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“Papalymo” or “Guild”? You’re the player, and you need to make a decision about where your character should go. Which side will provide better gear? More challenging fights? Better access to new areas in the game world? Take this quiz and find out!

I am just starting out in FFXIV and I was wondering what the best option would be for me. Should I stay with Papalymo or leave?

As growing Warriors of Light, Papalymo is one of the first characters we meet. We’re given the option to remain with him or depart at a pivotal juncture in XIV’s Heavensward expansion, but what does this decision truly mean?

Let me start with a non-spoiler answer:

Beyond this point, this choice has no bearing on the tale. The only thing that changes is a short scene that occurs soon after the choice.

Don’t worry if you’re nervously Googling at this stage in the plot; just do what seems appropriate for your character.

Now let’s go a little further into this.



Warning: This article contains Final Fantasy XIV and the Heavensward expansion spoilers. You have been forewarned.



You may have recently reached a pivotal moment in the Heavensward tale.

You could be second-guessing a choice and wondering whether there was anything more you could have done.

I have both good and terrible news for you.


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The good news is that the choice was never really yours.

The conclusion is the same whether you choose to remain at Papalymo’s side or abandon him to his destiny.

The bad news is… well, I suppose that’s also terrible news.

Papalymo will perish no matter what you do.


Why does Papalymo make such a self-sacrifice?

The storyline begins to shift strongly towards building up for Stormblood around the conclusion of the Heavensward patch content.

Part of this is due to a conspiracy by an Ala Mhigan rebel extreme group headed by the enigmatic Griffin.

The Griffin is revealed to be none other than Ilberd Feare, a previous buddy of Alphinaud’s who perceptive gamers would know.


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Ilberd was a captain of the Crystal Braves, a Grand Company that turned on the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and accused them of attempting to assassinate the Sultana of Ul’dah.

Ilberd is basically an extreme who will stop at nothing to free his motherland of Ala Mhigo.

Because of his zeal, he summons a Primal with Nidhogg’s power eyes, intending to unleash a beast of unrivaled devastation onto the planet.

Ilberd makes the ultimate sacrifice, summoning Shinryu in the process.

As a former pupil of Louisoix, Papalymo takes the stage, using the same spell that his teacher used to imprison Bahamut during the epic Battle of Carteneau.

If you’re unfamiliar with that bit of mythology, it was essentially the catalyst for the disaster that turned Final Fantasy XIV’s legacy edition into A Realm Reborn.

Louisoix devoted his life to rescue the world when a massive primal escaped confinement.

Papalymo is repeating what his master accomplished all those years ago.

Before casting the spell to capture Shinryu, Papalymo orders everyone to board an airship and depart to safety.


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Your character may then decide whether to remain or depart based on his wishes.

As we’ve seen, this doesn’t make much of a difference.

But I’ll explain what it does alter further down. You know, for the sake of convenience!


What Will Happen If I Stay With Papalymo?

You won’t be able to remain with Papalymo if you attempt.

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding the fact that he dies while performing this spell, and your selection is only to give flavor to your character.

Will you put your faith in your buddy to accomplish what has to be done, or will you oppose it?

If you remain, Papalymo will simply use his magic to transport you to safety, and that will be the end of it.


What Happens If I Don’t Return to Papalymo?

If you decide to go, all you have to do is offer Papalymo a mournful face and a nod before sprinting to the airship and safety.

Beyond this moment, there is no consequence on the tale.

ff14 papalymo” is a question that has been asked many times. Papalymo was introduced in the game’s 1.0 patch, and has since become one of the most iconic characters in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to Papalymo?

A: In the event that Papalymo dies, he will be resurrected in a new body.

Is Papalymo a primal?

What happened to Yda and Papalymo?

A: They are still alive.

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