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These mods will make your Skyrim experience even more immersive by transforming you into a cat girl.
In this article, I have included links to the best and most popular skyrim cat girl followers for PC/Xbox One so that after reading this article, you can start creating your own little feline friend!
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The “skyrim female follower mod” is a free modding resource for the popular game, Skyrim. It contains mods that allow you to play as a cat girl. The list of mods also includes some other cat girls.

Skyrim, if compared to anime or manga, would be an Isekai, in which an unaware hero is transported to a fantastical realm.

A catgirl is a must-have in any Isekai (or any anime/manga featuring non-human races, for that matter). Or three, for that matter.

The Khajiit may be found in Skyrim. But I’m talking about cute-yet-sexy catgirls that mostly resemble human ladies, but for the eyes, whiskers, ears, and perhaps a smidgeon of hair.

Modding is the only method to acquire catgirls in Skyrim. And after more than a decade, there are plenty of customized cute felines ready to start exploring.


1. Fluff’s Khajits (Hybrid)

Fluff’s Hybrid Khajits Skyrim mod

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Before we go outside Skyrim’s boundaries in search of felines, we should take a look at the catgirls Bethesda provided: the Khajit.

Female Khajit aren’t the most visually beautiful, but we enjoy catgirls since they’re the embodiment of cuteness and visual appeal.

Fluff’s Hybrid Khajits tries to make them more appealing by downplaying their animal features and pushing them into catgirl zone.

If you’ve never given the Khajit a chance because of their monstrous look, this mod is for you.


2. The Khajit Ranger, Sita

Sita the Khajit Ranger mod for Skyrim

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Every Khajit mod is theoretically a catgirl mod after you’ve turned every female Khajit into full-fledged catgirls.

AceRoller’s Sita the Khajit Ranger is one of the better examples.

This fearsome archer is on a mission to show that not all Khajit are liars and cheaters. What better way to rescue the world than by assisting the Dragonborn, a prophesied hero?

Oh, if she only knew what I do while I’m not working on the main tale…


3. Miqo’te Adherents

Miqo’te Followers Skyrim mod

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The lovely Miqo’te, a species of exquisite cat-eared humans from the land of Hydaelyn where the game takes set, will be recognized by fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV.

Miqo’te culture is built on “harems” commanded by a “nunh,” or a strong Miqo’te who has either conquered or abandoned the previous leader’s harem.

Yakisoba-mod pan’s transforms you into the nunh of two sultry Miqo’te females who will follow you about, assist you with your business, and generally be the loveliest thing in your neighborhood at all times.


4. Miri – Khajit Hybrid Follower

Miri – Hybrid Khajit Follower mod for Skyrim

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The Miqo’te are definitely adorable catgirls, but they’re a bit too cute for the kind of bloody & disturbing adventure the Dragonborn finds themselves in every day.

If you want a catgirl who looks like she can fend for herself, consider Miri – a Khajit & Wood Elf hybrid who fights “unarmed”… and by “unarmed” I mean she produces ebony daggers from under her sleeves.

Miri, however, does not have a follower quest or any spoken conversation.

She is, nevertheless, stunning and will undoubtedly assist you on your trip.


5. There are a total of twenty-eight friendly cats.

Twenty-Eight Friendly Cats Skyrim mod

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Some individuals believe that when you have a lot of followers, Skyrim becomes much too simple.

Traveling in the cold by oneself, on the other hand, is a lonely experience.

Through a broad assortment of cat followers that act as your adorable and cowardly journey companions, Boringvlin’s Twenty-Eight Friendly Cats provides you the best of both worlds.

They’ll brighten your surroundings with their meowing and other amusing cat habits, but if danger arrives, they’ll flee to safety, hiding behind a nearby rock while you deal with the situation.

I understand that this isn’t technically a cat girl mod.

However, some of these cats are unmistakably female, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spotlight this amusing mod.


6. M’rissi’s Troubled Tails

M’rissi’s Tails of Troubles mod for Skyrim

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Anyone who has experimented with follower modifications knows that M’rissi, a now-legendary Khajit with an emotional rollercoaster of a tale, is unlike any other catgirl.

M’rissi’s questline was designed by KreaQ with no holds barred.

There’s amnesia, torture, and necromancers, but there’s also comedy and uplifting moments that will restore your faith in mankind – or whichever race you play as.

M’rissi’s personality, not her appearance, is what draws people to her.

You may teach her battle techniques, and she changes her attire to match her settings as the plot and your relationship evolve.

Consider Fluffy’s M’rissi Replacer and the more Western-styled M’rissi Renewed if you enjoy M’rissi but don’t like her aesthetic design.

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