Shot in the Dark – Challenging Shooter with a Brilliant Art Style

Shot in the Dark is a new shooting game from Possum House Games that really stands out for its unique artistic style and challenging gameplay. The gameplay is actually very simple, just use your gun to shoot anything that gets in your way, but the artistic style completely changes the way you shoot and adds some technical mechanisms that really increase the challenge in the game. Here’s our review of Shot in the Dark, in which we wear a hat and take down some demons with the powerful revolver.

Shot in the Dark is set in the classic era of the West, where you play the role of a lone thug. You have a vendetta against demons, cults and anything else that gets in your way and kills you on contact. Shooting in the dark is the perfect combination of playing fast and shooting accurately. The game requires you to keep moving and quickly eliminate the enemies, because if you don’t, the enemies will eliminate you. Each enemy in the game is unique and uses a different approach to kill you. Some will just wander around, some will chase you, and some will seek revenge.

A shot in the dark

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Shot in the Dark is the game’s unique artistic style. There are three colors that are very important in visual perception: White, black and red. In fact, there are only these three colors in the entire game, and the enemies are made of them as well. Because of this unique color palette, in most cases enemies just disappear into the background and are only visible for a short period of time. Some of the enemies are just red eyes, but as the game progresses, you can’t even see the eyes anymore and you have to look for enemies in moving shadows, backgrounds and tall grass, which makes shooting in the game very difficult.

Shot in the Dark’s gameplay is not to be sneezed at either. You move, you jump, and you can reload your weapon. The game offers a solid platform, so it’s not a simple blind shooting game where you just have to move to the right and keep your finger on the trigger. Your magazine can only hold six bullets, and since it’s a revolver, you have to reload every bullet. Pressing the R key once will only reload one ball. For example, if you empty the magazine, you must press the R key six times and reload all the balls. You can always fire one or two bullets per magazine, but sometimes you have to reload and shoot constantly to take out enemies.

A shot in the dark

The game also limits your movements when you aim, and you can only reload when you aim. This complicates things further, as you have to stop and lock or reload the shot, and then leave with the goal of running away or moving. However, you don’t have to shoot all the enemies and demons that cross your path. While some enemies target you specifically, most of them walk around and you can easily dodge them by moving around or jumping over them. This way, you can make your way through the next group of enemies that come your way. There is no limit to the number of bullets you can take, you just have to reload the magazine when it is empty.

If you die, you have to start over at the beginning of the level because there are no checkpoints. Each level takes place in one go, with no checkpoints. They’re not very long, but some levels have a crazy amount of enemies, so most of the time you’ll die at the end of the level, and you’ll have to start over if you don’t break the keyboard first. Some sections combine platforming and filming, and for me those sections were the hardest. Sometimes I felt like the developer was trying to be a real sadist, because four hours into the game I found some levels extremely difficult.

Problems with the shooter...

Let’s move on to the technical side of the game: Shot in the Dark is extremely easy to play. It’s also a very stable title, so there are no bugs in the game. The graphics are really impressive, and the game as a whole works pretty well. Our test computer was a bit overwhelmed by the game, but a poorly optimized game doesn’t work well on a high-end computer, and on our computer it worked very well. However, the game does not have controller support. I tried to play the game with an Xbox One controller and the game was unresponsive. While most modern games these days support the Xbox One controller without any additional customization, I was a little surprised that there was no controller support in the game. Anyway: With the precision of the mouse you need for the game, it is best to play with just a mouse and keyboard.

Last block:

Combining platforming and careful shooting, Shot in the Dark tickles your memory as you try to remember what’s in front of you in each race. The game is challenging, but also satisfying once you reach a level. Of course, it takes a while to get used to the unique artistic style of the game, and the real fun begins once you get used to the controls and artistic style. He’s more than just your marksmanship. Careful ball control, remembering to reload each ball individually, a tight platform and barely noticeable enemies create a demanding challenge that is both fun and satisfying in the end. If you’re looking for an ambitious shooter with a unique artistic style, Shot in the Dark will definitely meet your needs.

Overall score: 9,0/10


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