Smite 1.67 Update Patch Notes Today on 09 Feb 2021 (Bonus Update)

Hi-Rez Studios has released the patch notes for Smite update 1.67, and this update is a bonus update for Smite players that includes some new god skins, items, and some changes are also made in this update. We have all the details and information about the Smite 1.67 update, including the patch notes and the full list of changes.

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Smite update 1.67 is available today for all users, 09. February, and the official version of the patch notes has been released by Hi-Rez Studios. This update brings some changes to the game, and also adds content to the game, such as new god skins and other items.

Below is a complete list of changes and updates for Smite 1.67, take a look.

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Here are the official release notes for Smite 1.67 and other changes, check them out:

New God skins

  • Home Run Heimdallr : Exclusive: Baby Dawn
  • The Book of Nightmares by Thoth: Exclusive: Dawn of Babylon
  • Shielded from the Dragon Dagger: An exclusive dragon slayer box
  • A modern android Achilles: Exclusive coffin

So here are all the god skins added in this update, according to the official patch notes for Smite update 1.67.

Changes in the 1.67 update of Smite

On the customization front, a lot of tweaks have been made to various items in the Smite 1.67 update. Here is a list of articles with changes:

  • Lead Yuvelle
    • The power of spells has been reduced from 30 to 25.
    • MP5 has been reduced from 15 to 10.
  • The lean gem of the ore
    • The scale of the battery has been reduced from 2.5% to 2%.
  • AONS clock
    • The magic power per 10% of available mana is 7 to 10.
    • The reduction of the cold drop has been increased from 10% to 20%.
  • Scepter of the Manekin
    • Bonus damage reduced from 15 to 12
    • The physical defense is down 15-10.
    • Jungle damage bonus increased from 3x to 4x.
  • The Bluestone brooch
  • Ashes of the warriors
    • Health increased from 50 to 75
    • It is no longer possible to reduce the damage by 2.
  • Integrated AXT
    • Now, it doesn’t allow you to reduce 5 damage.
  • Safety pressure
    • Doesn’t allow for 10 physical defenses right now.
    • Health has been reduced from 100 to 75.
  • impervious shaft
    • Explosive damage has been increased from 400 to 500.
    • The number of detonation stacks has been reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Seal of the old guard
    • Now, the 30 grants on physical defense.
  • Military flags
    • The cost has been reduced from 700 gold to 600 gold.
  • Oh, my God.
    • The cost has been reduced from 750 to 600 gold pieces.
  • The Guardian’s Embrace
    • For the Allies, the divided defense was reduced from 120 to 100.
  • Mercy
    • allows 40 magical protections.
  • Wildlife
    • Double the damage to removed structures.
  • The mood of death
    • Increased the range for collecting batteries while enemies die from 30 to 80 units.
  • Tahuti staff
    • The power of spells has been reduced from 160 to 140.

Get ready for a full week on the battlefield with :

8.1 Bonus Update
Valentine’s Day
New Year’s Day

All information can be found on the blog:

– SMITE (@SMITEGame) 8. February 2021


  • Define
  • Journalist
    • Damage reduced from 85/135/185/235/285 to 85/130/175/220/265.
  • Regicide
    • Healing has been reduced from 45/55/65/75/85 to 35/45/55/65/75.
  • Armor
  • Heart bomb
    • The scale has been reduced from 80% to 75%.
  • Fields of Love
    • Hypothermia rose from 90 to 100.

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Download Smite Update 1.67 : There is currently no official information about the size of the Smite Update 1.67 download, but as soon as we know, we will update.

Conclusion: Smith 1.67 Updating of switching instructions

So it was about the Smite 1.67 update fixes and the extra content this update brings. Many new god skins and other elements have been added in this update.

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We hope you enjoy our approach to Smite 1.67 Update Patch Notes Today on 09 Feb 2021 (Bonus Update).

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