illusion, Lightning Flash, Arrow Flash
Bankay-Acuma Eyeblood 1.00% 4 Falcon Illusion, Pain, Firebrand
Forged Acuma Eyeblood 1.00% 4 Measurement, control, curvature
Joke Eyeblood 1.00% 3 Explosion, rotation, 128 palms.
Rengoku Eyeblood 1.00% 5 Gravity Push, Gravity Push, Dark Matter Tensi.
Satori-Akuma Eyeblood 1.00% 4 Illusion, counter, big fire
Akuma Eyeblood 1.33% 7 Reproduction, reality check, increased reflexivity
Docs Eyeblood 2.86% 2 Blood Splash, Reality, Song of the Dragon.

Since most of the best lines have a low probability of being thrown, it may be a good idea to save up and learn one or two lines first so that you are strong enough to collect many spins, and then move on to some of the better lines when you can make many spins at once.

Aligning pedigree

You have to live your bloodline in Shindo before it will do you any good.

The alignment of your bloodline gives you access to their skills, which you can unlock at certain levels depending on your bloodline.

To unlock a skill from your bloodline, you must have both a RYO and a sufficient number of points invested in CI, in addition to the required bloodline level.

You can improve your bloodline by performing actions that give your character EXP, including damaging monsters, players or items and completing quests.

When your character receives EXP, all bloodlines you currently own also receive EXP.

The best ways to quickly get a lot of EXP for your bloodline are by completing quests, playing in War Mode, and AFK farming.

Which line should be obtained for?

With so many unique pedigrees to choose from on Sindo Life, it can be hard to know which one is the best.

Some of the best bloodlines in the game:

  • Sengoku
  • Tengoku
  • Rengoku
  • Akuma
  • Ashstorm
  • Forever and ever
  • Bankay-Acuma
  • Rice-Cuma
  • Satori-Akuma

All of these bloodlines are very strong and will definitely make your character stronger if you rely on any of them.

For a full analysis of the strength of each line in Sindo Life, see our list of the best lines.

That’s all you need to know about parentage in Sindo Life!

If you have any suggestions for this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.


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frequently asked questions

What is the best lineage in Shindo’s life?

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What is that blood bag doing in Shindo’s life?

When purchased, the user can assign the bloodline to a third bloodline slot, allowing them to use the abilities of three bloodlines simultaneously.

What is a Minakami family tree?

Minakami is a clan line with a rarity of 1/45. Minakami’s moves revolve around medium range attacks with puppets.

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